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by SGT,

Another ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone but it has left us with further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our nation. America has been dealt a fatal blow by corporate greed, Bankster malfeasance and the insidious nature of collectivism – and it’s all been done to us by design. This is the Madness of a Lost Society, one last ‘fair warning’ for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Here are the links to the first two ‘Madness’ micro-docs:
‘The Madness of a Lost Society 1’ and ‘The Madness of a Lost Society 2: Final Warnings’

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  • Freaked Out

    I find myself hoping both that this current paradigm ends now and praying I have more time to prepare. Only the lucky will survive anyway but luck favors the prepared. Food, lead, silver, a plan, get them all.

  • J

    May God have mercy on US!!!

  • NaySayer

    Hurricane Sandy should wake people up as nothing else recently has been able to do. Katrina might have woken up some, but Sandy shows that many people in NY and NJ literally felt that the government had to come save them from dying of thirst, cold, and hunger.

    I can’t imagine letting someone else decide whether I live or die like that. Waiting for help that may not ever come as I slowly died. No way. Probably those NY and NJ citizens that can get back on their feet will lay in supplies of food, water and fuel. Hundreds of thousands of them will probably never get out of Sandy induced abject poverty as what little they had was lost.

    Then you have the hordes screaming and shoving for a toy. Those are the people who will kill and knife you for a crumb of food or warmth. God helps us all.

  • Hman

    Thank you Sean for lighting another candle in the dark. Bless you.

    Note: If the recent news by GATA on gold leasing fraud by central banking is verified, and publicized the last threads of “trust” in the banking system may break and we may very well be in to a financial crash as the interest in PM’s will sky rocket.

    • SGT

      Thanks Hman, Glitter, Super & all ~ I sure do appreciate my friends who participated in this one through interviews, and I appreciate your feedback.

      • BUZZ

        This was a fantastic piece…I would share with my friends and family…but as u say…they are unreachable…they were part of the herd trampling eachother for china made slave labor goods

      • fonestar

        This is great work Scott, just as good as the first “Maddness of a Lost Society” video you did!

        I truly feel that these micro-docs you have done will become very important to future historians and people in general. At least future generations will see that not all of us were asleep.

      • Tony (fake imposter)

        I thought your last video was the “final warning” LOL how many more warnings do we get before hyperinflation & $10000000000000 silver

  • Supernatural

    Nice Sean—really. Awesome touch at the end, Ron Paul in Texas A&M I think? How that broke my heart to a sob! To think, I dared hope he’d win! Well, for those who would like justice or, (even better) vengeance, I tell you a truth: The Lord said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”
    And to answer the question of the little boy at the very beginning, (was that your son too, Sean?) The answer is the parable of the goodman whose enemy sowed weeds into his good crop. Matthew 13:24-30.
    Unbelievers, take note: I was a warrior and a man of knowledge on the path of knowledge before coming to Christ. If you want to know, it used sorcery as a stepping stone to accelerate the apprentices to escape velocity. Escape velocity to what? The world, of course. And I perceived things beyond that, as in the forbidden angelic realm,(among other dimensions) having trespassed there by the tools of that path.
    Point blank? The invisible elephant of that realm is the Risen Christ, which our natural mind cannot perceive. God has hidden Himself from all who wish to see Him without engaging Faith—Why? His predilection, but also, so that the wicked, which have not faith, will be left holding an empty bag. Be found holding Christ, my friends.

    To add icing—the last VISITATION I had of GOD, I made this analogy: “Like an eagle cannot fly in a vacuum, likewise I don’t feel alive except in His PRESENCE.” Now if I thought swearing and cursing and belittling would get everyone to listen to me, I would do it in a heart-beat.

    So yes, only in the Presence of God am I truly ALIVE. Don’t squander that information—put faith in Christ today!

  • hoser

    Excellent work Sean! I expected nothing less.

    • hoser

      I take solace in knowing my family is safe; yet I weep for the clueless sheep who stand to be decimated by what’s to come.

    • SGT

      Thanks for tuning in, appreciate the feedback. It’s admittedly just a tad long, and I wish I’d taken more time with the music – but the good news is it only took me 2 or 3x longer to produce than the last one. 🙂

    • Charlie


      Why don’t you take the time to do some research, so you understand that religion is as honest as fractional banking.

      Even the Evolution Theory is a lie, to mislead the sheep and confuse humanity.

      Faith is a sacred right (just like Freedom) however; religion is as low and underhanded as anything else you may despise and in the end, you are merely repeating someone else words from a fairy tale book and you are not expanding your consciousness.

