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John Embry – The Price Of Silver Will Go Ballistic In 2013

from KingWorldNews:

Today John Embry told King World News that he believes that the price of silver will go ballistic in 2013. He also spoke about what to expect in other key markets in 2013. Here is what Embry, who is chief investment strategist at Sprott Asset Management, had to say: “There have been a few periods in the past when people (investors) got detached, but this one is probably the worst in the sense that we’ve never had monetary creation like we are having (now). It has no place to go. It’s not getting into the real economy.”

John Embry continues @

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3 comments to John Embry – The Price Of Silver Will Go Ballistic In 2013

  • Travis

    That is what we were told in 2012, and the current price is $30. The silver prophets should have the decency to admit they are wrong or stop making predictions. Until silver breaks $50, be quiet.

  • Troy

    $15 silver would be better than $50 silver. $15 silver would cause excitement and massive buying. $50 silver would flood the market with silver as 75% of people would be selling their silver. I typically don’t buy silver over $34. If its under $34, I buy semi-numi. I just got 4 Snakes “1 oz” , 2 Somalia Elephants today.

  • Steve Smith

    Guess What no one has a Crystal Ball. But long term inflation should be there long term. Just look at the past.

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