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It’s HERE: The Limited Edition SBSS TRIVIUM .999 Silver Medallion

[Ed. Note: The first coin in the series is no longer available, unless you turn to ebay where it’s selling for more than double spot price. If you’d like to secure your share of the 2nd coin in this limited edition series, click the ad on the right side of SGT report, or HERE.]

from TruthNeverTold:

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51 comments to It’s HERE: The Limited Edition SBSS TRIVIUM .999 Silver Medallion

  • Chase

    Review? More like advertisement. Please tell me there is something special about this coin besides PURE HYPE?! My review: this coin is not special and there are MUCH better ways to spend your hard earned money. Also, EBAY IS NOT LIQUIDITY and SELLERS BEWARE WHEN IT COMES TO EBAY. Sellers are at a serious disadvantage on ebay, buyers have the power and you will eventually get bilked or ripped off. Nuff said.

    • SGT

      …and yet if you had you purchased any of the original SBSS coins, as I did, you could sell them right now on ebay for twice what you paid if you chose to do so. Even after the 10% sellers cost on ebay, that’s a dandy profit. You can’t do that with a generic .999 silver round. So as long as you’re keeping score Chase, let’s track the facts.

      • Shana Hughes

        Oh please, any reputable dealer will pay you exactly zero numismatic premium for that round.

        • Nate

          Yeah I always thought the whole idea was to stack the most amount of ounces not the most amount of numismatic premiums.

        • SGT

          Some of ya’ll crack me up. To hell with the facts. The original SBSS coins are now worth FAR more then what any of us paid for them, just as Chris and I predicted would happen in my interview with him about the first coin. But no, it’s still a horrible deal at $2.99 over spot, right? I buy a lot of silver, all different kinds, so to get a unique limited edition coin with intrinsic meaning in its design for $2.99 over spot, with potential numismatic upside? — To me it’s a no-brainer for any collector who loves Ag. But as they say, you can lead a horse to water…

          • Nate

            I was going to buy some when the broker at goldline recommended them to me, but sadly I had already spent all my money on golden roosters.

            I’m not sure how good $2.99 over spot is in comparison to other deals you can get, in person or online, however I do know that when and if you try to sell one of these at a coin dealer they will not give you a premium for them. They will give you much less than the same weight in American Eagles, which DO carry a premium when you go to a coin dealer. I’m speaking from experience and not just theory. A silver round is not worth more than a silver American Eagle, why? Because of it’s reputation, it’s high quality and government minted, which means it’s much easier to trade.

    • McTeeth

      If you understood free-market economics, you would understnd value is “subjective”. Yes it is just the same silver as the generics, but this has numismatic value like a hockey card. Hockey cards are just the same paper too, right? Some people want this, some don’t, some are willing to pay more for this “collectable” & some stick to generics…whatever floats ur boat

      If you think its a rip-off, fine, nobody is forcing you to buy it. If SBSS can sell it for $1000 over spot and people will buy it voluntarily, good for SBSS.

      Catch my drift?

  • Truthseeker

    The reverse of the coin is beautiful. I understand that in Silver Bullets’ mind that it represents wisdom and life; however, it is still a pagan symbol with many overt and hidden meanings. The main purpose of symbolism is to conceal occult wisdom or meaning from the uninitiated. The secret societies adopted thousands of these symbols throughout history to camouflage, distort, mislead and entice, mostly for fear of discovery by the established religions. I won’t go into the pantheon of Celtic and Nordic gods, especially Odin which this symbol also represents.

    In world history as today, coined money is replete with images of deified men, pagan symbols, false gods and their temples of demonic worship. It would be refreshing to see money in coin form which is not defiled by these false gods and their symbolism. But then again the god of this world uses money to enslave, so it’s no wonder his themes are represented on all currency and even real money like silver and gold coin. The false gods of this world come only to steal and destroy. The love of money has been their most potent weapon from the beginning.

    In sharp contrast, Jesus, when asked about paying taxes said, “Render unto Cesar that which is Caesars; render unto God that which is Gods.”

    It’s interesting that the creator of all the elements, never asked any man to render unto him any form of payment. And though he owns it all and has rights to demand it back; he gave freely to all who will accept it, the most valuable commodity ever known, his very life blood. How many coins have been minted by established governments, or even well meaning men, that honor him?

