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Remembering Lennon

[Ed. Note: The older I get, the deeper my understanding of John Lennon becomes and the impact he was having on the world. Another senseless loss to a “lone gunman”. Where have we heard this before?]

by Barry Gordon, Dollar Vigilante:

John Lennon was one of the most remarkable people to grace the planet in the last 100 years. December 8th was the 32nd anniversary of his murder at the hands of a nutter who simply wanted 15 minutes of fame (others say it was a nutter mind-controlled by the CIA). Whatever the truth is, I am as sad now as I was on the day it actually happened.

There are only three occasions in my life when I remember exactly where I was and the exact minutiae of my surroundings – the day John F. Kennedy was murdered (November 22, 1963), the day John Lennon was murdered and of course, 9/11.

In the ’60s it seemed that every single day was electric with excitement and big and shocking and important news. I was 12 in 1963. The Beatles hit that year and they hit hard and big and everything changed with their arrival. Then came the British Invasion with all the other glorious Brit bands.

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