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Bernanke’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ FRAUD: Austerity Coming To America – Harley Schlanger

by SGT,

This one is podcast style. Nearly 30-uninterrupted minutes of the very latest from Austria where LaRouche’s Harley Schlanger is attending meetings and fighting for Glass-Steagall inspired banking reform. Harley says the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ in the U.S. is a fake crisis and the brainchild of Bernanke. Harley presents his solutions for how we take our nation back from the criminal Banksters.

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52 comments to Bernanke’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’ FRAUD: Austerity Coming To America – Harley Schlanger

  • Freaked out

    This and “the secret of oz” documentary show that the gold standard may not be the best option for our national monetary system, but almost anything would be an improvement on what we have. Also knowing that the current fiat system can’t continue reinforces my belief that a significant portion of an individuals wealth needs to be stored outside fiat leads me to KEEP STACKING

  • Frank Zak

    Harley is great

    • SGT

      Thanks Frank, appreciate the feedback. And I know Harley will too.

      • Frank Zak

        What makes Harley so great is he uses documented
        historical facts. This time he mentioned Rothschilds
        and Andrew Jackson.

        Hard facts change peoples’ minds. Our movement lacks
        too many hard facts. Too many opinions.

        Harley would be good on Capital Account. More people
        should interview him so he can explain historically
        what is happenning to our financial system.

        If he can get on more shows, other commentators
        will begin to parrot him and make this info
        available to the world.

        Maybe you have friend commentators you can
        recommend Harley to.

  • johns

    You can’t solve a debt problem with more debt. When did “we the people” sign off on this crap? I sure didn’t, and I don’t think anyone else here did either. Tell the banksters to take “their” debt and take a hike! The worse thing we can do is fear the unknown. The best thing we can do is take it head on since “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. It’s time to stand up because the outcome on the road we’re on is the same regardless what “they” decide.
    It’s time “We” decide.
    Excellent interview, and Thank you Harley and Sean.

    • SGT

      Thank you johns ~ I concur with Frank, we need to get Harley out to a wider audience!

    • Freedumbs'ear

      We the people refers to your representitive in the United States corporation government (not you) who is an agent for the CROWN CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON,when you gave them power of attorney over your franchize when you voted.That happened when you exersized your franchize(UNITED STATES citizen is a franchise of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and a slave)You are quite correct that you can’t solve a debt problem with more debt.That has been the problem since 1933 when they eliminated money and went to the prepaid system.THERE IS NO MONEY SO THERE CAN NOT POSSIBLY BE ANY DEBT.All this talk about debt is theatre for the mind and frankly disinformation.

      • johns

        Thanks Freedumbs’ear, for posting that vid along with your response. Since I have never registered to vote, nor voted, I am further along than I thought. I always thought we have been hijacked by the banks, I was only half right.
        That video explains alot that EVERYONE should find the time to watch and share.

  • Brian

    Why do we need a national bank at all? We have a national treasury. They have the power to issue USN’s(greenbacks) and minted coin of whatever material congress mandates. So instead of clearing your checks through the Fed ACH and receiving “bank credit” Force the Fed to clear them through the treasury in lawful money of the United States, make them your agent instead of them making you their bitch!

  • Tom G.

    Wow. Anyone who is willing to give out their phone no. like that has distinguished himself as a real, live, servant of the people. That is truly great.

    I will have to go back now and re-read Griffin’s chapters on Andrew Jackson because if memory serves Edward Griffin had Jackson down as one of the good guys.

    I always start by telling the sheeple that we are living in a fantasy land right now with everybody hustling and bustling around just as if things were normal. I tell the sheeple things are not normal, they just look that way. Unfortunately as you all know, they just don’t care to “get it” and they won’t “get it” until things start collapsing. This is why we all get frustrated with them and Mark Dice makes videos like he does just to show the utter ignorance of the sheeple. All I try to do is keep trying, and then when things start to play out like I predicted then I will have built up some credit with these people so that they will be more prone to listen to me when I tell them how the next wave of badness is going to play out.

    Sean, your videos are more diplomatic than Dice’s and also attempt to warn the sheeple. You are doing all anyone can do. We all appreciate your website. Thanks.

    • Frank Zak

      Hi Tom G.

      Maybe Sean can have Harley go into detail on
      Andrew Jackson when he interviews hin next time,
      this is a very important subject.

