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A Startling Fact & Gigantic ‘Coincidence’ About Friday’s Mass Shooting in Connecticut

by SGT,

Regarding the absolutely horrific and incomprehensible mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday; Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. As a parent myself, I’m not sure how one survives the unbearable trauma of losing a child.

We will keep a close eye on how the investigation into this heinous crime proceeds, looking for any anomalies or inconsistencies in the official story line because we already KNOW that this crisis will be used by this criminal government to begin the process of disarming the American people. With that in mind, we received an interesting comment from reader AVM Friday evening.

AVM made the following startling observation which can be confirmed on wikipedia:

Suzanne Collins is the author of ‘The Hunger Games’.

Suzanne Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with her husband and their two children.

This horrific crime was perpetrated at [Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, next to the town] in which the author of ‘The Hunger Games’ lives. These are never random events.

This appears to be a deliberately chosen place and symbolic false flag – a child sacrifice ritual that the Illuminati love so much.

You can read the remaining portion of AVM’s observation here in the comments section.

Until we understand more about what happened on Friday we do not necessarily agree with AVM’s conclusions. However, here are some facts: The ritual sacrifice killings of 23 children are portrayed in the book ‘The Hunger Games’. On Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary, near Sandy Hook, CT., home of ‘The Hunger Games’ author, 20 children were murdered making it the worst mass school shooting of children in U.S. history. At the very least, this is one deeply disturbing coincidence.

You can read about the film in this gripping article from The Vigilant Citizen, “The Hunger Games”: A Glimpse at the Future?

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66 comments to A Startling Fact & Gigantic ‘Coincidence’ About Friday’s Mass Shooting in Connecticut

  • anthony

    I knew it was a False Flag from the beginning. All of these shootings within 6 months… This just can’t be a coincidence. Anyone with a brain would know this.

    • I agree, there was a line in a Susan Hayward vehicle, when she was bording a luxury liner a little after John Saxon’s family and two old biddies said, “It too frequent to be coincidence”. People knew, people know, yet people fear the truth. I never understood, when I find things in law books that are unbelievably true I’ve had people cover there ears and say, “I don’t want to know”!

  • harman kardon

    My heart goes out to the families for their tragic loss.

    Sean, thank you for this well written insight to what I believed was a false flag from the moment it began. The president “crying”, the non-stop news coverage on every channel and internet site not to mention the time of day. All the indications of a false flag. Usually these types of operations are conducted on a Monday or Tuesday in order to replay the whole thing throughout the week, but with it being the “Christmas Season” I guess they felt like it could happen any time, especially since it involved so many children. The misinformation regarding the shooter along with the number of people murdered were also indications of a false flag. How can you “report” incorrectly two or three vital pieces of information on one story and still remain credible?

    “Never let a crisis go to waste.” This one has the potential to truly divide the country on gun control and the 2nd Amendment. Very emotionally charged situation. Every parent, of the sheeple persuasion, will be on the side of gun control.

    • Ed_B

      Well, in fact, perhaps the country would be better off if it was divided. The libs can have east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon line plus Hawaii, while conservatives and libertarians can have the rest. The east gets all the perverts and criminals, whom they do so adore, while the west / south gets the military. They can run their part as a socialistic oligarchy and turn it into a North Korea type s**t-hole while the west / south becomes a world super power within 5 years. Seems fair to me. 😉

  • 8Ball

    Done on a Friday so that most people will not be working and have the weekend to be bombed by MSM propaganda… Lanza was apparently an accomplished professional according to linkedin page. What his motives were and if he was taking psychotropic drugs and under psychiatric treatment would be of great interest.

  • Jeff

    Been saying this for a long time now… No such thing as coincidences.

  • Eric

    No surprise here but interesting. They love to throw it in our faces then laugh at how stupid we are. What about the millions of children that go missing and are never talked about? Or the hundreds of thousands of children killed in the middle east as “collateral damage?” People better start connecting the dots or it’s hunger games for real. What will it look like when the cabal has a monopoly on force? They have the coffins ready, the concentration camps are open. Do something new for a change. Think for yourself!

