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Was The Sandy Hook Massacre A False Flag Operation? It Was If Adam Lanza’s Long Gun Was in His Car…

by SGT,

Who fired the rifle shots responsible for the mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012? Because we’re not sure that it was Adam Lanza.

At 1:23 in this video [below] we see a helicopter shot of what may be a rifle [or is it a shotgun?] being retrieved from the trunk of a car. This video footage is interesting because all of the news reports throughout the day of the shooting and into the second day repeatedly stated that Adam Lanza was found dead with two handguns by his side. That was later revised to “4 handguns” [found in the school]. But ALL of these early reports claimed that authorities retrieved the only long gun from Adam’s car. Again, we can see a long gun [which the chopper pilot comments on at 1:33] being removed from a vehicle at 1:23 in this video. Is it a rifle? Or a shotgun?

As we’ve previously reported, the smoking gun hole in the “official” story is that Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver clearly stated [as seen at 1:44 in this video] that all of the gun shot wounds he examined were “caused by a long weapon.

So again we ask, who fired the rifle shots responsible for these murders?

WHO is the man dressed in camouflage pants and a dark jacket who police pulled out of the woods in handcuffs? WHO are the two men in the van driving away from the school who police stopped and detained?

We are living in the matrix my friends. Maybe there is still an explanation for all of these inconsistencies – but until we get one, this whole thing stinks. It’s looking like this was a false flag operation – a deliberate mass murder plot carried out by a black ops team and blamed on Adam Lanza for the purpose of demonizing the Second Amendment and gun owners so that this criminal government has the excuse it needs to come after lawfully owned firearms. The mainstream media does not care about the 20 children or the adults who were murdered in cold blood on Friday, they don’t care about the truth, those in control of the mainstream media care only about carrying out an agenda – the agenda to destroy the Second Amendment. I will have an interview with a Connecticut based police officer posting here at SGT report within the next 24 hours.

Medical Examiner: “All the wounds that I know of at this point were caused by the long weapon.”

Reporter: “So the rifle was the primary weapon?”

Medical Examiner: “Yes.”

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51 comments to Was The Sandy Hook Massacre A False Flag Operation? It Was If Adam Lanza’s Long Gun Was in His Car…

  • Tom G.

    Thanks for your diligence Sean. Stay on top of it man.

    • Captison

      I second that sentiment. There’s a lot of good people who read this site also who add helpful comments to many of the posts here. I see even PrisonPlanet picked up on the possible Hunger Games connection first mentioned here by a commenter. This is an awesome site. Keep up the great work SGT! And many thanks!

      • SGT

        If people didn’t stop by and leave comments, allowing me to know I’m not all alone here, I may not have stuck with all of this. So it’s a two way street. Thanks fellas.

        • brother, you are not alone as far as thinking for my part, seems a central clue as “who’s the money on this” just came on my google news feed – uh, involves one of the actors in HG suddenly getting a new job …… I can feed at lot of the co-incident as well, they all know one another so one of them gets a friend or relative a job so the co-incidences match up in part because they all know one another but it’s who hired this guy that makes it all suddenly make sense in the face of the banking and insurance framework under which paradise is lost though for my $0.02 it is the bench of law “where it is all done” but even then there is still the protection exercise so maybe they are strapped for cash as an agency or otherwise explainable except as same-ol protection racket all over too many places in the world

        • Karen W

          Agreed, I am glad to see this because all though I have heard bits and pieces of the same information, it did not make any sense until I saw this video. It might be easier for some to just say it’s over accept it, but personally I prefer truth even if it’s inconvenient. Thank you and keep up the good investigative reports!

          • SGT

            Thanks Karen. I’ve said about all I have to say about this now. So just a re-cap: 3 Men near the school, all detained by police. The mainstream media won’t touch it – WHO are those men? WHAT were they doing there? WHY were they fleeing the scene? Until these questions are answered, I for one will never be satisfied that we know what actually happened on 12.4.12.