      Also, maybe Sean could get Harley to go into
      detail on the Rothschilds through history.
      I am told they own the BIS and their massive group
      owns half the real net worth of the world including
      massive gold is Swiss vaults.

      They set the gold prices for a few centuries. They financed
      Wellington to beat Napoleon with their gold at Waterloo.

      Their carrier pigeons made them rich.

    • Ed_B

      “I tell the sheeple things are not normal…”

      Exactly so, Tom. I have been a successful small investor in the US and foreign stocks markets for over 3 decades and I can tell everyone that today’s stock market looks nothing like the markets of the past. In fact, Gov and Fed policies have so distorted the stock, money, and bond markets that they are virtually unrecognizable to any experienced investor. It has gotten so bad that I can no longer trust my experience to assist me in making the right calls on buying and selling stocks. Time was when stock fundamentals and basic national and world events were all a person needed to determine a stock that would be profitable from one that would not. Not these days! Today, it is far more a matter of what additional distortions will the Fed and Gov dream up and when they will implement them. High frequency trading, no Glass-Steagall Act, extended period of near zero interest rates, huge new QE (money printing) programs, cronyism, and massive new economic rules and regs (Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley) have the markets almost completely hog tied.

      All of the above is tied directly to one and only one thing: the USA, EU, UK, and Japan are all suffering from the very same problem and that is a toxic over-dose of government. Government is sucking the life-blood from the biggest of the economies around the world. We have reached the point when we can either fuel a thriving and productive economy and all the benefits that flow therefrom OR we can continue to feed HogZilla (government). We simply cannot afford to do both, as we are flat broke. This is being studiously ignored by libs everywhere but especially in the Lame Stream Media. For an opening salvo, we do not need to trim here and make minor cuts there. What we need is a 50% reduction in government spending, a return to market derived interest rates, and an end to all QE programs everywhere. Japan is a striking example. After more than 20 years of QE various QE programs, they are still in a state of financial and economic malaise. Clearly, QE is not working but they continue to do it in the false hope that it will suddenly start working after 20 years of utter failure.

      In view of the above, it is becoming critical that anyone who has even a small amount of wealth that they wish to protect simply MUST escape the fatally flawed paper Ponzi paradigm. They can do this by converting their paper wealth into REAL assets, such as gold, silver, and select mining and agricultural shares that are held in their names and not in street name.
      Foreign stocks and bonds, especially in various Asian and other emerging markets are also likely to do well as the dollar and US economy collapse due to the incompetent management that is being provided by the US Gov and Fed. Refusing to play their rigged game really is the only way to win.

      • Tom G.

        Hi Ed: Yes, we are following Japan’s model and their stock market is still down 75% after 21 years. Our market is on the cusp of the second leg down in the primary/secular bear market.

        As far as cutting government spending by 50%, I’ll go you one better. Reduce government itself by 50% OR MORE. Government itself IS the problem. As I have predicted, the states will start exercising their rights and this is the only chance we have of escaping this debacle in the making. I’ll probably be moving out your way Ed.

        • Ed_B

          Hey, Tom: Yes, we surely are and the amazing part of this is that Japan’s Keynesian economics approach has not achieved its stated goals. Usually when one wants to emulate someone else, they look to people whom they respect for their abilities and successes and not to those who are incompetent and who have failed miserably. What part of the Japanese economy is it that is so great that we want to have the same thing here? Nothing, that I can see. Therefore, it is clear that the stated objectives that hide in darkness behind the Keynesian BS is something else entirely. I do not know what that might be but it is a pretty safe bet that it will not be good for the average citizens of America or anywhere else that it is implemented.

          Yes, reducing government by at least half IS my goal as well but by cutting government spending by such a large amount, it implies that government itself will be cut in half and not that government is cut in half but that the remaining half spends twice as much as both halves once did.

          “Government itself IS the problem.”

          Absolutely concur.

          “As I have predicted, the states will start exercising their rights and this is the only chance we have of escaping this debacle in the making.”

          I sure hope that you are right about that, Tom. It would be wonderful to see at least half of the states join in a movement / concerted effort to re-establish true states rights and not be constantly cowed by the feds. There is considerable strength in numbers, so more than a few states would be needed. This could proceed in stages with the first of them being passive resistance where the states who stand for states rights simply do not cooperate with the feds. This is not an active civil war type of resistance but I can almost guarantee that that it would create a great deal of difficulty for the feds.

