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MADNESS 3: ADDENDUM – Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned.

by SGT,

‘Madness 3: Addendum’ features more information from my original interviews that for whatever crazy reason hit the cutting room floor and didn’t make it into ‘The Madness of a Lost Society 3’, but should have. Jeff Nielson, Chris Duane, The Doc, Bix Weir, Fabian Calvo, and Daniel Ameduri, provide a body blow for those who still don’t believe that we are living in the final days of the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Here are the links to the first three ‘Madness’ micro-docs:
‘The Madness of a Lost Society 1’ and ‘The Madness of a Lost Society 2’, ‘The Madness of a Lost Society 3’

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20 comments to MADNESS 3: ADDENDUM – Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned.

  • Travis

    Great series, I had another listen. Thanks again

  • hatch381

    Yes…yes, we all agree…the dollar is dying. But the “managers” read history also. Debt is the name of the game. When the US goes to the IMF for a bail out, you will hear the debt trap…snap. We will have global governance.

  • Good summary Sean,Can hear it enough.

  • Keith

    Thanks for posting the extra, Sean. Always good to have something to maintain the focus. We’re still living in two parallel worlds simultaneously: the one we know is based on a feelgood lie, and the real world, which understands that you can’t print your way to prosperity.

  • Scott Sando

    The government will be on trial when the financail system collapses, and those who made it collapse will come forward with the solution (problem, reaction, solution). And the solutions offered will be, technocratic government, world government, planned ecomomy, and all the other goodies the globalists want us to except.
    As a proud Englishman I extend my hand to all the peoples of the world to stop this whomever they are, If you are in this fight then you are my brother/sister. Good luck people!

    To quote a elitist.

    Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.
    Churchill, Winston

    Remember above all else that you are a eternal being.

  • Steve_D

    Sean, this has probably been said many times before, but you have a great talent for this sort of stuff. Must be really satisfying to know you have such quality output that contains invaluable info in the public domain.

    I’m glad our paths crossed in this virtual universe, you have helped me learn much.

    By the way, here is another stunning piece of work which everyone could learn from:

    • SGT

      Thank you Steve, I sure appreciate the feedback. These long micro-docs are exhausting to make. I probably have 45-50 hours of editing into Madness 3, and 35-40 hours into this one. That’s why I don’t do them more often!

  • Rico

    Thank you Sean. Hey, I wanted to share a link with you about the California Supreme Court agreeing to hear Orly Taitz’s lawsuit to invalidate the 55 electoral college votes for Soetoro, based upon 1.5 million INVALID Voter Registrations and an invalid Connecticut SSN, carried by one Barack Obama. How do I communicate with you electronically? Thanks, Rico

  • Ed_B

    Wow. Sean, I am absolutely in awe of the fact that this stunning addendum came off the cutting room floor. This entire series is an amazing piece of work. Kudos to you and to those who participated in these interviews.

    • SGT

      Thanks Ed! I was cleaning up the project when I was done with Madness 3 and looking at the ton of interview material I didn’t even get to use and thought, why throw all of this down the memory hole where no one will ever hear it? I knew it was a can of worms to dig into it (in terms of editing it so it would all flow together), but couldn’t help myself. A week later, finally finished it at 2am. Simple. 🙂

  • Rico

    Thanks Steve_D for sharing. Great Video!

    • Steve_D

      Glad you enjoyed it Rico, it shares a massively important message in that we should stop living our lives in fear and begin to live in love.

      • Ed_B

        I could not agree more, Steve. Love IS the ultimate force in the universe. How strong is it? Stronger than hate, envy, greed, lust… even stronger than death, for it survives death.

        I believe that human consciousness is evolving, slowly but steadily. I will be so happy when we get past the need to keep hitting each other over the head… when war, hunger, and human needs can be met for each and every one of us. Excellent health care, for example, costs a pittance compared to the waste and folly of war and preparing for war. One God, one Earth, and one humanity will be the rule. All are connected but so many do not see it or feel it. If they did, it would be impossible to harm anyone, for they are part of us and we of them.

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