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CT. COP on Sandy Hook Inconsistencies: “THINGS DON’T ADD UP”

Firearms industry expert and part-time police officer Mark S. Mann (pseudonym) lives in Connecticut, just miles from the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. He’s been following the story closely, talking to cops he knows in the area and he will be reporting for us as this story develops. Mark says there are just too many inconsistencies with the ‘official’ story and “Things don’t add up.” As we all now know, regardless of whether the mass murders of children and adults at Sandy Hook was a false flag operation, or the actions of a lone nut, the establishment intends to use this event to attack the Constitutional rights of law abiding Americans. They’re coming for the guns. And just like Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, Mark says “We will not tolerate any abuses to our Second Amendment rights.”

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83 comments to CT. COP on Sandy Hook Inconsistencies: “THINGS DON’T ADD UP”

  • ChainMailArmor

    Great interview Sean, Keep up your honest reporting of the facts. It’s just amazing that the MSM is not investigating “at all” any of this stuff.

    Funny how articles, videos and anything contrary to the mocking bird media’s official story that they have been told to put out is slowly disappearing from the Internet.

    This link was up yesterday:

    Now it’s down.

  • AgShaman

    The cops get paid big bucks.

    The enemy has “bought” their silence and complicity.

    Autopsies on all the children and an independent investigation would not “jive” with the fiction they are providing.

  • Eric

    Good stuff Sean! Most of the time it takes a big jolt kick in the face to wake people up. Let’s hope this one opens a few more eyes.

  • Tom G.

    In my opinion that was the best interview that was given this year on your site Sean. It was 1) informative, 2)put everything in context and even historical context at that, 3) understood that REAL solutions are not addressing symptoms but the underlying problem. And yes, Mark you are exactly right, the problem is the breakdown of the moral fabric of our society which in my opinion is exemplified most in the breakdown of the family. There is no parenting going on anymore among the sheeple because their moral compass is either broken or misguided. When morals become relative to each person this is the outcome. This kid was probably taught to clarify his values in school. This is the outcome.

    • SGT

      I always appreciate your feedback Tom, thanks – I’m sure “Mark” will check in here tomorrow too, and he will appreciate this kind comment as well. I personally feel like this event at Sandy Hook is in many ways as important to research as 9/11 was, because on the back of the 9/11 story they were able to pass the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, create the DHS and the TSA, start several unconstitutional wars, turn America into the legal definition of a “battlefield”, etc. — and with THIS event they will come after our Second Amendment rights, which if we let them succeed, is the final blow.

      • AgShaman

        Punch Drunk….and unprepared to maintain SA amidst the frenzy.(9/11)

        They have a second chance in Sandy Hook.

        I’m jealous of these journalists. They are at the front lines in this new battle. I hope they can rally a better coordinated effort this time around. Alternative media needs to go into attack mode and ‘smite’ these foul beasts with their fictional narravtives.

        I’m looking for a way to stir the pot and snap people outta their slumber. It’s not an easy task by any means. Hats off to the people running this site and a few others. I’m hoping forces will be mounted and these pioneers will live history that will be worth repeating one day.

        I hope truthers unite on this one…and i hope i can find a way to help out.

        Good luck everybody!

  • ND Martin

    Examiner search for “libor” shows this page: which links to this YouTube vid:

    Grab ’em b4 they’re thrown in the memory hole.

  • GoodOleBoy

    I really like hearing from someone that’s been involved in law enforcement and whose views don’t fall within the picture that’s usually painted. We always see the negative side of these people and not the other side.

    The second is not only for hunting or for protection, but is necessary for the security of a free state and to protect the country from tyrants.

    Praise God and pass the ammunition, lol.