          “I’ll probably be moving out your way Ed.”

          Sweet! Would love to have you out here. There’s always room for another patriot.

      • fayz


        in a nutshell QE makes bankers rich at the expense of everyone else, since they own government, they simply tell government to spin this as good for an economic recovery and sell this shit to the people wholesale via the lame stream media.

        Unfortunately the vast majority of Americans aren’t properly educated and therefore asleep as most of what is going on goes doesn’t hit their radar, how on earth are they going to know what is good economic policy and what is bad without a proper understanding of econimics? was this done to america on purpose? i think so, the welfare state is all they know and it seems by recent ZH articles this is only increasing at an alarming rate.

        Knowledge is power, if enough good patriotic people had the power to reach a kind of critical mass by putting something out their to the masses to make them understand many of the views expessed in this comments thread effectively, it would go a along way to the wake up of america.

        The youth are probably the best bet to lead this fight as they have the energy and the will to do something as was seen by the support Ron Paul had during his presidential race! they just need to be armed with the knowledge to take this fight to the bankers.

        • Ed_B

          Fayz… I agree with your comments. The people whom I know who ARE educated have achieved that on their own and in spite of the US propaganda, er, education system. They are people of above average intelligence, such as most on here, who know that the numbers that we are being fed by the Fed and Gov authorities simply do not add up. Because of that, they have started doing their own research on what the truth of our situation is and they are not happy with the picture that is emerging.

          I agree that the youth are the ones to forge a new destiny for this nation and I am in favor of that. Although I am not young enough to join such a campaign and provide significant benefits to such a movement, I CAN contribute to organizations that can and can also write about that part of the truth that I have discovered. Many are doing this these days and we are all richer in our truth accounts for it.

  • fayz

    I think I’ll agree to disagree

    I like his ideas, but the major problem I have with Harley’s views is that it requires people to be true and honest and have principles and want the best for america and the future generations of the country.

    The hard truth is, that America is in the position it is today because the majority of people that have/had power from the local level straight through to the federal level in the last 50 years are corrupt, out for self interest or are working towards the fall of America for their satanic overlords. the hearts of men that control America are dark its also my view that anyone who is righteous or stands for God or justice will be marginalised or removed because a system run by evil men will never allow the truth to prevail.

    The system has to come down, the people in the current political system are evil and corrupt and they are only there because the evil that runs through the system allow them to be there.

    As for the gold standard or in my view a bimetalic system, people can be corrupted easily but a gold standard cannot be. all they can do is leave it. at which point its time again to save in pm’s.

    I know this view may not be popular but its how i feel, respect to harley and has crew for trying i wish him all the best and maybe he’ll prove me wrong (i hope he does). but I just don’t put that much stock in the people in charge these days to do the right thing. in fact I trust them them only to do the opposite of the right thing.

    • aa

      I totally agree with fayz.

    • Nate

      LaRouche’s Harley Schlanger seems to be ignorant of any real history. Yeah, stopping the powerful central bank was a horrible thing for Jackson to do, so horrible in fact he was a Rothschild patsy and was just out to screw the citizens.
      TOTALLY unfounded. Why would a Rothschild patsy destroy the thing they controlled, ie the central bank? That’s like saying Wilson’s passage of the FED was for the benefit of the citizens at the expense of the banking elite. Come on…
      G. Edward Griffin has done all the legwork required to learn about Jackson and his fight with the central banks, read it and forget what LaRouche’s falsified information says, as it’s wrong!
      Jackson was a great man for destroying the central bank. If you want to fault him for anything look to his treatment of natives and the trail of tears. If you want to recreate history and believe nonsense then continue reading LaRouche’s BS. They’re not a well informed group as I went to their site before and was turned off by what I read.
      Now I think SGTreport should do an actual investigative report and find out the truth about Jackson instead of assuming some guy is right. You know, a few references might be a start. Or if you can’t get that then maybe you could explain how burdening current and future Americans with an unpayable debt is helpful.

  • Karma Respect

    In the Rothschild funded takeover of Russia which imposed austerity, destroyed the working and middle class and transferred all power and subsequently wealth to the jews, apart from 66 million killed, 19 million were sent to labour camps as a solution to chronic unemployment and civil unrest.