      This is a place for those that don’t want the mighty government to take care of us. You may call it being awake, higher intellect or simply an open mind, so please refrain from insulting our intelligence with your bible diatribe and let’s remain civil to one another, so we don’t dilute the goodness and purity of the message Sean’s place graciously provides to all of us.

      By the way, after a long time of practice, I’m able to meditate regularly and once you experience that realm, all of the deception reveals itself and we finally gain a bit of clarity, so don’t take my words against your faith but rather, stop quoting verses from a book, that was only written to follow someone’s agenda to enslave the people.

      It is a deeply ingrained myth that you need religion to be a kind and decent human being, let’s do our part to erase such perception, just like we are trying with fractional banking.


      • Supernatural

        Charlie, thank you for being so respectful with you dissent. I’d like to respond to your comments:
        1.) You are correct about religion being dishonest, for religion is man-made. I, and millions like me, have, contrary to ‘religiousity,’ a living, growing relationship with Father God by his son Jesus Christ. The problem between these two positions is they both look alike to you. What could convince you that I am telling the truth when I declare I have met God personally? You may not ever be satisfied by anything I may provide. But if we met, and you were to tell me you just met someone, and I refused to believe you, you would consider me a stiff-necked, obstinate, churl of a man, among other more select choices. The reason I don’t think that of you is because I understand why you are the way you are. I was once the same way.

        2.) Evolution

        3.) The Bible, or as I like to call it, The Word of God, is quite true, my friend. As long as you continue to disbelieve it, it will remain alien and indescipherable. It though, is filled with magnificent, unrestrainable truth and the infinitely valuable promises of God. The key to unlocking the truth of God’s Word is that they must be mixed with Faith. Jesus is the main-line supply of Faith, for He is the Author and finisher of it for all those that put their faith in him. As far as my consciousness is concerned, I am quite confident I have expanded my ‘consciousness’ further than you. Beyond that, it has been extraordinarially expanded during my many visitations I’ve received from God. I guess we can both double down on that, but I guarantee a day is coming that will prove which one of us is right. Bet what you want to lose…

        4.) > I am delighted to disagree with you here. Thanks, Sean <

        5.) I think my previous answer addresses your comment here too. I would add that the Spirit of God dwells in me. The very same power that rose Christ from the dead, is alive in me. You are allowed to deny this awesome truth until the day you die. I hope you come to your senses and to God before that eventful day.

        6.) It is also a myth that anyone can get a 'free-pass' buy living and letting live. Reason being, the religious answer. Which apparently, you have skewed somewhat. So if you are mortal, let me put it this way: Only the Blood of Jesus, who conquered death, come on, man, I've met Him and personally heard His voice, can make you fit to be in God's presence. Which is a sort of return to square one: I will continue to lift high the name of Jesus, who is alive forevermore, having conquered death. This is a truth you must and will face. It is much better to do so now, while God is offering an open invitation. The oppsite is to deny Him who rose from the dead, until you die. That unfortunately would declare you His enemy, for you would have at that time, lived your entire life in opposition to the Only One who may redeem us from our imperfections. Because perfection is what it takes to be in God's presence. Again, only available through the precious and spotless blood of the risen lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

        • prestodo

          Supernatural, what does God look like?

          • Supernatural

            Sorry, you’ll see this took a while~

            Prestodo, I remember you commenting at me a few days ago. To assure you I am not a false prophet or false teacher, I would address your ‘spirit’ if I may: these are a few of God’s Words that you are focused on, concerning this question to me. You will say, No man has seen God at any time. You will say God is invisible. You will say God dwells in the light no man can approach unto, whom no man hath seen, nor can see.

            Because of your rigidly stanch defense of the literal interpretation of God’s Word previously, I believe your question is at best, insincere, only intending to bait me into declaring something that the verses I have mentioned may refute. If that is wrong, please forgive me.

            You have asked a very probing question that I must assume you have done a little research to come up with. The truth is though, that I would love to answer your question! But because some are weak in the faith, and they must be strengthened, I must be permitted to expose the reason for which I am able to answer this question.

            Christ came into the world to save sinners. He even went to my world, the sorcerers world, to save me. Why would Christ do that? Because he is love. And so, even though I had entangled myself in sorcery completely, his matchless grace brought me to himself.