  • Zyll

    So Mr. Duane finally reveals his herald – an “Ancient Aliens” crop circle. Somebody now has this “trivium” tattooed on themselves. Sebastian Monroe and Miles Matheson would be proud.

  • Mike

    I think if Chris really wants to change the paradigm he would either burn the cash you pay him or trade for pelts or something…Come on, solve a problem with a different conscientious not just build a silver business…How exactly is that different?

  • harman kardon

    WOW! What a bunch of nay-sayers. Are you all serious? I have been very vocal about Chris using PayPal; however, he is creating something completely different. Did I use the criminal, oligarch run PayPal? No. I traded silver for silver. I will trade silver for silver for the Trivium medallion as well. If you have a problem with someone searching for almost ten years–and investing a truck load of time and resources into YOUR well being–to find a way make a living, then shame on you and YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM not Chris. If you think for a minute that $2.99 over spot is unreasonable then you need to do a little more research. What a bunch of losers and jealous Nellie’s.

    Have any one of you studied what Chris is doing outside of the medallion business he created? If you haven’t, then shut up. If you have then you already know and it makes no sense, to me, why you would be crying foul.

  • Wow! Thanks for this Sean. I will be getting in on this action. It is a no-brainer. To the Federal Reserve Shills who commented on here….

    Go to CNN and spend some time with your fellow Libtards. Idiots!

    • Esahc

      Lol….Federal Reserve shills? They dont have the time to comment on some silly silver medallion, they are making millions. Just because somebody creates an enemy doesn’t make it real, get your brain re-washed.

  • In the end silver is silver…I give no numismatic value to the metals. I’m not buying it to hang on the wall as art or to put in a drawer for twenty years. I’m buying it to preserve my wealth for a few years…a solar panel or electrical connection doesn’t care if it’s a silver round or an American eagle.

    • NaySayer

      Exactly right. Dwayne used to recommend the most silver for the lowest cost to preserve your wealth. He was against mindless consumerism. Now he is selling collectibles????

      • fayz

        I am in agreement the most silver for the lowest price!

        but, i see where he’s going! this is not just about wealth preservation! The best protection you can buy yourself is knowledge, knowledge is power! and from knowledge all else comes. he spends alot of time trying to give people a new perspective, breaking the indoctrination of the main stream cattle, if he creates a product at his own time and cost and sells it at a profit there is nothing wrong with that! the market will decide if its worth the price he asks.

        you have to rate him for put the imformation out there for people to access, if it weren’t for his efforts alot more people wouldn’t know where to start looking for it never ind being awake to the crimes being perpetrated by tptb.

    • Silver Shield

      I said in my market report over the weekend that if people can get 2 oz for 1 oz of mine you should do it.

      I am not a fan of numismatic coins in a currency collapse, people will only care about ounces which is why I recommend Constitutional Silver as the best way to prep with silver. CS is the lowest premium, most recognizable and most divisible form of silver.

      My silver is to compete against the Eagle and Maple Leaf market that has over 40 million ounces sold a year.

      I have 30 new designs coming over the next year and like a said with people who ridiculed my videos, articles, and now silver… Please go do something better.

      To everyone else thank you for your support.

      The whole purpose of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield is thAt we empower those who we pay attention to. Right now we are all actively or passively supporting the Death and Debt paradigm. We need to empower us by getting rid of toxic thoughts, toxic relationships, toxic assets, and toxic paths in life.

      This coin is for people who want to support guys that went to congress and called them thieves and pushes new ideas and designs into a very boring silver market.

  • nurikabe

    A point about ebay: Yes there are SBSS rounds for sale on ebay for over twice spot. All of the ones I see, however, are either “Buy It Now” or auctions with a *starting price* of $85+ and no actual bidders. Personally I doubt there are many buyers at that price point.

  • Will

    Everything on Ebay is way too expensive. I would never buy Silver on Ebay. Who’s to say these aren’t co-conspirators of Chris’s who has his coins, has an ebay account, and puts them up for $75 a piece. Then you can make claims like that in blogs and reviews. Just a thought. Now with that said, I like the coin. I buy silver. I am silver long term. These would be good collectors.