  • Vanessa

    What struck me right away was the name of the school. I think that right after hurricane Sandy, which many people thought was a controlled storm because it “hooked” so dramatically after they thought it would go out to sea, but instead banked hard to the west creating so much damage. Now we have this shooting at a school named Sandy Hook, weird!

  • John

    MK ULTRA or some like-minded program must at least be considered.

  • Scott Sando

    I was watching the media reporting on Sky news UK this morning and the propaganda was beggin for Obama to use executive orders to remove gun rights.

  • Nate

    The first article I read when it occurred said there were 2 shooters and the one was dead while the other was on the loose….what happened to the 2nd one? Why doesn’t anyone in the media ask these questions? I mean there was at one point info that there was 2 shooters, how then can you just simply drop one of them from the whole situation?

    • Wally

      Hey Nate,

      If you watched the news it was the police reporting two possible shooters. Everything is chaotic as they assess the situation so not sure what your getting at?

      • Me

        Your un-mitigated falsifying of the news events are stckening. Anyboby involved
        should have their mother wack their peepee.
        Your time is at an end. Bye bye losers.

        • Nate

          @Me….I’m confused by your response to say the least. I’m just commenting on what I read in the news, how can that be falsifying the news event? When in fact, it’s simply what I read in the news. Strange people…

      • Nate

        What I’m getting at is in the past there were similar incidents of multiple shooters that then turns into one shooter. Columbine had a third shooter at first, then just two. The Batman massacre had two shooters at first, then just one. I just think it’s odd I guess that police seem to do this over and over. I wasn’t there nor am I saying it’s a conspiracy, but I am saying I think it’s just yet another coincidence that in the end gets swept under the rug. I haven’t been listening to all the news but would be interested to know if they ever addressed why they thought there was a second shooter and what happened to this theory.

        • Wally


          Can you put yourself in a police officers shoes for a second. If your coming up on a scene of a mass shooting with chaos everywhere your first instinct is to figure out how many shooters your dealing with. Everyone is a suspect until proven otherwise.

          The students at Columbine all had their hands up as they ran out. I would rather have officers eer on the side of caution then UNDERESTIMATE the number of shooters.

          It’s not a conspiracy…It’s just common sense!!!!

    • Johannes

      And who will they ask?! We cannot realistically expect the Govt to admit guilt much less the truth!

  • Wuzzy Warbler

    Even my 12 year old grandson said train some of the teachers (screen them for mental illness obviously) to carry a weapon like the pilots.!! Why is the first response to run and hide where it should be to fight back! WTF!!

  • Wuzzy Warbler

    Just to clarify, My grandson didn’t say WTF and I added (screen them for mental illness) He said he thought first thing that they should be able to fight back, I guess he hasn’t had common sense ripped from his brain yet!

  • Aztraderman

    It is very interesting that this is listed as the most disasterous killing of children in the US History. Have we forgotten Sand Creek Massacer in Colo in the 1800’s or Wounded Knee in the Dakotas????? I guess if it isn’t a bunch of White school children in Suburbia it doesnt count as US history. Tell that to a Native American. If you think you can trust your Govt, just ask a Cherokee, Sioux, Black Foot, Apache or Navajo. What do you think their answer will be?????????

    • BJ

      And what about the 50,000+ young children who were forcibly taken from their families and raped, tortured,starved, murdered, etc. in the so-called “residential schools” in Canada and the U.S.???????? This has been ongoing for over a century and nothing was done about these horrific crimes….until now, that is. In September a summons was issued to Pope Benedict and the Queen of England, along with 30 others for Crimes against Humanity…and the news media won’t even carry this. Learn all the facts and cry….at

  • montey

    The deceased Principal was busy …. getting her students ready for the school’s “Winter Concert” …. doesn’t that just say it all …. in Courier and Ives Connecticut ?

    Ban these Godless, socialist “Kinder Konzentrazion Kamps” ! There is no reason to herd so many kids together …. like cattle …. for any reason !

