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Cliff Schecter: “NRA is a Domestic Terrorist Group”

[Ed. Note: May God be with the victims and the families of this horrific shooting. And may God help the law abiding citizens of the United States who value their Second Amendment rights, as the government turns tyrannical and the media turns on gun owners as “the problem”.]

from SamSeder:

Cliff Schecter, a consultant for the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns, calls the NRA a terrorist organization, and more.

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10 comments to Cliff Schecter: “NRA is a Domestic Terrorist Group”

  • Eric

    If this had been this… If this had been that…. Any fool can speculate on a hypothetical situation. Stick with the facts. This is a horrible tragedy but it reeeeeaks of false flag stench and anyone who thinks for themselves and looks at the bigger picture knows it. Any American that hasn’t figured out they’re being set up to be a slave sent to the slaughter by now is no doubt a zombie still. And the useful idiots are dumber than a bag of broken hammers. I enjoyed Andrea Mitchell’s commentary. How many people know this is Greenspans wife?

  • Zyll

    I am really shaken by this news… It was hard not to pull my kids from class today. I am praying for everyone there, especially those kids. I am mortified that so many kids even younger than mine were murdered.

    Many of the mass casualty shootings in the United States have the hallmark of being perpetuated by mind controlled assassins or are attributed to mind controlled patsies; this one is no exception. I will be watching for pharmaceuticals, especially SSRI’s, to be involved.

    Immediately my co-workers are talking about how the schools need to be locked down, all guns banned, metal detectors, you name it. “We have GOT to keep our kids safe!”

    My reaction to that is anger; but I understand how all these divorced, single mothers I work with have known or dated few honorable men whom they can rely on for protection. So they want a police state to give them a false sense of security. When was the last time you saw a heterosexual male elementary school teacher? Until the mid-nineteenth century, the vast majority of teachers were men.

    I agree, there is no one to protect our kids, and I feel less safe working in a “gun-free zone”. I don’t like living in a place where only the criminals and the government have weapons.

  • Hans Solo

    The simpletons are everywhere. What is it was the family history of psychological trauma and the SSRI drug the shooter was taking? The Columbine students were all taking SSRI drugs. When ceased abruptly causes people to go insane. people have to be weaned off these type of dangerous pharmaceuticals. But it is easier to implicate guns and not drug companies with $Billions in annual sales of this class of drugs. it is well know that more than 50% of people are taking anti-depresants. Rather than deal with the sad reality facing the nation, take drugs.

  • Krow

    This was my comment on this Youtube video:

    If you two idiots (Sam and Cliff) dont like our Second Amendment and our right to bear arms, then why dont the two of you pack up and move to another country?

  • “People who support the NRA are domestic terrorists” Shecter is just plain an IDIOT for making a broad brush statement like this.Who gives this guy any validity.

  • Robert

    Go over to Youtube and view Pastor Dowells comments on todays shooting – a true voice of sanity in my opinion

    Sean if you could post and share

  • a v m

    Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games

    Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with her husband and their two children.

    This horrific crime was perpetrated in the town that the author of Hunger Games lives.

    These are never random events.

    This is clearly a deliberate chosen and symbolic false flag – a child sacrifice ritual that the Illuminati love so much.

    Let the real Hunger Games begin with a huge, horrific blood sacrifice of innocent children.


  • Fedup

    This bring to mind another article that was posted here at SGTreport not too long ago, perhaps a week ago, when people in Illinois claimed victory for their fight for concealed carry… I think it’s worth repeating the comment I made then, here:

    One step forward… and three steps back.

    The victory for the 2nd Amendment in Illinois seems dwarfed by this tragedy. The elites will use every opportunity, fabricated or not, to push for disarmament. What we as a people must not forget is that we’re still moving towards total tyranny, and this is just another step in that direction.

  • People, just remember one thing: The ‘globalists’ in the West (Int’l Central Bankers, Oil Men, Weapons Manufacturers, etc) are facing BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India/Iran, China) and NAM (“Non-Aligned Movement”) Countries, that are increasingly defiant of the Western Central Bankers’ plan for NWO, and a global “debt-and-death” paradigm planet-wide, financed by clearly psychopathic Western Central Bankers (see their DSM-5), themselves. Of course, as a result, when the U.S. Government is faced with an American populace, that appears to have grown over-dependent upon a government, that has allowed itself to become far to “in-debted” to the Int’l Central Bankers – guess who will ultimately pay the price? Members of Congress? Right. It’ll be American “taxpayers”, who will pay the price – just as we’ve been paying it, all along – even though, the IRS is just as fraudulent, as it’s sister organization, the so-called ‘Fed’.

    So, since Humanity outnumbers them, by an overwhelming percentage – they must rely upon the MSM, to instill FEAR in the American sheeple, to immobilize them with FEAR, because, when that FEAR is no longer working for them – they’ll only have a relatively small group of ENFORCERS (Military, Cops, Gov’t Agency Employees, etc) to be ACCESSORIES TO THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and Americans, specifically – and, they’ll have their advanced technology, which, is only of use, as long as U.S. Soldiers and Cops, are willing to use it against their fellow Americans, while Americans begin to wake up to the fact, that we DON’T NEED BIG GOVERNMENT! We have become indentured servants (debt slaves) to our PUBLIC SERVANTS, because our PUBLIC SERVANTS, have been bought-off, by International Central Bankers!

    Two articles that underline WHY the U.S. Government (ie, GOLDMAN SACHS) wants to take away our guns:

    The Gun Did It

    A convenient scapegoat

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