  • internationalchick

    What I am confused about is, the school doesn’t have camera or working video to just show who killed who did the shooting? That would solve the problem if the kid actually did it. I thought the mother/teacher was at work when he shot her. Why would he shot her at home then go drive to the school to shoot kids that didn’t pertain to him? That doesn’t make any sense. What annoys me the most about the media milking the story of lily white kids were killed but Obama sends drones in areas to kill women and children all day every day. When Israel sent rockets or whatever fire power they used to kill an area with mostly kids, not to recently that wasn’t in the news.

    More and more it looks like a stage killing because no pictures, no video and conveniently the kid’s computer is broken? They label him with autistic, or whatever they want to label him but he had good enough sense to stop, destroy his computer and then go off to kill? MMKay. All evidence confiscated or destroyed before a real forensics expert can get to it. The same way in 911 they destroyed, confiscated and shipped away evidence before a real forensics can view the property.

  • Bob A

    Well, here they come. Obama’s task force on gun control. I hope we as a people stand up to this tyranny, even if it means some lives are lost in our defense…in the defense of the rightful freedom of American citizens. I hope this is the straw the breaks the back so to speak..if this harsh gun control bill is passed!! I’m not giving up my guns!!

  • Krow

    Yes, “things just dont add up”. Check out Idaho Picker for more info. For example:
    1. Did you see the Obammie staged press event with a family of one victim? The father was laughing just before giving his speech, and their other daughter was wearing the dress that the “murdered” daughter was wearing in the picture. What parents could laugh just days after their daughter was murdered?
    2. They initially reported that all the bodies would remain at the shooting scene until Sunday (for 2 days!). Then, they were said to have been wisked away during the middle of the night. Real parents WOULD NOT allow their murdered 6 year olds to lay dead on school floors for 2 days, nor would the local sheriff/police depts.
    3. Gotham Map from Batman movie: Note that Sandy Hook was written in red and also the number of red circles and squares adds up to the number of children murdered.
    4. First they say the shooter used hand guns, then the coroner says it was a rifle (which was found in the trunk of the car).
    5. The other 2 men arrested by police….what happened to them?
    6. School video…surely there is school video showing the terrible event.

    As Ricky Recardo would say, “Theres alot of splainin to be done here”.

    Sadly, we will probably never get the “splainin”, but lies and then the evil satanic killers will come for our guns.

    Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! saith the Krow.

    • GoodOleBoy

      After conferring with some colleagues, I can definetly tell you that the gun pulled out of the trunk in that video is not a Bushmaster AR. It has a side charging handle which ARs don’t have. What we came up with was either an AK 47 or something else in that family of firearms. Definately not an AR.

    • Will

      Yes Robbie Parker was seen laughing just before, then says we ready? and gets into character.

    • Npz

      You have to go to DiscloseTv, look on the top toolbar videos and click on the one of the laughing father. If this does not speak volumes I don’t know what will. Please send this clip to as many as you can.

      • Krow

        Yes…..Is the entire family just play-acting for the fascist Obammie reicht? How in the world could REAL parents take the time to dress-up and drag their entire “mourning” family down to some Obammie press-conference and then laugh before speaking about the killing of their 6 year old daughter, which was only 2 days prior?

        Something stinks in Denmark.

  • YankeeDoodle

    Morally bankrupt is an understatement, add to that description godlessness.

  • jjsilver

    I would like to clarify something regarding rights. The constitution does not give us any rights. We all have god given rights that are protected from encroachment by the constitution. Our rights existed long before the creation of the state. Once the government acts outside the public law they lose their sovereign immunity, you got that servants.

    “The rights of the individual are not derived from governmental agencies, either municipal, state or federal, or even from the Constitution. They exist inherently in every man, by endowment of the Creator, and are merely reaffirmed in the Constitution, and restricted only to the extent that they have been voluntarily surrendered by the citizenship to the agencies of government. The people’s rights are not derived from the government, but the government’s authority comes from the people. The Constitution but states again these rights already existing, and when legislative encroachment by the nation, state, or municipality invade these original and permanent rights, it is the duty of the courts to so declare, and to afford the necessary relief.