  • I purchased some of the first coins, and I had a few with flaws. Anybody else? I’ve purchased alot of coins and rounds in the past 2 years, no flaws comparable to those seen on the SBSS’s I received.

  • Will

    I do watch the videos Chris produces. He definitely lays everything out in a logical presentation. I like his videos. But I want to see some more mini-docs coming from SGT as well.

  • vinny

    If you look on ebay and click completed listings. you will see an average selling price of 70$ and a few well over a hundred. one sold for 130. none have sold under 50$. I have 20 and will not sell. The first edition will be worth a lot when the series gets famous and I assure you they will be really famous one day. there is a very very controversial coin coming early next year that everyone in the silver bullion industry cannot ignore. then watch the premiums go sky high. Only the silvershield report members have the inside scoop. so haters keep on hating. im making money to buy more 90%.

    • NaySayer

      So if we pay extra money do we get to be in the super secret insiders only chris’ pal’s club too??? Please people, aren’t we supposed to be against following and consumerism?

      This is really cynical and disheartening.

      • SGT

        um, it’s Ag, not a Black Friday blender made in China. BIG difference.

        • AGMAN

          So, ANYTHING with AG is pure and true to our values? So, if I make an AG coin with a pentagram and satanic symbolism it will be all “good” because it’s AG? Cmon’ for somebody who runs a really logical website, I figured you wouldn’t blatantly advertise BS on it and tell people to make crap financial choices.

          • SGT

            Please try again with a logical argument. A Pentagram?? Really??? Talk about missing the point of the work that’s gone into these unique designs. BTW, you know what the beauty is about life ya goof, you have free will. You don’t like these coins? Don’t buy em.

            • Esahc

              I agree, the beauty in life is to have free will. However, we have a responsibility to help others and INFORM THEM. It doesn’t make me anything bad just because I have a different viewpont on the SBSS Medallion. SGT, lets face it, the SBSS round (while it is silver) is not worth the hype that your website promotes. It is my duty to inform people of other alternatives and openly weigh the pro’s and con’s of this round. Everything about this round is a con except for the fact that it is .999 silver and has a design people may like!

              • Nate

                Ok SGT, I will try to make a logical argument against the SBSS Medallions, here goes:
                1st. I totally understand the idea of wanting more exciting designs in the silver coin realm, if you are a person who is bored with American Eagles or Canadian Maples then I suggest buying other foreign coins which have a plethora of designs. The Perth Mint might be a good start, though I prefer looking at some of the circulated coins from around the world, many times you can get them near spot, I’ve even gotten a few below spot, plus and more importantly to me, they tell a story unto themselves. Whenever you pull out your coin collection you can show the next generation how the money was devalued all over the world with just a small sampling. Also, having other countries circulated silver could be beneficial if you ever wish to move outside the U.S. to an area were you have their old coinage.
                2nd. The hypocritical aspect of SBSS and Chris is this: he suggests creating a new “paradigm,” though I think this is an improper use of the word I’ll go with his use of it. Making a new design of silver coins does nothing to actually promote their use as money, which I believe is what he and others here would say is really their goal, the re-monitization of gold and silver. The creation of bitcoins did more to do such a task, as their digital form is non-inflationary such as the metals, plus they’re international and hopefully one day will be used as payment everywhere, such as the metals before them, however they’re not wholly corrupted and controlled by massive banks like the metals currently are. There are problems with gold and silver, such as portability and safety, which are answered by bitcoins. Thus the obvious solution to me is using bitcoins as a medium of payment transfer for gold and silver, thus creating a new “paradigm” if you like.
                3rd. However, even bitcoins in their use to buy and sell gold and silver doesn’t actually solve the problem of debt based money and financial ruin through paper. Nor does buying tons of silver or gold and sitting on it. Someone, somewhere will actually have to begin using these to purchase things again…or at the very least using bitcoins that are then bought and sold through the profit of investing or divesting in gold and silver. (This could very well lead to a digital standard whereby paper certificates of gold and silver will be replaced by digital certificates…which one day will lead us back to the same place we are now…but that’s too much speculation for now)
                The problem is currency, the root problem being ours now is one of fiat. Until that is solved there will be no new “paradigm”. So if Chris’s real concern is solving that problem, then he would’ve been better off encouraging people to buy already well known bullion coins and then trading them. Instead, he has created a little known and poor substitute for a product that is superior on all counts. Trust me…regardless if 5 fools on ebay bought them for $70 each, those fools are few and far between and the vast majority of people invested in silver and wishing to buy coins will NOT buy his, instead they will buy government issued and guaranteed coins.
                So then to conclude, his coins do not actually address the problem. If they did, I would see no problem with them. However, they are a distraction to the actual cause of our problems and merely a way for him to enrich himself at the expense of lesser minds. The real problem is we need a new system of currency, not bartering like some may suggest, but something for the times, one that is safe, international and non-inflationary. I suggest the solution or an prototype of it is bitcoins, honestly I wish I had invested $25,000 in those back when it started instead of into silver as I would be a millionaire now and now just a thousandaire.
                I hope you see, I am not trying to attack Chris or SGT. Rather, I realize he is out for a profit, SGT too, which is not wrong, however it is not a solution to our current problems by any stretch of the imagination.