          • oh, I was just sitting here banging keys and hoping, but even with that it is like another said on a thread here on the site that I cannot recover – to the effect it would take a Cray-1 to keep up with all of it

            So even with accepting some bizarre mis-fits in the puzzle we get into an area where I have found my self to be very comfortable where I run on intuition whenever I can – it just works for me and my life does not if I don’t – there is an explanation of here that if taken with the idea that paranormal activity is what we can actually show rather than mouthy promotional for books it can be shown that when something like the drill at Sandy Hook Fire Department happens there is a totally rational mechanistic that operates only in the mind where collectivized thoughts take form and drive borderlines as the said to be shooter definitely appears to be …. sorta hard to explain for those who are not a natural at it but we can skip all the crystal ball stuff that detractors would hammer anyway ….. what we end up with is the person being driven as a robot by this mind.field but even then to have all the incidentals show up in such co-ordinate fashion that can only be done with cloaked control just beyond the reach of what accepted dogma a/k/a official story will allow ( gonna stay with a roll here ) so if the husband of …….

            wow, just too amazing ….. really …

  • Bob A

    How do they constantly get away with with this sh*t. Unbelievable! It is so ‘out there’ that the sheeple can’t ever imagine something so horrific being done by our kind, warm and loving govt. what dumbarses!!!!

  • BUZZ

    i have been cautious about posting anything in respect to this subject because I think we all need more time and more information to draw definative conclusions. However, those of us who have been followers of liberty and understand that NYC skyscrapers don’t fall at free fall speed due to structural fires probably recognize when the mainstream media go into sensationalstic hyper drive to pound the collectivist agenda. In this case….there new ard is gun control.

    This should surprise no one who has been paying attention.

    There have been multiple warnings from many on this site who have suggested that this admin was going to come after our guns in the second term. When smith and wesson stock climb 10% after election…that should tell you something.

    The horrific shootings provide the cover to start the process of disarming the american cattle.

    For those who get caught up in trying to piece this potential false flag together….remember….there are people still looking around the grassy knoll for shell casings. The truth of the matter is that the media owns the information that the masses consume. We will never know what really happend, how it happened, and who really caused this evil plot.

    There are wicked people on this planet and unfortunately for us….they run it all.
    IMO…get right with god and prepare yourself mental, physical, financial, spiritual.

    Today is one more day when we can exchange USD for goods and services.
    Today is one more day i can go the the market and buy any type of food that i want.
    Today is one more day which i can come to and it hasn’t been shut down.

    tomorrow we might not be so lucky.

    As a side note…Can anyone present factual evidence that clearly identifies Lanza’s father and Holme’s father to testify before congress in libor scandle? I have yet to see any real evidence.

  • PTS

    I was talking to people at work today about Friday’s events. I brought up the guy found in the woods taken into custody with camo on. They hadn’t heard that, but figured he was probably just taking a walk. I brought up the point about the long rifle wounds on all the victims and only handguns found by the “shooter” with the long-gun in his trunk. One responded by saying that he had watched CNN all weekend and didn’t hear any of that.

    NOBODY that I talked to had seen anything other than what the MSM had told them.

    I am going to go watch my Idiot Box now and catch up on what’s going on with Monday Night Football.

  • dan

    As the president and politicians circle their wagons…decision time approaches….will; you or will you not….that is the question…for most the line in the sand has been drawn….now would be a very good time to pray that arrogance and misjudgement does not prevail….long live the Republic…the 3%

  • Phez

    The words “False Flag” get used way to damn loosely anymore. As a father of 2 young children, my heart aches for all the victims and their families. With that said, I personally think the rest is all garbage and conspiracy for bored folks to get their thrills with. I mean really, a tragedy is a tragedy and in this instance, there is not a damn thing that can be taken back, there is not a damn think that can/will be done to avoid any future massacres, plain and simply, what’s done is done. What is the purpose for all the “what if’s” and “second gunman on the grassy knoll”? Closure? Truth? For who? Yourselves? Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions and point fingers. Well how about a little peace and solitude for the victims and their loved ones. Do you think they want to keep hearing all the conspiracy hype and what if’s? I have lost a child, and with God’s mercy, not in such a way as this, but I know I’m not alone when I say, LET IT BE…….

    • john 2

      Wake the hell up Phez!

      If your old lady has spent years running around on you, at what point do you stop trusting her?

      That’s our government!

      9-11, Operation Northwoods, MK Ultra, Chemtrails, Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, and on and on and on. How many times will you let someone lie to you before you stop believing a damn thing they say?

    • SGT

      hmm. well I guess we know where you stand as the Republic falls to absolute evil tyranny Phez. Just let is be.

