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Depleted Uranium Receives More Attention

from The Daily Bell:

Mystery in Iraq – Are US Munitions to Blame for Basra Birth Defects? … The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently assembling a report on DU ammunition. It will reflect the current state of research on the issue, but it will hardly provide any new insights. With the help of the University of Greifswald, a cancer registry has been developed for the Basra region and will serve as the basis for all future study. Still, even as further research is needed, if only for the children’s sake, it will come too late for many. The guns have been silent in Iraq for years, but in Basra and Fallujah the number of birth defects and cancer cases is on the rise. Locals believe that American uranium-tipped munitions are to blame and some researchers think they might be right. – Der Spiegel

Dominant Social Theme: US munitions are harmless except to the bad guys.

Free-Market Analysis: The WHO (see above) is finally getting around to seeing if depleted uranium weapons used by NATO and the US are responsible for the many birth defects in Iraq. From what we can tell, the outcome will be a preordained “no.”

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1 comment to Depleted Uranium Receives More Attention

  • Really

    Really? You got some yahoo writing a article who has never been to Basara giving out this nonsense about DE. Ok let’s get down to the facts. Basara was the battleground in the war between Iran and Iraq. Tons of chemical weapons were used there.

    Sepnd. Basara used to be swamp land, ever heard of Marsh Arabs? Saddam drained the swamps and now there are endless dry riverbeds there blowing all sorts of chemicals around.

    Third, Basara is in the middle of a huge oil drilling boom now. The skies are always black with oily smoke from burning chemicals. The Chinese are doing the drilling and we know that the southern oil fields are chock full of toxic drilling chemicals that are banned in the rest of the world.

    Lastly Basara is full of Iranians. It is mostly controlled by Iran. What makes you think that unverified reports coming from a Iranian controlled area have any valiidity? From personal experience, I know Iraqis/Iranians are some of the biggest liars, cheats, and thieves on the planet. They will lie about the color of the sky, their name, and anything else at a whim. Children there will not hesitate to smash each others heads open with rocks over the slightest trivial dispute. I know I seen it.

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