    The US Supreme Court in US vs. Minker, 350 US 179 at page 187:

  • Scrapper

    I don’t agree with most of you and here is why. The entire interview was slanted with the inter-twyning of the words guns and assault rifles. A ban on assault riffles is not a ban on my right to bear arms. Why do you need an assault weapon? Are you going to be assaulting me? I own two since I sold one last week before the shooting. I’ll be selling the other two now. I still have over 20 rifles, pistols and shotguns and I’m not assaulting anyone but I will protect my loved ones.
    I have yet to hear the argument why our weapons need to be assault weapons. The cops have them is not vallid. I have black powder and it’s dry.

    • SGT

      Scrapper, Do you understand that they want to ban semi-automatic weapons? Do you know what a semi-automatic weapon is? Just about every hang gun and long gun produced now can be classified as “semi-auto”. This is a fact you may want to be aware of, the MSM is confusing you with all of THEIR talk of “assault” weapons.

    • jjsilver

      The right to own guns does not come with conditions, otherwise we would be delegated to owning muskets that shoot plastic bullets that only travel 10 feet and take 10 min. to reload. You get it

    • ib12541

      the people have the right to the same arms as the government. why would the government be viewed as being more responsible than you or me? is the government “good” and the people “bad”?

      by using the term “assault” you are succumbing to the language propaganda of the federales. can you define “assault” as it relates to arms. who gets to define it? a socialist senator? a fascist president? assault is an adjective. the language is used to polarize.

      bottom line; the government has been waging all out war on “we the people” for decades. they will do/say/legitimize anything to disarm you. fortunately we are a republic, not a democracy. the rights of the minority are not overweighed by the majority. their so-called executive orders and pdd’s bear no jurisdiction on us. they will try to ban anything but that doesn’t mean you have to comply.

    • Wyostk

      That bolt action hi power elk and deer rifle sure looks like a sniper rifle to me….

      For God’s sake scrapper THINK!!!

    • lastmanstanding

      you don’t get it…it is not about the gun.

    • Truthseeker

      @scrapper: You wrote:”A ban on assault riffles is not a ban on my right to bear arms. Why do you need an assault weapon? Are you going to be assaulting me?”

      I’ll Assume that your not a paid troll and explain. The second amendment is about equality; being as equally armed as the any other man, government agent, or soldier. To answer your somewhat ignorant question. Believe me, you do need an “assault weapon”. While I would never assault you, I can’t say the same for your neighbor, the local gang member, or the soldier equipped with an automatic weapon, sent to round up you and your family for internment .

      And before you ask me, “How are you and your rifle going to defend yourself against well equipped and trained soldiers?” I would tell you, “The best I can.” And considering the alternative, not being armed at all…Well, if you’ve ever read a history book, I think you know the answer to that already. Get it?

    • Freedumbs'ear

      Sean is right.In fact it’s all about the words they use.In fact all weapons are assault weapons because they are designed to assault (a phyisical attack)wether the target is a man,moose,deer,bird or a paper target.All these so called laws are not laws but are legal policy;(corporate rules)and don’t apply to people.They only apply to fictions called persons(which is a corporation)If you don’t study the law you will be subjected to some moron from the corporation of UNITED STATES that thinks you are a person(corporation) and will try to apply their B.S. corporation policy on you.Note all UNITED STATES CITIZENS are persons/franchises/owned property of the UNITES STATES CORP.None of the OBAMANATIONS executive orders apply to people only fictions.Do you know who you are.

  • internationalchick

    I just called nydailynews. I asked if the kids in the middle east are not important because Jewish and american military complex kill kids all day every day? I was placed on hold then hung up on. I called again and spoke to the same lady and asked what happened you hung up on me. I asked my question and again and added don’t you think it is hypocritical to promote banning guns when america and Jews kill women and children all day. She had the nerve to say she didn’t know anything about that. OK I just told you, but don’t you think it is hypocritical what you are doing to promote banning guns. She says write a letter to the editorial. Isaid I thought I called 212-210-news. This is news.

