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Honor, Courage & Commitment…

from Mad-Yet?:

As the inaugural post to this blogs views on the happenings in the world today, I want to say I write from the vantage of a person that is finished playing the banks games, the Govt’s games, the corporate games and the Mass Media’s games. The majority of Americans have simply lost or stopped using their critical thinking skills. (See here for details)

Since 9/11 we have been fed stories of heroism & how much we “NEED” protection from the boogie man called “Terrorist”. To make matters worse, if you don’t agree with the Govt’s/MSM’s fictional story/position/agenda driven media then YOU must be a terrorist. Recently, citizens have even been threatened with prosecution for simply asking questions or using those critical thinking skills I talk about above. (See here for more Details)

For those of you that haven’t been paying attention, we have lost so many rights, and had so many liberties stolen from us due to lobbyists and special interest groups that you are no longer represented in any significant way. Many even think the Republic itself is beyond repair. But this makes you have the advantage because you are now the most dangerous kind of citizen… the kind with nothing to lose.

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