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America: The Target of the NWO — Obama Fake Crying

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

This NWO baker minion is desperate to disarm the American people and complete their journey into slavery.

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5 comments to America: The Target of the NWO — Obama Fake Crying

  • Warp

    He’s right, you know.

    Oh, but CT’s anti-gun laws have loopholes you can drive a 747 through.

    I think any law that gets in the way of protecting our right to live free but not at the expense of others is wrong, but AJ needs to be a little more careful with his claims.

  • Jeff

    I stopped watching AJ a while ago and only catch him here if SGT posts something but he is 100% right on this. This is an incredibly sad day in more ways than one. My thoughts and prayers go out to those effected.

  • Here ismy response to the Bloomberg piece above:Lets hear about the shooter,his background,personal experiences,habits,personal traits,religion,leanings ,idiology,etc before the cart is put before the horse and paint this with a broad brush of accusation.Lets see if there is a common thread to all of these shootings over the last couple of years.Yes this is a tragedy, especially since it was against these little ones.It is apparent the TPTB are putting on a full court press to take away our second amendment so future GUN TOTING NUTS can not bust down doors to schools and murder children!On the day that the 2nd amendment is defeated/repealed is the day that there will be no restraint against Bloomberg Types odering their Jack-Booted Swat Drones from busting down your and my door and killing all inside including children.There is precedence on this.With all that I know and am aware of,I can’t help but think there is a nefarious thread behind all of this.
    Let’s keep things in perspective, 32,000 people were killed in cars/trucks last year.Many were due to alcohol/drugs,nobody is calling for the elimination of automobiles or sale of Booze.A large majority of these deaths by auto were children/babies. No difference between what today’s spiritially dead sociopath did using a gun and a drunk driver using an automobile to accomplish the same thing.

  • Ed_B

    There ya go again, Glitter… using reason and logic in the face of emotional BS. GJ.

  • Two articles that underline WHY the U.S. Government (ie, GOLDMAN SACHS) wants to take away our guns:

    The Gun Did It

    A convenient scapegoat

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