    The 2012 Rothchild funded takeover of the world is nearing their end game. Through the anonymity of corporations now licensed to fund political candidates the Rothschilds and their bloodline remain largely unidentified in their fascist grab for what they consider to be their God given entitlement to all power and all wealth.

    Political solutions are no longer possible thanks to the SCOTUS fascist decision to hand over our Government to the Jewish AIPAC, Rothschild Banks, Monsanto, Military Industrial etc., any talk of implementing Glass Steagall in these circumstances is totally unrealistic as is any talk of returning to the constitution as the time and ability for such change has passed. Who is going to democratically impose a peoples National Central Bank with an alternate acceptable currency?. Like the takeover of Russia the people while they far outnumber the Rothschilds and their bloodline by 98% to their 2% are forced into submission through fear, poverty, debt and bullying.

    We all know the solution, either we are afraid to be impolite or we choose to verbiage endless pages about how much wealth we can make at this time while ignoring the wired fences around us that are almost completed. Total surveillance is but the imposition of all making money transactions illegal and a plastic credit card becomes your mark of the beast complete with your personal identification number and a RFID tracking device to monitor for terrorism.

    • Hman

      Wow, well said Kama and the barbwire is all around the globe except for Syria, Iran and North Korea.

      • Ed_B

        Yep, they are indeed the world’s beacons of liberty, truth, and plenty… cough… gag…

        • Hman

          Ed_B, I have visited Iran many times on business trips as we procure palm trees from there, and it’s not bad at all. In fact I enjoyed it and especially the people, the girls are much more free than you think, in fact they would surround you in the market if you are a stranger and ask you all kinds of questions with big smiles on their pretty faces.

          The place looks like the 60’s with no big corporations anywhere to be seen no McDonald, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, .. etc. To put it in perspective it’s definitely better than India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Egypt.

          • Ed_B

            Actually, I do not think much about girls anymore or whether or not they are free. lol

            Aside from that, I have no problems with the Iranian people. Most of them are friendly and get along quite well with Americans and we with them. It is our governments that are behaving like spoiled children.

            While I have not been to Iran myself, I do know several Iranians who have come to the US to live, study, and work. They are generally very nice people and I enjoy their company. I cannot say the same for the Arabs whom I have met, however.

  • Karma Respect

    Apologies but the last sentence is: Total surveillance is but the making all money transactions illegal as is being done slowly in Italy, Spain and proposed for Germany where all credit and debit cards have a Personal Identification Number to monitor all transactions for tax. A tracking device is electronically simple and will be justified to counter terrorism and illegal activities.

  • Hman

    As far as I am concerned, It’s checkmate for the sheeple. I just do not see anyway out of this central bankster takeover. Only two things could reverse the pieces on chessboard. The first is continued internet freedom, and the second is an American mass awaking to cure itself from the Zionist parasite that controls it’s nerves system.

    And I am sorry to say that the chances of this happening in the near future are not favorable as the political corruption is beyond any one’s imagination.

    Q: How could congress with it’s sub 15% approval rating be re-elected? Now chew on that.

  • NaySayer

    I do not agree that we need credit to finance an economy. Capital is where investors invest real assets (money in hopefully a real commodity form like gold/silver) into a business. They are not borrowing capital to fund their business, they are taking in investment capital and creating new part owners. That is what capitalism is, not creditors but owners fund new enterprises.

    We don’t need debt. Debt whether it comes from a government run bank or a cartel run bank like the federal reserve is the PROBLEM. It is not the solution. Building an economy with the surplus of real actual production and not debt/credit is what we need.

  • Karma Respect

    Of course in a free society life can be full of wonderful and endless possibilities, the evidence however is that the Rothschild Federal Reserve through Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan run the show, politicians are the worlds second oldest profession and I guess the electorate are not paying them enough to have the finer arguments of Capitalism, Glass Steagall etc open for implementation yet alone any banker brought to justice. Communism/Socialism/Progresivism is the Rothschild and their bloodline propaganda to eliminate the working class and the middle class and create a vast impoverished class while the Rotschilds bank and their oligarchs control all power and wealth. That is what history is trying to teach us.