    • jjsilver

      You should have mentioned all the drone attacks obama orders killing innocent women and children in a country that never attacked us.

    • Freedumbs'ear

      Go get them with the truth chick.War and spreading democracy(military dictatorship)is nothing more than as one man said mass murder wrapped in a pretty flag.What did those people do to possibly deserve to be murdered.Nothing, they are just spreading democracy and want those people to be free too.Ya free slaves for the BANKSTERS.Why do you think the first thing these criminals do is sit up a central bank in these new democratic areas.I like you style chick.

  • Mark S. Mann

    Friends, let us remember when discussing this that the term “assault rifle” was given to semi-auto rifles by the media, and the gun control advocates. It is not a technically correct term, and this issue has been debated since the early 1990’s. It is a waste of time to focus on this.
    Bottom line, do you think people will be less likely to go on shooting sprees and commit mass murder if they can no longer have 15, 20, 30 round magazines? If you are allowed to have as many 10 round magazines as you wish, do you think this would make any real difference in a criminal and or lunatic mindset?
    Also, if you were shot by a bolt action rifle or a semi-automatic rifle in the chest, do you think you would be “more dead” from being shot by a semi-auto? There is no difference in lethality between most weapons. The difference is in the intent of the user. If you use a hammer to kill someone, it’s a weapon. If you use a hammer to drive nails, it’s a tool. Firearms can be both, and so can hammers. The difference is in the intent of the user. Let’s not pretend this is not a fact.

    • ib12541

      you and i know this but do the police and military know it also? are they going to carry out illegal orders? they did during katrina. better tell your police buddies to choose which master they will serve.

  • internationalchick

    JJsilver, that was on my first phone call when she hung up. ‘)

  • Mark S. Mann

    My “buddies” serving in the military and police as you put it, are no different than any other group of Americans. Some of them get it, and some of them don’t. This is why we have organizatons such as Oath Keepers and why people like Sean and I are being vocal. Believe me when I tell you: No one is coming to your door to take your guns. Not the police, not the military, not the United Nations. If you are not up to speed on this issue, listen to a past interview on this subject thatI did for SGT report,and read some of the articles I wrote for Sean on this site. If they want your guns, the government will tell you to turn them in.Make no mistake about that. You will have to decide to give them up or not.

    • ib12541

      i don’t believe you. there is ample video footage of door to door arms searches. yes, i understand there are organizations and vocal people trying to bring this to light. thank you for that. but you are totally wrong in assuming no door to door searches have or will occur. i see video footage daily of crimes being committed in the name of “law enforcement”.

      i also disagree with your comment that police and military are no different than anyone else. they are sworn public servants. that makes a huge distinction in my book. again, will they comply with illegal orders? i would hope not but history suggests otherwise.

  • Supernatural

    I just watched (the vid posted by Matlarson10) of Larry Pratt being interviewed on CNN by Moron Morgan. I wish Pratt had also argued from the position of Switzerland being the most well armed as well as having the lowest crime rate of any nation. The club Morgan belongs to have such thick hides, the Alternate Media’s Secondary Target should be to figure out how to penetrate their group psychosis.

    Psychosis: A severe mental disorder, with or without organic damage, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality.

    Literally, these people must be taken by the hand and force-fed the facts, such as that Switzerland has the lowest crime rate while being the best armed, that guns save lives, etc. The key is to figure out how to stuff that truth down their throats until it registers on their brains.