    We need home schooling, small private schools, small religious schools …. small, small, small !

    Outlaw public education, forever !

    Public education is to education …. what, public bathrooms are to bathrooms …. they’re filthy!

    • Alvin

      I Like your style. More home schooling would solve a TON of problems. And it be up to the parents what they want to teach their child. Talor them to their interests and not that of big government.

      • Frank Also

        I agree completely. Our now adult kids were both home schooled as a result of a lenghty teachers strike in the mid 1980’s that caused them to lose nearly 3 months of education. When the strike ended my wife had a lenghty discussion with the principal that informed her that it was no big feal and after all the biggest thing kids get out of attending school is to learn social skills. We used the resources of a correspondence school tailored for families living in remote areas. Both kids graduated and one went on to university and earned a degree. Our family fared better than most and our kids weren’t imfluenced nearly so much by their peers.

        • montey

          The key word of government experts …. “SOCIALIZATION”!

          Can you believe it? These schools are unsafe ….. and unecessary …. and expensive …. and don’t teach …. Detroit kids 4% functional in math …. 7% functional in reading !!!

          Where is the upside to public education …. huh? Bullying and drug traffic and crime? Teen age pregnancy epidemic?

          We don’t need all these “brick and mortar board” schools, anymore ! We’ve got computer access to the best teachers in every field !

          Ban union monopoly of teachers! Why ship our kids to see mediocre, union hack, government teachers ?

    • Helen

      Definitely agree…HOMESCHOOL or small schools. Get government out of the school business!!

    • AC Slater

      Yes, lets have religious schools…the religious people can rape little boys like they did back in the day.

  • Alvin

    All teachers should be trained to use handguns, be armed at all times. Students should be taught to turn over their desk and hide behind them with the teacher taking shelter behind their desk and gun drawn in such a situation. Perpatrator comes through the door and is met with severl gunshots from the teacher. Just a thought I had last night. Will be dramatic for the kids no matter which circumstance, but they’d be alive to talk about it.

    • Helen

      This would end school attacks because the perpetrator knows guns are waiting for him. Right now, schools are gun-free zones and everyone knows it!!

  • barry

    obama (barry) you @$$hole and the rest of illumati go to hell where u belong n stop this bull$hit nonsense. We all know you are programming people to do this type of $hit to make it seem as if guns are bad, they are but only in the wrong hands( or programmed)

  • Ed_B

    I agree on small local schools; preferably where every teacher and administrator wears a gun on their hip and is well trained in its correct use.

  • hookshot

    The last thing you want to do is to have armed teachers! Did it ever occur to you people that teachers can go berserk too?? I’m here for the gold and silver story. I’m an extreme fiscal conservative-libertarian. I don’t believe there are devil worshipers who kill children out there!! WTF is wrong with you people?? We do need guns to protect us from megalomaniac politicians. Look how many they killed in the last century. They all come out for gun control whenever there is a mass shooting. Never let a good crisis go to waste. All this is true. I’m with you. But this satan worshiping child sacrifice crap is making my head explode!! WTF!!!!

    • prestodo

      Actually, the first thing you want to have is armed teachers and a readily available police force. Teachers ought to be allowed to have a CCW if they choose, and a police response force should only be a minute or two away at all times. So, other teachers or instructors or professors with CCW couldn’t respond to a teacher with a gun that is going nuts??

      • defcon1

        so right now, if a teacher wants to go bersek, they wont get a gun (via legal OR illegal means) and shoot up the classroom becuase its a gun free zone?? does that makes SENSE to you??? if anyone including a police man wanna go nuts, they aint gonna adhere to any law, DUH!!!

  • Chase

    There is no way they are just going to ban guns, keep dreaming.