    • AgShaman


      “Please remove your critical thinking pledge pin”

      It will be returned to you when you get “clean” from your bath salts addiction.

    • Alvin

      If all these “what if’s” is actually TRUE, then what happened wasn’t a “tragedy”, it was an ASSASSINATION. Sorry Phez but when pieces of a puzzle just don’t fit together, you just can’t force the peices together and hope that it “sticks”. Sticking your head in the sand don;t change things around you.

  • Nick

    You’re on it, Sean!

    Then there’s this:

    “The father of Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora earlier this year by James Holmes.”

    “Both fathers of the shooters were allegedly expected to testify in the Libor scandal that rocked the banking world in June.”

    Read that again:

    “Both fathers of the shooters were allegedly expected to testify in the Libor scandal that rocked the banking world in June.”

  • Bill Britt

    Just add, Farther – libor + mother – prepper = ???

  • butterbean41

    Sean…the weapon retrieved from the trunk is a shotgun, not a rifle. This is a dead end road…we need to focus on aspects that we can perceive and not those that we think to be true. Thinking that the rifle was in the trunk is a dead road. The things that we need to focus on are right in front of our eyes. We just have to establish what those things are and get as many as we can to focus on those.

    • SGT

      Listen to the reporter or pilot in the chopper, at 1:33 “That looks like an assault rifle, doesn’t it?” As for the “dead end”, I have repeatedly harped on the FACT that three men were detained by police on 12.14.12 near the school. One in the woods, and two in a van fleeing the school. How EXACTLY is that a dead end? It is in fact THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we can focus on since the PTB intends to use this specific event as a way to kill this Republic once and for all.

    • John

      Regardless of what type of weapon it is, it points to another inconsistency in the official narrative when the police reports were claiming right up until Monday that the weapon in the car was a rifle. And what of the OTHER video someone saw, a video from the daytime, where he’s sure the weapon was a AR-15?

      If Big Brother Vance from the CT State Police wants to swagger in front of the cameras and threaten those of us who depart from the official narrative, then perhaps he needs to stop changing that narrative and stop retracting previously released information. Because that STINKS of damage control and causes great suspicion.

      • lastmanstanding

        He gets handed a script and that is it. (most likely he was a good public servant at one time.) He gets to mention that “he is not at liberty to discuss this or that…as John said above, they let to much out and have been in damage control ever since.

        This whole thing sucks…Everything is not as it appears, has been that way for years.

  • aw

    That looks like a lever action rifle to me. Look at the way the cop jams on the lever.

    I heard something in the mainstream media re a Henry repeating rifle.

    I admit I have not followed this story very closely as I was on vacation last weekend.

  • Daniel

    Oklahoma Bombing…false flag….tick.

    1st Bombing Attack on Twin Towers…false flag…tick.

    911 Twin Tower, Building 7, Pentagon, Pennsivania …false flag…tick.

    Anthrax scare….false flag…tick.

    Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK…false flag…tick.

    Nothing to see here Sheeple…keep on moving!! Very sad…

  • Daniel

    The sad thing also is that when the American people finally find out what the Second Ammendment was placed in the Constitution by the founding fathers, it will be all too late…

    Pardon the term, but society has become PUSSY-FIED and totally CASTRATED mentally. They have fogot their history and it’s all about good times!! They will reap what they sow!!

  • The Bull Lion

    Anybody familiar with AR-15’s will agree that the weapon taken out of the trunk in this video is 100% NOT an AR-15. It appears to be a shotgun (a shotgun shell also appears to eject from it)

  • LL

    The long gun in the trunk is not an AR. It appears to be something mounted on a Choate type stock. I was thinking SKS originally, but what is that thing that flies out when he pulls that slide back the first time?

    Looks like a 12 gauge shell. I bet it’s a Choate mounted Saiga semi-auto shotgun.

  • a pearson

    I knew something was up when I first saw obama and his alligator tears (he is no actor)then the story began to change about the guns, suspects. The ME’s story contradicts everything that was first reported. Keep up ther good work.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    It has fallen apart already, the “official” story that is.

  • Joaquin

    Howdy! Anybody driving within a reasonable perimiter of that school would be stopped. If you fit a given profile (bad word, I know) you would be detained pending background/warrant check.