  • Hey SGT you are being dissed on Gawker today. You are being lumped in with a wide range of conspiracy and being painted in a negative light. They are coming after all of us.
    A Secret Society Used The Hunger Games as a Model in Drugging Adam Lanza to Carry Out a Mass Killing to Provide the Pretext to Take Away Our Freedoms

    Proposed by:, SGT Report
    Relevant quote:

    “But then there is THIS. SGT Report cites a “coincidence” that will leave you thinking about a planned scenario at Newtown, just the kind of operation secret societies are reputedly famous for. In The Hunger Games, many times called a model of predictive programming, the ritual sacrifice of 23 children is carried out. Twelve districts, two children from each district; they fight in pairs and kill each other until one winner is left. 23 children are killed. In Newton, Adam Lanza killed 20 children. The author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, is listed by Wikipedia as one of the famous people who lives in Newtown. You take it from there. Call it whatever you want to. I try to avoid winging big stretches, but this is too stunning to omit. WTF.”

    But: SMDH.

    I was suspended by Twitter today for being against Gun Control. I pointed out that Micheal Moore was a Communist dressed in Liberal Clothes and asked if Obama shed any tears for children killed by US Drone Strikes. I was kiboshed soon after. They lifted my suspension only after promising that I would not question peoples comments with my own thoughts. It’s a full court press by Evil.

    • SGT

      Ironically, I DIDN’T WRITE that portion about ‘Secret Societies’ that are attributing to SGTreport. See my original article which mentions NOTHING of “secret societies”!!

      If GAWKER had done their homework, WHICH OF COURSE they DIDN’T, they would have sited the author “John Rappaport” who merely referenced my article in his own article and re-wrote his version of key takeaways. John is the one who mentioned “secret societies” – and I have NO control over what someone else decides to write. As for the coincidence about the Hunger Games author living in Sandy Hook, CT – it’s just that, a HUGE coincidence as brought to my attention by an SGTreport reader. Does Gawker disagree? Is that NOT a big coincidence? How ’bout the reference to ‘Sandy Hook’ in the latest Batman film, ‘Dark Knight Rises’? Not a strange coincidence there either?

      Yes indeed – it’s more of the same in formerly free Amerika, demonize those who would dare question the official government version of events. Certainly GAWKER must agree with Eric Holder about ‘Fast & Furious’ too, huh?? Pathetic.

      My questions around the Sandy Hook Elementary MASSACRE have been limited to the key issues: WHO are the three different men police detained right after the shooting??? One in the woods, two in a van or SUV. What were they doing there – and have they been cleared of any involvement in this massacre. I demand a full accounting of who those men are. Also, who are the THREE additional guns that have been found registered to?? And sadly, GAWKER doesn’t give a crap about any of that.

      • tt76

        Sean, some other items to question:
        Where are the 911 recorded phone calls we usually get to hear? Did they report multiple shooters?
        Why is there no photos or video of bodies being taken out of the school? Seems that would help the media’s call for gun control.
        Why would fire trucks all parallel park together at the back of the school?
        Why in video footage are there random people as well as first responders walking around doing absolutely nothing?
        Why do all the “eyewitness” interviews sound rehearsed, along with the usual stuttering for forgotten lines? Followed by coaching.
        Why in this video at 1:18 is there a guy with a mallet hammering on a stone wall?
        Why am I seeing the same smirking in interviews as the ones we all saw in Aurora?
        Why the lack of human emotion?
        Where is the devastation, anger, grief, hysterical crying?
        And then this guy? Come on!!

  • I was pointing out these inconsistencies from day one. This is not making sense!

    Visit me at to see our point of view!

  • SRV

    “Protection from government tyranny”

    SGT, please enlighten me… how would you and your friends defend yourself from your goverment, a government that has close to a Trillion dollars of military firepower a year, with hand guns and semi automatic assault weapons?

    And, the 2nd Amendment issue has nothing to do with guns, it’s the same as everything else… corporate profit is the one and only reason the NRA exists. You (as a member) are nothing more than window dressing (and income of course), to be programed to violently defend any and all barriers to that profit.