    In the financial collapse all debt will instantly cease, however any assets that are pledged will be foreclosed and any ability to purchase property using debt will be forever gone. Two classes in society is what history is trying to teach us.

    In a financial collapse gold will naturally back the new currency but with a twist, it will back a plastic debit card complete with PIN and RFID as your personal distinctive mark of the Rothschild beast should you want to have the ability to trade.

    In a financial collapse the entire class of useless spendtrift politicians will be rightly blamed and a form of technocratic rule such as per Goldman Sachs experiment in Italy will probably be implemented but with a twist.

    It is always more interesting to dream away such reality because the historical facts are not looking good.

  • Stefan B.

    The trouble with calling to reinstate Glass-Steagall is relatively easy to explain…

    Glass-Steagall doesn’t repay private savings lost by wall-street since the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

    Right? It’s a tube of toothpaste. The tube is full of everyone savings, and Glass-Steagall was that cap placed firmly on the tube. When you take the cap off the tube, you have a very small window of time before someone stomps on the tube, and squeezes out all the savings.

    You can put the cap back on the tube, you just can’t put the toothpaste back in.

    And what is the purpose of capping an empty tube?

    The banks are insolvent. The savings are gone.

  • GoodOleBoy

    This question is as old as our nation itself. Hamilton and the federalists vs Franklin and the stateists. Fascinating subject for sure though. One thing for sure is that the elites despise this line of thinking and have eradicated anyone attempting to take us in this direction from Lincoln to JFK, or DeGaul in France. My only issue is that it would put in the hands of beuracrats the decision who gets money and who does not. If we could put some of that power in the hands of local government that would comfort me a little. I am all for individual responsibility but the fact is that there are big problems that require big solutions. If government can be used to benefit everyone, lets do it. But I am not sure if the faith and trust is there anymore. We have a choice coming between the NWO, division of states to there individual concerns, or a reconstituted federal government.

    • Ed_B

      “I am all for individual responsibility but the fact is that there are big problems that require big solutions.”

      PLEASE point out to me a single BIG issue in the past 50 years that big government has not completely screwed up, let alone solved. I’m not seeing any.

  • john

    I read this from an article by Dean Henderson, “the Rothschild-sponsored Hamilton’s arguments for a private US central bank carried the day. In 1791 the Bank of the United States (BUS) was founded, with the Rothschilds as main owners.” I have read that Hamilton was an agent of the Rothchilds from many sources and the Andrew Jackson was not. I have never heard that it was Jackson that was supported by the Rothchilds.

  • Ed_B

    “I have never heard that it was Jackson that was supported by the Rothchilds.”

    That would be an incredible stretch, IMHO. Jackson absolutely despised the British and everything about them. Given the opportunity to invade England and lay the entire country to waste, I am sure that he would have grabbed it with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

  • Velocity of Money

    The problem with Harley’s suggestion is a MAJOR one. He is advocating for the continuance of credit based money which is no difference than debt based money. In fact, credit is debt.

    Bill Still has the solution. Fiat money of which it’s supply is returned to the people via Congress and peg it to the population amount. End fractional reserve banking and force the banks to purchase the new currency with the gold, land, etc. they have stolen to remain in existence. Once the gold is returned our government it can be used as the medium of exchange on the open market with other countries for their goods and services and vice versa. If your worried about having enough gold for oil don’t be. The technology has existed for quite some time now to rid ourselves of it. Tesla anyone? Howard Johnson motor anyone? The same families that own the banks own big oil and do everything they can to suppress it using the owned government.

    Rid ourselves of debt based money and the banking family cartel and America returns to greatness in a matter of 5-10 years. Business will once again flock to the FREE COUNTRY!!

    • fayz

      I agree with V of M

      if America doesn’t have enough gold and wants more…what better reason to start producing real things to the standard that the rest of the world can only be jealous of… and exchange it for real money Gold/silver.

      Take power away from the crimical banksters!

      Hey Sean when are you going to get Jim Willie on, that guy in my view really has his finger on the trigger!

      peace and respect to all! stack strong and stay long gang!

    • SGT

      Hey guys, I’ve been a long-time Andrew Jackson fan based on the history as I understand it, and as Mises has written about it. So I’m not sure LaRouche has this right either, I need to research further. The thing is, Bill Still is NO fan of returning to a gold standard, in fact, Bill has repeatedly made many of the same arguments Harley made on the call. A return to a GOVERNMENT issued debt-free currency for the benefit of the PEOPLE. Bill Still says a return to the gold standard would be a terrible mistake.

