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Lighting Your Way Without Electricity or Fire

from schemabyte:

If and when the grid goes down, our homes will go dark along with a thousand other negative impacts on food transportation, water supply, fueling, community services, and so forth. Even on bright days, lighting issues will negatively impact daily activities. Backup generators, solar panels, lanterns, and candles are all important but have their limitations and risks; here’s some unconventional lighting solutions you should consider adding to have a more robust and redundant lighting strategy.

Electrical solutions dependent on solar energy could fail in the case that there’s a nuclear or volcanic winter that blocks out sunlight for an extended period, be rendered inoperable by a severe EMP, or simply fail and not be repairable with the materials or skill-sets available to you. Fire is much more sustainable and traditional, but requires flammable materials, can take time to start, and poses a hazard both in use and inhalation.

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