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Fiscal cliff to force prisons release convicts

from RTAmerica:

The US is just five days away from going over the Fiscal Cliff and Republicans and Democrats have yet to come to an agreement on how and where America should cut back on spending. In Oregon, a county jail has recently released prisoners due to the fact that they can no longer afford to house them. Many other states are worried that government cut backs could lead to more criminals walking the streets.

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5 comments to Fiscal cliff to force prisons release convicts

  • GhostMaker

    With over 11 years war in the 9/11 War on “Terror” Campaign people would be absolutely astounded with the heavy armament that was brought back stateside and sitting in private hands brought back by the tens of thousands of returning vets… You know, a little insurance against a known fraudulent war…

  • Petedivine

    what constitutes a criminal nowadays? A pot smoking kid busted on the curb? I say let them go. How much of our “criminals” are marijuana users? One out of every six persons in Federal prison are incarcerated due to Marijuana laws. More then 250,000 people have gone to prison for Marijuana. There are about 600,000 thousand arrests for Marijuana every year. Perhaps we can let some of them out of jail early. We can ship them to Colorado or something.

  • theoptimist75

    no petedivine, that would be the logical thing to do BUT since the govt. still wants to hold onto the war-on-drugs-is-still-working montra .All drug criminals will stay and they will let out the real criminals and pedophiles.

  • Slvrizgold

    The govt needs to keep drugs illegal. Natural cures – like CANNABIS – can make a large percentage of the toxic harmful crap drugs Big Pharma peddles OBSOLETE! And only God knows what hemp oil would do to Big Oil. Biodiesel from hemp can put corn ethanol to shame and end our dependence on petro. That’s just part of it… The banking system needs drugs illegal so they can keep laundering billions of dollars. TBTFs would collapse without all that Mafia and drug cartel (CIA and LE) money on deposit. For that matter, the alcohol industry really stands to lose when pot is legal. No more hangover, no physical addiction, no DTs, no car accidents, arrests, DUIs, etc. Industrial hemp would also really crimp textile industries and chemical/plastic industries. Oh did I mention that millions of lawyers, cops, judges, jailers, and social workers would have to find something useful to do for money besides act like tyrants.

    There is strong scientific evidence cannabis can reverse and cure cancers. The Medical Mafia has known about this for a long long time. If you’ve been studying as long as I have you know the Medical Mafia isn’t about health, its about SICKNESS. PILLS AND CUTTING AND CHEMICALS. That’s it. No cures. No natural. Just patented poisons to keep you coming back for more.

    And the NWO actuaries have it all figured out so you hopefully don’t live much past 65. The State loves it when you die early and stop collecting. And with the Estate tax set to kick back in they sure do love that 55% bite when you die!!! Buy some silver now before you die so you can leave it 100% to people you love.

  • Slvrizgold

    Hey, cannabis is also FOOD too.

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