    NRA membership dues, as a percent of total revenue, have been steadily declining over the years. The balance comes from gun manufacturers through direct donations (the inocent sounding “Ring of Freedom” program); another method is high net worth donors (most are gun manufacturer execs or investors); their magazines are completely funded by gun ads (at attractive rates I’m sure… for the NRA); and yet another interesting (more like disgusting) funding approach is donations based on sales of ammo, as Midway USA donates a small portion of each sale to the NRA… and you thought they just wanted to be sure you got all the ammo you needed; Sturm, Ruger & Co ran a one million gun sales campaign and donated one dollar to the NRA for each if they met their goal(they did); they also sell your contact information to corporations for marketing purposes. I’m sure your readers will be shocked, “shocked I tell you” to realize they’re being used by the NRA and their corporate backers for profit.

    Finally (if you’re still with me), by far the most salient fact is that countries with gun bans for all but law enforcement (some even ban for most of them) have double digit (some single) gun murder rates each year. America, with much of the population armed for “protection,” is blessed with more than 10,000 gun related murders a year (plus 20,000 suicides and many accidental deaths). Can’t say for sure, but rumor has it those countries have mental health issues, watch violent movies, play video games, and are subject to similar societal degradation.

  • Rookie

    SRV (and others), please check the facts from this study:
    Then think that no oppressive gov did nothing prior to first register, than confiscate guns. There are some 160 million witnesses (which can no longer testify) to support this assertion.

  • BTW I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I responded to their hot piece and challenged to do it again. Will they listen? I’d be surprised because it seems they have their agenda.

  • toomanyfakeconservatives

    The outpouring of comments is telling. The fact is this story won’t go away. The perpetrators of this crime did not get their lies straight.

  • Apparently most of the mass shooters were driven berserk by PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS. In the wake of these events you see psychiatrists asserting themselves for more power. Psychiatry and the “mental health” movement is at least as dangerous as gun grabbers, and psychiatry will always side with gun grabbers. “He is insane whom we so deem,” if this faction is allowed to assert such power without being stoutly challenged, this is another sinew of dictatorship around our throats. A little nod from the Silver Users Association, and “mental health professionals” will invent another “disorder”—people who trust in gold and silver versus paper money—such folks are “mentally ill” and in need of “court ordered, police enforced treatment.” Psychiatry is NO GOOD! Big Pharma is NO GOOD! Both tools of The Powers That Be, and in today’s world, that power is “The Pilgrims Society” which long ago absorbed the leadership of better known groups, and constitutes the absolute core of the globalist movement. See who just “audited” gold in the Bank of England? Why, The Crown, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society, of which David Rockefeller has been a member for over 60 years.

  • Good conversation going on here…you have covered a few of the topics Ive wondered about…. Why was Mom referred to by some and who were they as a Frankenstein? NY article. Did you catch the Amazon Profile and Trolley rule vid? and the book? And of Course ALL the Batman Aurora connections and the Newtown Bee was hacked after saying they spoke to Dawn Hochsprung Have copy paste of the page when it was hacked lots a weird words in there…genetic engineering, mind control aspects….crazy

  • John

    We in Australia got rid of semi autos and assault weapons some time ago. We have had no more mass murders and guess what? we still live in a democracy. We still have murders with guns, but that is limited to druggies and domestic violence. What has really dropped is accidental shootings where children get a hold of the gun. God help you all. Americans are being held hostage by those with the mistaken belief that guns keep your nation free. You are not free from people with assault rifles are you. It worked in Australia, it worked and I repeat again it work. And more than that I’ll tell you I used to have rifles for hunting and I carried a hand gun for years as I am a police officer. People still go hunting, they don’t need a hand gun for protection and we don’ have anymore mass shootings. But I know you don’t want to hear that and you will come up with all sorts of arguments. But there you go, the proof is in the pudding.

    • AgShaman

      You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. That makes you a fool.

      Population of Australia…..23 million

      Population of USA………..315 million

      The USA has twice as many people on food stamps as your entire country John.