    • Dean in MT

      Wish you were right-but you’re not…read a bit of history. Discover that totalitarian governments ALWAYS disarm the populace to try to save their own evil a$$es…

  • Rick

    All this is, is the collaps of society. We all know its coming and how the trashing of our financial system will only get worse. There will be more horrific events in the near future. This is all planned, the collapse of the dollar, the unemployment, the wars everywhere, the shootings, 9/11, all of it. What I find strange is everytime an event happens, everybody acts surprised. Mark my words, if no “big” gun control laws get passed from this, there will be another shooting, then another until the sheeple give in and beg their masters for the solution to the problem they created. Wake up!

  • Robert

    I see the fiscal conditions facing us for what it is bad monetary policy and have thanks in part to this site taken prudent measures to protect myself and family in terms of hard assets. I don’t however see the fiscal dangers facing us as part of some grand globalist conspiracy that seems to be a common thread throughout this site. Frankly some of the comments made in this thread regarding this awful school tragedy I find to border on the bizarre and paranoid and is alarming to me. Some of the links at this site are useful and informative and have bookmarked the ones I find useful but this is not the place for me anymore and will get my information from a more balanced outlet.
    Some of you need to step back and understand the trap you are falling into from the likes of Alex Jones

  • prestodo

    Y’know, I’ve related this same information that I’m about to relate to everybody here, to all my co-workers friends and family. Guns don’t kill people… People kill people. People have been killing people for thousands of years before firearms were ever concieved of, and yes, in rampage style similar to what has happened in CT and elsewhere in the U.S. and world in recent history. Many may not know this, but having lived in Japan for 3 years, I found out that firearms are all but banned in Japan. Yet, they still have murders, killing sprees, suicides and so on. Here’s some info. from Japan you might like to read. I’ll post the reference at the bottom. The site this information comes from is loaded with stories similar to this, all from Japan, a nation that has banned guns from the general populace.

    “Rampage in Akihabara

    In June 2008, a 25-year-old temporary auto factory worker, Tomohiro Kato, went on a carefully planned rampage, killing seven people—six men and one woman ages 19 to 74—and injuring 10, in the busy Akiharbara shopping district of Tokyo. Dressed in a pale suit, he drove 95 kilometers from his home and plowed a rented two-ton truck into a crowd and then leaped out and began stabbing bystanders. Afterwards Kato confessed to police he wanted to kill as many people as possible.

    Of the 17 that were killed or injured, five were struck by the truck and 12 were stabbed. Kato purposely drove the truck through a pedestrian crossing as people were crossing, trying to kill as many people as possible that way. The truck was traveling 40 to 50 kilometers per hour in a zigzag pattern tp avoid other vehicles. Kato drove around the area for 20 minutes before beginning the attack apparently trying to get the timing right for plowing into the intersection. Three of the five people he hit died.

    Kato stopped the truck about 70 meters from the intersection and got out and ran back to the intersection with the a double edge combat knife in his hand, stabbing 12 people in the crowded intersection within one minute. As he ran from the truck he stabbed three people. In the intersection about 100 people were milling around. There he stabbed five people, three of them in the back. One of the victims was a policeman who was assisting victims hit by the truck.

    Pedestrians initially thought only traffic accident had taken place. When they realized that a man with a knife was running amok they began to scatter. At this point in the attack Kato stabbed three of the fleeing people in the back.

    The entire Akihabara rampage unfolded in less than two minutes. It resulted in the highest death toll for an attack of this kind in postwar history. The Washington Post described the scene as looking like a war zone with “puddles of blood and random shoes on the pavement.” Some of the victims did not even know they had been stabbed. The double edged knife Kato used made it easy for him to thrust deeply and withdraw the blade and repeatedly stab in this way with a minimum effort. One victim whose liver was penetrated by the knife died four hours after the attack in a hospital.

    About five minutes after the attack began police officers from a local koban surrounded Kato in a back alley about 50 meters from the intersection. The policeman who first confronted Kato did so with a police baton. Kato managed to slash the policeman’s protective vest three time before the policeman pulled out his gun. At that point Kato dropped his knife. His face was covered with blood.”