      Bill Still: ‘A Gold-Backed World is a Terrible Mistake’

      • Brian

        “Money” issued directly by the Treasury is what I was getting at “lawful money of the U.S.”. What is this money? Right now it is coin, USN’s, and US Bonds. Everything else is bank credit as JP Morgan said in reference to gold. Unfortunatly gold and silver is no longer minted and USN’s are no longer printed…who cares…use what we have, dollar coins and buy your gold and silver if need be. What is important is that we quit expanding the bank credit outstanding ala federal reserve credit.
        See Bill Stills take here: and here

      • fayz

        Hey Sean

        Bill Still is excellent speaker/historian but in my view he misses the most important think about the gold standard.

        It can not be corrupted, even if the currency was backed 10% that will stop any government printing trillions would it not? especially if they knew that if they did they would have to give millions away in gold to their creditor?

        it stops all nonsense.

        just say there was a huge disaster, how would a government react if the currency was unbacked, they would print to their hearts content. if it were gold backed they would have think again.

        Bill Still places alot of faith in the people of government to financially do the right thing, a gold standard takes that temptation away from them restraining their ability to print.

        printing to get out of a pickle sounds like a good idea, but when the pain of dealing with paying it back doesn’t happen who suffers? its future generations. we are that generation that is suffering. we really don’t want iphones, just a healthy economy so we can live free and prosperous, in my view a gold standard or bimetalic system ensures the security of future generations.

        and best of all bankers hate it with their kyptonite! the inability to print destroys their ability to rape uor financil system.

        • Freedumbs'ear

          The problem with gold and silver as a medium of exchange is that it is ground hog day all over again.The pattern of the history of money is just that, repeated on such a long time scale the current sheeple don’t know how the rigged game works.First you make gold and silver money once the previous ponzi scheme reaches it’s natural conclusion.Since the banksters have all the gold and have had it all for hundreds if not thousands of years they control the supply of money and can control the people and govenments by this mechanism.Once they issue the new currency after a few years they turn to paper backed by gold and then after a few more years they go to straight paper.This last cycle instead of printing paper like crazy they had imaginary money in the form of money of account on paper and in electronic storage.This pattern just keeps getting repeated and the end result is that the money turns the people into slaves every single time.The history of non debt issued money like colonial script(that the crown made worthless by conterfeiting it)and Hitlers money that created the german miracle proved that you can have a massive increase in the standard of living if you don’t have no usury and fractional reserving.The problem with any medium of exchange is some psychopath always comes along and finds a way to game the system.I am afraid the only way to get a system where you are free is to not have money at all.The funny thing is, is that we don’t have money now and people still go to work every day if they have jobs or do work at home and do charity work so we know people will work if they don’t have to worry about where there next meal is coming from or worry about not having a roof over their heads.The only change that would be required is we wouldn’t have to do as much accounting nor would we have to work as much, probably about 1 day every two weeks. And even less when productivity enhancements are developed as well as products that have better quality and last longer.Money is just not necessary.It really is just a tool of enslavement.

          • NaySayer

            We here in america are not the world. We are only 300 million in a 7 billion person world. That makes us about 1/21st of the world population.

            China is buying up all the gold and real assets they can with their large stock of declining value dollars. They are encouraging their citizens to buy gold and real assets. India is trying to discourage their citizens from holding precious metals as it is pointing up their rapidly declining fiat Rupee, but the Indian citizens having lived through too many government made crises are ignoring them.

            Islamics in Indonesia are using gold & silver coins for everyday money. Argentina is crashing it’s fiat currency again, the 3rd time in 3 decades. Argentines know to have gold & silver. Mexicans lived through a hyperinflation in the 1980s when the peso went from 7 to 3200 in exchange for one u.s. dollar.

            The world wants gold and silver for money and are getting it. Will we all be smart enough to follow them?