      We have 11 percent of the population over the age of 12 taking anti-depressants (that’s over 30 million….well above your entire population of Australia)

      No, you don’t have any idea what is holding the USA hostage. You brought your “apples to oranges” garbage and thought nobody would notice.

      Piss off. We don’t need any advice from the satellite penal colonies too nutless to break away from the monarchy.

  • John

    A fool I maybe, but you can’t prove I don’t know what I’m talking about unless you have some evidence to support your assertion. How did I compare apples to oranges? Australia has a tenth of you population true, but the US has many more gun deaths per 100000 people than that of this country or any other. I think you wanted to impress me with the size of your nation and its economy and its achievements. Hey you guys saved us from the Japanese invasion in WW2 and we say thank you. Unfortunately I’m in touch with the alternate media like this one and many others that are not so US centric. I read a little and have a fair to average education. I’ve seen the odd angry man and have had to deal with them. I try to have an open mind and will change it when someone can support a good argument. So Please AgShaman please tell me how my point on how our mass shootings finished as soon as the semi autos were made illegal is baseless.
    Hey I like how you had a shot at Australia. Yes it was a penal colony and yes it still clings onto the skirt of mother England though not for long. Its kind of an analogy of the US and its second amendment don’t you think.
    Please reply nice. I like Americans North and South, I just don’t like the way your Federal Government uses its hegemony.

    • AgShaman

      I think I laid it out pretty well.

      What would your country be like if it had 290 million more people living in it?

      What would it be if 1 in 10 were using psychotropic designer drugs?

      What would it be if 1 in 7 were living in poverty and relegated to a life of being captured “trustees” of the nanny state.

      This is what we have….a “nanny state”….and the Coporatocracy that has captured and held hostage our 3 branches of govt know this. They have engineered it.

      No, I’m not impressed that you are a police officer. I’m generally not impressed with most police officers in my country either. I’m pretty sure my background entitles me to have such an opinion.

      People are arming themselves against not only our tyrannical govt. but also the ocean of domestic enemies thst reside within our borders.

      Your statistics are flawed. They are missing alot.

  • Choo Hader

    Halfwit Australians who gave up your guns are going to be overrun by Chinese when they finally decide they don’t want or need to pay for their minerals anymore. Hope they don’t line you up and shoot you and rape your wives and daughters. I agree with AgShamans sentiments about the penal colony that still bows to the monarchy. Pathetic.

    The editorial page of my local birdcage liner has been nonstop gun control. Letter after letter after letter of moron puke. And the 1 anti gun-control letter that they publish is hand selected as the dumbest douchebag who wrote in.

  • John

    Again how are my stats flawed. I didn’t produce any? I don’t care that your not impressed at what I do, it is there to give you an idea that I see the dark side of society that most people don’t see and though I am cynical the reality is that you cannot refute the fact that there has been no mass killings in my country after the laws were past. And don’t you know that europe has they same population than the US. If that is your argument what about China that has a billion more people that the US. Please tell me that you have more than you have produced so far. We live in more of a nanny state that you. Your should go to England they’re even worse.

    Choo Hader
    If the Chinese wanted to take this country, I’d doubt that a few million would stop a billion. But then again a country full of uneducated people with very little technology and rescourse are holding out the US, England, Nato, and Australian troops that invaded their Afganastan. I won’t decend into slamming your country to divert you from the points that I contend or that you defend. That’s easy shit. You hold a position that you obviously find important. I disagree that’s all. Halfwits can’t type as good.

    • AgShaman

      I refuted your statements by pointing out the generalities with blanketing your statistics.

      Come back when you gives us the run down on what the gun deaths in my country encompass.

      What percentages are accidents?

      What are crimes that don’t include semi auto rifles?

      What percentages of those deaths happened inside cities that have already imposed gun bans?

      What percentages of gun deaths were a result of violence committed by gangs?

