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Good Samaritan Jewler Nabs Thief With $250,000 Worth of Stolen, Gold & Silver

from CBS Atlanta:

The man who walked into Empire Jewelers thought he was about to get paid, but instead all he collected was a one-way free ticket to jail.

Police credit the owner of Empire Jewelers, Glenn Easterwood, with apprehending the suspect, who Douglasville police would not identify pending the outcome of their investigation.

“He comes in with a backpack, takes out a Kroger grocery bag and it is half deep with one-ounce gold coins,” Easterwood said. “I questioned him about where did you get them, how did you come about owning these coins, and he said he inherited them. He changed his story a couple times and I knew something was up.”

Police said the loot, which ranged from gold coins, silver coins and platinum bars, were stolen from a Carroll County home last Friday.

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1 comment to Good Samaritan Jewler Nabs Thief With $250,000 Worth of Stolen, Gold & Silver

  • Ed_B

    Great story! It’s wonderful to see a situation where an aware individual took action to stop a thief and help get private property returned to its rightful owner. Mr. Easterwood is a genuine American hero, IMO. I know that if my stack was lifted by some low-life scoundrel, I would be VERY happy to have my stack returned and the thief doing hard time for his efforts.

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