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Happy New Year 2013 From We Are Change & SGT Report

[Ed. Note: We’ll keep fighting for our liberty in 2013 and beyond – because as human beings with NATURAL RIGHTS, there is NO other choice.]

from WeAreChange:

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8 comments to Happy New Year 2013 From We Are Change & SGT Report

  • monica

    God Bless and preserve the integrity, courage and Spirit of Truth, Goodness and light within these young and valiant warriors.

  • Travis

    Happy New Year to you, Sean and thanks for the hard work you put in for 2012. Keep up the good work for 2013.

  • Andy222

    Thankyou so much for my favorite website, your work is very appreciated …best to you and your family Sean and all the SGT family…keep stackin brothers and sisters

  • In 2022, with no intervention, the U.S. National Debt will be $25.8 Trillion. Under the Obama plan, it will be $25.4 Trillion. Under the Boehner plan, it will be $25.2 Trillion. In other words, all this talk about the “Fiscal Cliff” is PURE POLITICAL THEATRE.

    But, don’t take MY word for it.

    Gee, I wonder if the American Economic outlook for 2022 has anything to do with all those Americans “hoarding” silver and gold bullion? Here is Lou Dobbs, explaining it so well, so concisely, so SIMPLY – like only a logical, rational, thinking individual can:

    Lou Dobbs: The Fiscal Cliff SCAM FULLY EXPLAINED !!!

    WOW! Excellent analysis.

  • Kim

    Happy new year to everyone in SGTReport land.

  • NaySayer

    Tyranny hates a camera.

  • hatch381

    Happy New Year to the SGT Report family!

    Gold is the currency of kings.
    Silver is the currency of gentlemen.
    Barter is the currency of peasants.
    Debt is the currency of slaves.

    Keep stacking!

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