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KWN Friday Gold Chart Mania

from KingWorldNews:

Today King World News is pleased to share with its global readers a piece that was put together by Nick Laird from ShareLynx out of Australia. Laird put together six extraordinary charts to go along with his commentary below. We thank Laird for sharing this piece with our readers.

Nick Laird: “This chart (below) shows the DJIA on the LHS & the gold price on the RHS with Homestake Mining & Dome Mines overlaid to give a perspective on what was happening back in the 1930’s. The DJIA didn’t bottom till mid 1932 & Homestake Mining had started to climb in 1931 with Dome Mines following in 1932.

But both mining stocks didn’t start to take off till after the DJIA had finished collapsing. The greatest rise in these gold stocks was from 1933 thru to mid 1934 with another little flurry in end 1935/early 1936. What I see as most important here is that the gold stocks did not start to move until after the DJIA had totally corrected.”

Nick Laird continues @

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