  • hh

    and the school had just had a safety drill a few days ago …

  • Syd

    In the video post at the top of the page, the “2 or 3 shooters” video by IdahoPicker, he shows a screenshot of the school’s website. At the top right hand corner is the school’s address: 3 Primrose. To reference Hunger Games again, Primrose, “Prim”, is the name of Katniss’ little sister who she spare at the lottery and go to the Games in her place. Another weird little piece. Who knows?

  • Richard

    Okay this author and by extension the site that reposted are nuts. Do you really think the illluminati chose an elementary school to shoot up based on the obscure fact that its the hometown of some trashy teen crap novelist? Youre off your meds.

  • Jeff

    This looks like a planed event, a false flag if you will. The way I see it there were at least 3 people involved.

    The first is a school boy reporting 1 man on the ground in handcuffs after the shooting, and the second is the police communications recording where the police are repeatedly heard saying “they” when they arrive and chase at least 1 suspect into the woods after catching another outside.
    For more links and info go to idahopicker`s channel on you tube.

  • The USA has a lot of residents, mostly uneducated, illiterate (they may be able to read, but won’t read much of importance)and miss-educated. Plus, very many suffering repressed pain from before birth to the present. For the cognizetti, the mystery is not that these events happen so frequently, but why these horrific events are so rarely happen! The genesis for these type of events arrived with the first settlers to these shores and increased with each war, of which we had and have many. If there are any curious truth seekers here, I recommend that they read Dr.Arthur Janov’s great books and blogs.

  • My first reaction to this was, how quickly before all the whack jobs start claiming that this was a false flag operation?. I expected within a day, and I was correct.

    Here is my theory. False flag conspirators are run by the CIA

  • I remember someone we all know highly recommending the Hunger Games movie, Alex Jones. Just saying…

  • Another “coincidence”: Adam Lanza of the Connecticut massacre and alleged shooter Holmes in the Aurora, Colorado, “Batman” slaughter both had fathers who were ranking corporate fonancial officers due to testify in the huge LIBOR SCANDAL. You might think somebody in authority might follow up on this suspicious fact. Is not too far a stretch to think dark forces wanted to shut these men up with monstrous crimes that crushed their families?

  • oldenwise

    Next stop a maternity ward..the younger the victims the bigger the outrage…Murder on friday, sell millions of papers on Sunday.

  • Condor6

    Too many events in too little time line. Take it from a professional operator. The odds of all these events with the same basic theme(crazy gun toting young male (ages 20 to 29 years old) killing randomly would take a Cray21 computer a year to compute the math. These are not random acts of extreme violence. I see very good comments made on this post. I do know from my over 40 years association with the US Government that MKULTRA was just the beginning of our Gov. long journey into mind control and programmed responses with micro burst light hypnosis. I do believe the Mental Illness and Depression pysco-tropic drugs are very dangerous. The big pharma. boys are getting a kings ransom for the stuff. No one really knows how these poison pills really interact with the mind.Throw in a hard dose of interactive video games and boom,you have created in short order a killing machine. This president and his Communist associates he has appointed to high positions in our Govt.(Read the books on Frank Marshall Davis-Obamas mentor. Card carrying Communist(His ID # recorded by the FBI was CP47544- he remained on the FBI watch list for Un American activities till his death.)are hell bent on destroying America from within. Our gun rights are paramount to keeping what little freedom we have left.
    This latest brutal event will whip the population into a frenzy to demand Obama to ban all guns if we do not respond quickly and let the Commies-know we will not be bullied by this president into giving up the only tool we have left to keep the Nazi-Communist-run brotherhood from killing all God fearing Patriots in this country.We are already branded Terrorist by our so called Govt.This event could bring us very close to Civil War.As a 35 year combat veteran I believe that is a real assessment.
    The last shooter,due to his disabilities should have never been allowed close to firearms. His Mother is to blame for not having a Gun Safe if she chose to buy military grade weapons.Also the amount of Ammo. he was carrying is very disturbing to me. Having 5 to 10 clips (each 30 rounds)of hollow point high velocity ammo. leads me to believe his mom was expecting trouble from some previous threat. A complete background should be done on her and the shooters divorced father.
    If the shooter was taking drugs for a mental disorder (the autopsy will confirm this,although we will never know the truth.) then there is some form of Doctor in the background that can shed a lot of light into the shooters real mind set.When Jack Kennedy was murdered by the French Connection for killing the 2 Diem brothers in South VietNam,which the Poppy fields in Cambodia and Laos were taken over by the Christians In Action (I was there)-The French underground and the US Mafia wiped him out for it. Although they never did regain control of the Poppies. Anyway that staged Oswald event was the beginning of the Smoke and Mirrors we still see today(YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH).
    Sorry for the long comment…I am just getting wound up..Could write a huge book on the subject of how the Communist Party ,CIA,Nazi Party,Muslim Brotherhood,CAIR,China-ect is sucking the life out of America as we sit and do nothing but whine. Do something People while you still can.

