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Gold & Silver: Opposing Forces Very Under-Rated

from Gold Silver Worlds:

It is impossible not to read some source, informed or otherwise, touting the “fact” that the price of gold and silver will be [insert whatever amount you wish, here], “in the coming months”, or safer, “in the next year or two,” etc. Yet, the market does not echo those almost universally held sentiments.

Why not?

Because that is exactly what they are, sentiments. When it comes to sentiments or opinions, regardless of how close to source or how well reasoned, the market does not care. One of the better “resolutions” one can make going into 2013 and beyond it to follow the market’s lead, stop trying to lead it, waiting for it to catch up to your trading acumen.

But what about the shortages in silver production v demand? What about the overly re-re-hypothecated gold leases from central banks that cannot possibly cover actual demands for gold? What about the possibility that all of Germany’s [and other countries?] gold is gone and so much of it is being transferred to the East? What about [insert whatever issue you wish discussed, here]?

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5 comments to Gold & Silver: Opposing Forces Very Under-Rated

  • alex f

    thanks sean for all you have done, all the best for 2013.

  • Nate

    This article may have a point however, those who were involved in the real estate market would not have done well to simply watch and respond to charts, as for many years the charts were saying that the real estate market was unstoppable.
    No where in a chart does it describe the fear that people face when looking to the future and the valuation of their nest eggs. True, some fear is surely priced into precious metals but how can a government failure such as we face really be priced in accurately? It seems to me the market isn’t all knowing but actually reactionary to a point, whereby the market will finally react once everyone else has already seen the trouble ahead and acted accordingly, though as usual the late comers and greedy buyers will tend to get slaughtered as in every other bull market.
    Plus, the most obvious truth to me is that the fiat system is dying, how does a market based on these fiat notes portray such an event? Seems impossible to me.
    I have the sentiment that gold and silver, especially silver, have much higher to go. Is this based solely on my sentiment? Maybe. But isn’t gut feeling, or intuition, one of the greatest sources for any decision we make? My gut tells me there are bad times ahead, much worse than now, so why wouldn’t precious metals go higher, as people scramble for the exits of paper money?

  • Izzy

    There are no neutrals.Choose sides.The article is walking a tightrope.

  • NaySayer

    There are no “markets” anymore so what is he talking about?? There are only manipulated puppet shows and the length of time they can keep them up and running.

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