  • john

    I was told by AOCS,due to my ordering the first coin,which,by the way I am still waiting on a full month after,that I could order the Trivium coin,without shipping cost,as it would be sent with the Debt/Death medallion.When I logged on to order it,the shipping charges,still came up.Needless to say I didn’t order it.Beware.

  • TheSkier

    What is the purpose of the words “grammer” and “rhetoric” on the coin? Kind of odd word choices …….

    • Canuck

      It’s pretty obvious.. or any search for “Trivium” will inform you.

      “The trivium comprised the three subjects that were taught first: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

      Grammar is the art of inventing symbols and combining them to express thought; logic is the art of thinking; and rhetoric, the art of communicating thought from one mind to another, the adaptation of language to circumstance.”

  • TheSkier

    I should add, I did listen to the video, but they are still odd word choices.

  • A047

    Keep up the good work. You are always on point. The Debt and Death coins are amazing. Nothing like them. Ever.
    Semper Fi

  • Keith

    I have really mixed feelings about the SBSS coin idea. First, I want to say that I really respect Chris and the work he has done. I have got a lot from his videos and his overall message about changing to the opposite consciousness to overcome our problems. But, as one person above questioned, is this enterprise really of the opposite consciousness? I know that the coins he’s producing have a message on them with which we can all agree, but it seems to me that so much is being said about the premium and resale value of them (even by Chris himself), that the message has been lost in a rush to make as many fiat dollars from them as possible. Sure, we all like to make a good investment but, like the silver Keisers etc., this is starting to feel like just another coin that is finding its niche market but is not changing the overall game.

    I would like to know what people’s (particularly those who have bought this coin) view of the best case scenario is for these coins. Are they just a good investment that will protect purchasing power, or do you suppose that it is going to educate people and change the monetary system? I’m on board with stacking, but I just think this is another way to buy silver with a cosmetic difference in the coin, and of course make money for someone that we respect. Neither of these things is bad, but not what I would call a ‘game changer’.

  • Jeff

    Amazing how the whiners come out bitching about Chris’ success . WHY ARE YOU HERE ??? Do you complain when you walk into a grocery store or a hardware store? I bet you do. I would bet you make everyone around you miserable and negative because that’s all you have is negativity, you thrive on it.

    People make a profit from you everyday, that’s how it works, that’s the system. You would complain if these coins were sold at spot. I’m not buying these, something fishy is going on here. Sounds too good to be true. If you don’t like the deal, go away. Simple as that. Spew your crap somewhere else.

    • bob a

      Jeff, I don’t believe that the message from a lot of these folks is as negative as you claim. Many here are ardent learners from folks like Chris, SGT, BrotherJohnF, etc…I think several postings have legitmate concerns and questions that need to be answered. No one is down on Chris making money. He has to put food on the table for his wife and kids. I think where things get a bit confusing is, he espouses a message of a change a consciousness, but then he does what he slams others for doing. If he were truly out of the good of humanity, wouldn’t he just charge a tad bit over spot? I did buy the first coin, but will not be buying any more. I have the means to do so, but I personally can’t condone what I feel at the very least is a confusing message, if not hypocrticial. I respect the man’s mission and message, but I think he sending mixed messages with this new venture, which in time I think will cause a rift in his academy. IMHO.