      The poverty line in the USA may as well be a demarcation line. People living in poverty resort to crime. Your statistics do not account for all the variables. It’s interesting that you say you are a cop….and have carefully gone with this blanket theory.

      This is where Americans like me call BS on your garbage. You want to lump all gun owners together. All gun owners do not qualify to be so. Some are criminals that should not have guns in their possession.

      Our country is being filled with a dumbed down population…and it’s a deliberate process…so yes, natural selection will bring accidents into the mix.

      Again, your statistics are flawed….and it seems, your agenda is exposing itself

  • @John sorry to burst your bubble, actually I’m not sorry, but in areas of the USA where there is NO gun control and concealed carry is the norm, gun violence is a fraction of what it is in your country.

    It is only when the do-good Libtards get involved in gun control that you see a spike in violence. This is a fact that will come to the surface once the gun lobby in the USA derails this madness.

  • John

    I hear you Agi, there is a lot of dum going around. People aren’t interested in the news just sport and stupid shows on the telly. They don’t listen when you inform them of what’s going on. I was a gun owner myself and I don’t like it how the anti gun people give gun owners shit’ but like I keep saying it worked in our country and the corporate bully boy facist pigs haven’t given us shit. Your reality is not mine . Its been interesting though I think you should go to bed the sun is starting to come up on your side of the planet.

  • messianicdruid

    Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those who do not.

    attributed to Thomas Jefferson

  • messianicdruid

    john said, “…the reality is that you cannot refute the fact that there has been no mass killings in my country after the laws were past.”

    were there any before?

    if the cause is some other thing – the passage of laws are irrelevant.

    • John

      Yes there were. The Port Arther massacre in which 35 odd people were killed, the Strathfield killings in Sydney and Hoddle Street in Melbourne. Rifles used M14, Colt AR15 L1a1 SLR and SKK TYPE 54. Yes all semi auto weapons. That is why they are made that way, they are all efficient in killing multiple targets quickly.

  • messianicdruid

    Efficiency is not cause. Beware of “ends justifies the means” thinking.

  • Sue

    Hey John-from-Oz… OF COURSE the mass shootings stopped after tHey got your guns!!!

    tHey got what tHey wanted — a (mineral-rich) country disarmed — so no more need for messy, dangerous false flags, with the ever-present risk of discovery.

    RedChina is very close to your shores and needs more room to expand, esp. as they pollute their land into oblivion. Good luck with that!

  • Brybo

    19:40 21st December 2012

    Here in UK just seconds ago the BBC had an interview with an NRA spokesman. The presenter gave the spokesman a grilling. Whilst the NRA spokesman was trying to explain carrying guns in the USA the BBC lost connection leaving the BBC presenter to just laugh about the spokesman losing connection mid flow. As a UK person all i can say is the BBC is a disgrace and that people in the UK have no understanding of your Republic.

    Piers Morgan has lost all legitimacy in my eyes too and he should not be meddling in your country.

  • John

    Thanks Sue, do you really believe that the Chinese have opperatives in Australia saetting up elaborate shootings with the authorities being in on the game so as to weeken our country. Please like I say it is easy to say anything you want, but if you don’t back it up with facts or evidence its meaningless. But thankyou for addressing the point that everyone so far is dancing around and not answering. I know quite a few North Americans believe that the gun is the only thing that keeps them free, but in reality plenty of bad tyranical governments around the world have been overthrown buy unarmed citizens. I didn’t say they weren’t violent. You government is already doing stuff that can be seen as controlling its population. Much of the talk that comes from freedom lovers like Alex Jones for example believes that the faciast have already taken over. Hey if this is the case revolt. It your constitutional right! Ehh… good luck with that.

  • 12-28-12 podcast
    Donna Taylor, mother of Columbine victim Mark Taylor who has been abducted and drugged for his whistleblowing, and John Decamp author of “The Franklin Coverup” discuss the Sandy hook tragedy. google Release Mark Taylor

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