            Here now is the key to my ability to answer, Prestodo: the sorcery I practiced enable me to “interrupt” the continuity of my life force. Not the life force commonly spoken of, which I must define as low components of every man’s luminous body. (A body of dazzling brilliance, as bright as lightning, identical to angels who appeared like that.) Thus I awoke my luminous being. (I was 20 years old.) The same luminous being Christ foretells of in Matthew 13:43. According to nature’s law, this act was unlawful. Also no doubt, according to God’s law. Another word for interrupting it’s continuity would be, I found a helper on the other side, who killed it. Normally, people die of their fleshly bodies first, and then that luminous body is dealt with by God. And of course we both know, for good or evil, the spirit and soul of man will then be present before the Lord. That event handicapped me for the rest of my normal life. Yet it’s the same event which allowed me to see God. Furthermore, I didn’t do it searching for God. Rather, after coming into his astounding grace, He chose of himself to bless me beyond all recognition by revealing himself to me, through that body. Of which I have entrusted the safe-keepng of, to him.

            So the first answer is, Since that part of me was killed, God did not lie when he said, no man may see me and live. Secondly, the luminous being can in no way be considered a man. So as to that, it wasn’t as a man sees, that I saw, when I saw God. So it was that forbidden ‘dormant’ element of my being that God revealed himself to. I fortunately, get to keep a memory of it!

            So what God looks like is this: He looks exactly like man. But now it’s my turn to defend myself from his Word. Stephen, moments before being stoned to death, said, “Behold, I see . . . the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.” That may incidentally include the throne of God, and the verse also mentions the right hand of God. A throne connotes God may reside there, ie, sit, for which he would have a form. Besides which, the verse declares God has a hand, Stephen saw it, and furthermore that Stephen saw God, for Christ was standing on his right hand.

            I would love to add this about God’s presence: we all recognize people, to varying degrees, during our lives. But everyone will recognize God so much more than they have ever recognized anyone else, that words like, “infinitely” or “a trillion times more” are what I have to resort to, to describe how powerfully I recognized him. I think this is due to the fact that He knew me before I was born, as Jeremiah tells us.That part instantly awakens, (it did for me) and a part of us we are never allowed to access becomes astonishingly alive, because of his presence. The inverse of that will also apply to the wicked, for the terror of the Lord will staggeringly fall upon them at that point, and they will be undone as they cannot yet imagine. The smoke of their torment will rise forever, because it takes eternity to burn an eternal soul. Resurrection of condemnation is unbearable, inescapable, unendurable, a devil’s hell. Please don’t tempt God, come to Jesus. You will find rest for your souls.

            • prestodo

              Supernatural, I understand already that God looks like man, afterall, He created man in His image. My question is this. If you really have seen God face to face, then describe to us His facial features in what He looks like, and please, in simple terms, sparing us from your elloquent and exauhsting narration.

              • Supernatural

                It is impossible to remember while at the same time, impossible to forget! He has a beard, he loves to smile, he is lean and athletic, muscular, but modestly so. The best way maybe, is He will look exactly as you know He will. I know that sounds like B.S., Fatherly. Handsome. But so beyond perfect, that you can only marvel and adore. His goodness, which he simultaenously revealed, was infinite. All I wanted was to stay there, enraptured, forever. Not bald-headed, but a full head of hair. Oh, BTW, once, when I was touched by the wing of an angel, who brushed just the back of my head with his wing, for that tenth of a second, my hair instantly had tactile sense, and I felt the strands of that feather. (A practicle reason God spoke of knowing how many hairs we each have on our heads.)
                Sorry if you expected more.

                • prestodo

                  Well, considering you cannot exactly describe His facial features such as hair color, eye color, cheek bones, nose size, ear size, ear lobes, hair length, skin tone, chin clef, jaw line, brow pronunciation, forehead size, etc. I’m going to just have to consider that perhaps you really have not seen God face to face like you say you have. Otherwise these features would be easily describeable.

                  It’s nice to imagine things from time to time, but don’t tell people you’ve seen God face to face when you haven’t. How is lying to them supposed to make them want to learn more?? Besides, haven’t you read the scripture about not casting your pearls before swine? Haven’t you read the scripture that says you should not boast? True followers of Jesus Christ do not openly boast about spiritual experiences like you do, because they do not want the swine to turn again and rend them. If these experiences have been real to you, then you may want to keep them to yourself until the appropriate time instead of blabbing about them every chance you can on web sites to complete strangers who will, more than likely, turn again and rend you for casting your pearls before them.

                  BTW, Impossible to remember while impossible to forget?? Really?? That’s nothing but poetic oxymoron. Either you do remember or you don’t, it’s not one or the other.

                • ChainMailArmor

                  John 1:18

                  King James Version (KJV)

                  18 No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

                  Maybe you saw Jesus. Did he look like this?

        • prestodo

          Guess I’ll have to ask again. Supernatural, what does God look like?