      • SGT

        Hey guys, Harley has been following the comments and the debate over Andrew Jackson and offered this quick insight for me to share:


        On Jackson, here’s what most people miss. Yes, he did call bankers vipers, and he may have honestly despised bankers. But I see him as a Jimmy Carter type, who had some beliefs, but whose beliefs were used to support policies whose consequences he was unaware of. Look at those in his inner circle, who shaped his policies, beginning with Aaron Burr, and especially Martin Van Buren. Burr worked for the British, to destroy our nation. He killed Hamilton. Hamilton’s bank did sell stock to foreigners, including Rothschild networks, BUT THEY HAD NO VOTING RIGHTS ON WHERE THE CREDIT WENT!

        What the Austrian School stalwarts don’t realize is that, while their hostility to the Federal Reserve is absolutely on the mark — it is a private bank, which makes money for private bankers by creating a debt on the American people — the original design of the National Bank was not a private bank, but one which generated credit in the form of what we would call today Treasury notes. The credit created was not debt, but investment, which went to private firms, to build the nation.

        For those who believe they are in line with the founding fathers when they attack Hamilton and support Jackson, they should ask which side was George Washington on, in the debate over the National Bank? Which side was the majority of the founders on? They backed Hamilton. Even though Madison was originally skeptical, what did he do as President, when the economy was in trouble and we were attacked by the Brits? He and Monroe supported a renewal of the Bank.

        The Democratic Party of Jackson became the agency of the Rothschilds after 1836. Van Buren brought in Augusat Belmont, who was Rothschild’s man in the U.S., and he became the leaders of the Democratic Party. The nest of vipers was Jackson’s Democratic Party. While there were some legitimate gripes against the Bank, its net effect was to advance the power of the U.S. economy, as we became a continental power.

        This is what Kirsch points out in his paper.

        The reality is that most of those who oppose the Fed, and call themselves “Austrian school” are really not just against “big government.” They are against the people, because they don’t believe that republican institutions, i.e., institutions of self-government, can function, because they believe that people are too stupid and corrupt, and easily manipulated. Therefore, they propose a “neutral” standard, gold, which is rigid, to prevent the thieving of the private bankers, with the passive agreement of the sheeple.

        Well, why not fight instead for an educated republican citizenry, which will protect the future by eliminating PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKING, as in the Fed and EU, and go back to what our founders supported, a National Bank, which emitted credit as authorized by the Congress, through the Treasury, to free our inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, to produce real physical wealth, leaving the speculators with no one to victimize! This is what our Founders fought for. They knew the tendency of people to submit to authority, but they believed that, freed from the oligarchical system of Europe, that free Americans would choose a future of production.

        To argue, as one did, that this is socialism, is absurd. In the 19th century, it was known universally as the American System, while the gold standard was known as the British Imperial System. I am, as you know, a fighter for the principles of our Constitution, which is the greatest document of GOVERNING which has ever been drafted.

        Thanks for the opportunity, I welcome the debate. – Harley

    • lastmanstanding

      They would have to shit can the entire system and debt as we/they know it up to now.

      Not a chance…It will go whether they like it or not.

      I believe that there are enough good people awake to right this wrong.

  • Nate

    Glad SGTreport took down the awful article about Jackson from LaRouche as it was easily proved to be inaccurate. Roosevelt was one of the good guys…right!

  • Scott Wolf

    Agent for the Rothschild-Alexander Levinski-(Hamilton)-whom both Jefferson and Adams despised.

    1791-1st Bank of America-20 year charter ends in 1811-NOT RENEWED

    “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson.Send them back to colonial status.”-Nathan Rothschild.

    WAR OF 1812

    1816-Deal brokered by Nicholas Biddle-2nd Bank of America-20 year charter ends in 1836

    Andrew Jackson on his greatest accomplishment-“I killed the bank.”

    1907-Rothschild orchestrated stock market crash

    1913-The Federal Reserve Bank was created.Indeed the third time was the charm as the Rothschild empire now had formal control of the world’s greatest emerging empire’s banking system for good.

    Following his years of fighting against the Rothschilds and their central bank in America, President Andrew Jackson finally succeeds in throwing the Rothschilds central bank out of America, when the bank’s charter is not renewed. It would not be until 1913 that the Rothschilds would be able to set up their third central bank in America, the Federal Reserve, and to ensure no mistakes are made, this time they will put one of their own bloodline, Jacob Schiff, in charge of the project.

    The ONLY antidote to these scumbags IS gold and silver.

    Here endeth the lesson.

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