    In the video, a shotgun cartridge falls safely into the trunk space when the LEO clears the chamber with his hand over the ejection port.

    Obviously a shotgun.

    Early reports are notoriously unreliable. I’m hearing 4 firearms: Sig, Glock, BM, Saiga-12 in the trunk.

    Suspect in the woods?

    Google – Chris Manfredonia LA Times.


    • Nick4Liberty

      You are right, early reports are. But for 2 days the story was the same. and he used handguns and there was no “assault rifle” near his body. 2 days is a long time for the story to be incorrect like that. Plus the report of the weapons and what he used/found next to him came from “federal and state authorities”. I’m just saying, to me it doesn’t add up.

  • justsaying

    Nice investigation. Sadly, there is 90% of wold population that will only see the side of media. Now, who switched the pills? I said I wanted the Blue pill. not the RED!

  • blounttruth

    Hats off SGT! Most sites are filled with cognitive dissonance, scared that the public might shy away from a debate that is not popular, or that the main stream media refuses to have simply because it doesn’t follow the pre-approved talking points. I love the fact that those debates are out in the open here, for the world to see. When people stop being scared of being labeled, then they will come in droves to seek out information that is too taboo in the main stream. Just so you know, when the main stream sites start attacking for such you will then know you are on the right track, never let others dictate the flow of information, for we all as one will stand together when the time comes, knowing what we know because we dared to ask. Keep up the great work, cant thank you enough for having the brass to take on these touchy issues head on, as I have converted from a reader/lurker to addict here at SGT.

  • Cher Wil

    Here is something to consider… Just like 911 there are no victims or significantly fewer than the official record. I checked the social security death index for 911 and have noticed only 300 more deaths than usual for that day. Further research uncovers a multitude of photoshopped victims. Search for “vicsims”. I have done a search for birth certs/ divorce papers… anything on the the adults mentioned in the Sandy Hook story. I have located birth parents for adoptees easily. These adults in the story are not real. I am guessing the children sren’t either. They are actors or simulated characters. I can see the similarities in the photoshopped pictures provided. In this day and age with smart phones and cameras on phones for years- why is there only one or two photos of the shooter? And really bad photoshopping on those two and both with the same expression.

  • Chris

    Please see the article below. A lot of coincidences involving Hollywood and this administration. Maybe the meeting of the minds explained in the article can shed a little light on where all of this began. Great information here.
    Above all, know we’re all on the same side. Trust in the Lord and stay positive.

  • This was no doubt a professional job.
    Adam Lanza was a patsy- he had absolutely no motive to do this.
    Also I wonder if he even had a drivers license. That is critical because if he did not how did he get there. Also, if the cops could not ID him then how could they get a warrant to his mother’s house.
    If he was ostracized in school why would he drive past the high school and go after these innocent little kids. He was a vegan apparently because he didn’t want to hurt animals but he will mow down children?
    Who was the guy arrested in the woods? The other side of the woods is the perfect place for a get away vehicle because there were empty parking lots there for a church.
    Why did a judge seal the warrants on the vehicles. They said he drove his mother’s car but that is a BMW and the car on the scene was a Honda so who’s car is that?
    No doubt this was intended to garner support for an assault weapon confiscation.
    Before the children;s bodies were even cold Diane Feinstein was out there pushing her political agenda.
    The gun in teh truck looks like a Saiga 12 gauge and they diid not secure that weapon until after nighfall – no gloves – working the action with only 1 shell and no magazine apparent?
    let’s see some security video-
    Notice how Lt Vance choked when they asked him if the mother had any connection to the school? She had none which means there is absolutely no motive except possibly to support an agenda to ban guns. And that motive would not be Adams but rather the real perps.

  • kelley

    Has anyone watched the video on Before It’s News website where they helicopter shows two men dressed in hazmat suits reach in and each one grabs a long rifle out of the trunk of the car. It’ is amazing footage. I have sent it to FBI and all my local news stations, radio, tv and newspaper plus all connecticut newspapers on Feb 19

  • Michael Barrett

    The weapon in the trunk was an AR-15. Saw this that morning on FOX news.I am sure of this.

  • Michael Barrett

    Some months later, I saw on some news channel another photo of the same thing. Only , this time the rifle was a semi-auto .22 rifle with a 25 round mag.

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