  • Robert

    It seems like SGT REPORT is defending Chris Duane when we all know darn well that these “Numismatic” coins are a complete rip-off. Furthermore, if Chris Duane was SOO against debt, why would he allow users to buy his coins on his website with credit cards that charge upwards of 10% interest……

  • Vinny

    , wow some people really don’t get it. You know what is opposite conscience. Killing yourself. Jk

    I mean guys you are taking things out of context! Buying silver is for your financial protection! And PROFIT! There is going to be a huge wealth transfer to people holding ag. So hold some. Sell some. Get used to trading it. Otherwise go back to your grocery nagger job and live your life as a common scarcity mentality serf.

  • Vinny

    Lol I meant bagger but my spell check put nagger. Apple smh

  • joe

    I get so bored with the American Eagles and the pre-1964 coinage (I bought my first $1000 face value bag of junk in 2001 for $3557 delivered and have a couple Green Monster boxes of ASE’s) and have been buying Franklin Mint sets for years, just for the variety.

    I’m tickled to death to find bullion with unique designs and not the same-old-same-old. Chris is on to something here; I hope he’s setting a trend.

    BTW: While I have thousands of ounces, I’m proud to say I have less than a dozen with Queen Elizabeth on them. Never again, Lizzy old girl! No more cameo shots of the elites who caused this fiat money fed economic debacle.

    • Warp

      Your loss, the coins with the visage of the Transylvanian Trollop from up North are of .9999 medical-grade purity and have a lower premium than ASEs.

  • Hman

    Don’t care much about the premium, I just love the design and bought a bunch of them, however, I would have bought much more if they accepted credit cards!

  • i would like to state that what chris is doing, is helping to change the current paradigm and is of the opposite consciousness. it is not designed to con people or reap in massive profits.

    for the record, it is American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and the Mulligan Mint that are helping to manufacture and produce these SBSS rounds. if you do not know who they are, please look them up.

    for the record, AOCS has partnered up with the Lakota Nation to aid in the establishment of an independent commodity banking system that helps to facilitate the production of their own sovereign currency.

    this is an example of one of the goals that chris is looking to expand on within his own work, a return to income producing assets, multiple-competing sovereign currencies, and a commodity-based banking system by the people, for the people; free from usury and fractional reserve lending.

    with the designs and marketing for his rounds, he is providing an alternative product that seeks to remove support from the current system, as opposed to the support gained by governments with the sale of eagles and maples, that are produced respectively, by the U.S. and Royal Canadian Mints.

    any profit made by these SBSS rounds thus far, has been re-invested into marketing strategies, the creation of more jobs at the mint, and in addition to the purchase of more efficient machinery for faster and higher quality production, that has been required to keep up with increase of demand.

    by collaborating with AOCS, he is also actively supporting a grass-roots business and helping to set the stage for another commodity-based banking system, which seeks to empower local alternative free-markets, instead of the corporate fascist markets we currently have now.

    this process and idea is also being set up to be utilized after the coming economic collapse, when a return to asset producing commodities and labor will be of a higher value, rather than the manipulated debt-based value our fiat currency and present work force has now.

    for the naysayers, keep in mind… it is the free market that dictates the value and price of these particular rounds. if you do not like them, by all means do not buy them.

    instead, as a suggestion, focus your time and energy into producing something of a better value, by yourself, and show the rest of us how it is properly done.

    and while you are at it, be sure to give half of all your life’s work away for free as a philanthropic gesture, just as chris has already done with the information contained in the sons of liberty academy and the greatest truth never told, before taking on any type of profit or reward.

    and we will then see, supposed naysayers… how worthy your effort, labor, and product is.

  • Kelly

    NOBODY HAS MENTIONED THE STICKERS, POSTERS AND T-SHIRTS FOR SALE ON THE SBAA SITE….HOW IS THAT NOT needless consumerism and totally hypocritical to Chris’s message. The message has taken aback seat to profits which is fine if there wasn’t so much hypocracy involved.

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