  • Jay

    Another eery fact the dude who played Peeta in the HG went to Ryle High school the same HS where clay Shrout Klee his very young sisters and parents before coming to school and holding it up

  • Iggy

    Do you know why there aren’t similar shootings in other countries? Because of GUN CONTROL! People in other countries are NOT ALLOWED to have guns! It’s OK to have a registered hand gun or hunting weapon but UZI’s, AK-47’s, and other shi* it’s just not normal! You need weapon to protect you from who? From people who have weapons! It is a vicious circle. Ban weapon and there will be no need for protection that police cannot provide you. Idea to have teacher with side weapons is scary! Even on the wild west teacher didn’t have guns in the classrooms!

    • Kevin J Kehoe

      You are either stupid or a LIAR.
      The U.S. Republic is not the same as others so who cares what they do.
      They do Not have our Diversity or Sloth or Evil.
      They do not poison their own family, but hey keep preaching to the Devil he is in charge till we remove him.
      Laws do nothing to stop a criminal but they do encourage Politicians to consume power and then the People.

  • Aurora and Sandy Hook were shown in the new batman movie. Sandy Hook whilst close up view of map and Aurora at night lit up in red

  • Pamela

    Such nonsense. Of course these things aren’t always coincidences… But that doesn’t mean they are conspiracies. Have you never heard of copycat crimes??? Dur, people. But to blame the President just because you don’t like him?? So stupid. Sometimes what you see is what you get. It was a sick person who reads about recent crimes and thought he could do better to become infamous.

    And to say that we never talk about the millions of other kids who are murdered? Of course we do. Not all of them, but the ones near us or the ones who make national news because of the bizarre circumstances. Have you all talked about Dylan Redwine and Jessica Ridgeway? Because they haven’t left the news here where I live. But if you haven’t heard of them, then you must be evil or part of their conspiracy or hoaxes, right?

    You people need to come back to reality. There is more good than bad in this world, but you wouldn’t see it. And Obama isn’t gonna take your precious guns (even though I think he should, and I would if I could play God for a day). So get over it.

    • SGT

      Hi Pamela. When this Republic falls into Black Tyranny once and for all, you will choke back tears as you recall your foolish words. So many men and women have laid down their lives to defend your right to embrace your precious ignorance.

      You haven’t done ten minutes worth of research on who Adam Lanza is, have you? The kid is a GHOST since 2010, this according to CNN. Sorry friend, but it’s folks like you who need to wake up. Do yourself a favor, Google and educate yourself about these past events:

      Operation Gladio
      Operation Paperclip
      Gulf of Tonkin Event Declassified
      CIA Operation Mockingbird

  • CS

    You people are delusional.

    Of course coincidences exist. What a waste of energy, all this unfounded paranoia.

    Horrible things happen sometimes. For no reason.

    Why not dedicate some of that passion into researching the hoards of evident, documented horrors occuring around the world by the minute. Examine real problems that need no frivolous analyses, connecting meaningless events.
    Why not seek a remedy?

    “We’re fickle, stupid beings with poor memories and a great gift for self-destruction”
    -Suzanne Collins ; Mockingly

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