        • Charlie

          Dear Supernatural,

          I just read your posts and prestodo was kind enough to ask similar question to mine…:)

          You may very well be an enlightened being but have to tell you, “Wanting to be RIGHT” is the ego’s desire, for the spirit is not insecure and does not need flattering or complements. Case in point from your posting:

          “but I guarantee a day is coming that will prove which one of us is RIGHT. Bet what you want to lose…”

          These are the trusted institutions that always claim to be right:

          – Church and religions alike
          – The government
          – The Federal Reserve
          – Egotistical shills that get pleasure preserving the lie we have been told and live in

          And of course the last one to the list:

          – Supernatural

          I will be the first to tell you that I don’t know much and therefore, cannot be right, for every time someone (or an organization) says “I’m RIGHT”, it is at that precise point I question their real reasons and instinctively follow a different direction.

          For anyone to advance spiritually at all; you need humility and the EGO does not know about this and always wants to be right. It’s not your fault, we have been programmed this way.

          If you read the Tao Te Ching (written about 2000 years before the bible thing), it clearly says: “If you can name it, it is not the Tao”. Meaning, if you can call/define it, is not “IT”; thus; a humble soul is all that’s required not to want to be RIGHT at all times.

          I was raised catholic (did not have a choice like most children) but simply from a practical perspective, how can anything based on GUILT, FEAR & SHAME be good for anyone anyway? This is why I chose to embrace Eastern philosophies and meditation, rather than the mumbo jumbo of: “You will go to hell because he’s watching you”. Quite frankly, this statement is for people such as displayed in the video, with a low IQ, not capable of questioning non-sense and obvious mind conditioning.

          I leave you with this and hope it helps at least one tiny, little bit:

          “Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.”

          Robert Anton Wilson

          Have a nice day Supernatural

          • Supernatural

            Charlie, every reader on this site would love to see justice served on those who oppress humanity. That is where I began. I said, “Justice is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay.” Since we all thirst for justice, I am obliged to share the Good News. The best part is, the Good News I share is even better than the Justice that’s coming, which is intrinsically tied to this Good News.

            But the best you can do is shine me on. Why? Catholics, and other people who are/were manipulated with guilt by men playing God often lack a relationship with the Lord of Glory. Since you never entered a relationship with Him, you believe it’s all false. That’s about as logical as someone panning for gold, and having not found any, declares, “there isn’t any.”

            Just what am I “right” about? Everything I’ve said about God. The reason I tell you, is because you are missing the infinitely valuable possession of the universe. Christ. All your eastern babbling seems very selfless to you, but it’s hog wash. You are still a sinner, and you will still die in your sins.

            That which can save you, you reject. “Do you believe that I am He?” Jesus said. But you think that’s a scam. I’m here to tell you, it’s Truth. But you, hiding in your natural mind, cannot see this. Jesus also said, “if you believe that I am He, you shall never see death.” But He was speaking spiritually. He didn’t mean each persons body wouldn’t wax old and expire. And you, in your natural mind, think, “if what Supernatural is saying has any truth, then I can have the same thing.” But you can’t Charlie! Because it only comes through Christ! He conquered death! Let me see, did I say that right? Christ died for all, and rose the third day, as prophesied centuries before He came to earth. He came, so we wouldn’t have to live in guilt, fear and shame. But somehow, you think that’s a lie. And if you continue to reject Him, you will die in your sins. But believe, and you shall be saved. Even from here, I sense the hardness of your heart. Admit it’s true, Charlie. Soften your heart.

            There are many false Christs in the world. And anyone who denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is also a liar. The same is also motivated by a spirit of anti-christ. But the God of Grace has given us His Son, that we might have life. He is Blessed forever.

            His kingdom is coming. It shall conquer this present world. It is excellent beyond description. Even better, God Himself shall dwell with us forever, and He is our great reward. Our victory in Him is everlasting, absolute and overflowing with joy unspeakable. There are no riches on earth that can compare to Him.

            PM’s were God’s design. The devil invented fiat. Victory in Christ is the card up God’s sleeve. And eternal life is ours if we but surrender to Christ. Not a Church, Charlie. A living, abidding Savior who ever lives to make intercession for us.

            • prestodo

              I wonder if Supernatural has ever heard the term “Hoiler Than Thou”. I think it applies to Supernatural.

              • prestodo

                I also wonder what Supernatural thinks about Priestcraft, i.e. the preaching of the Word of God for money or for hire. Paid clergy is specifically forbidden by the Bible, and this one fact eliminates about 98% of all churches and religions as being true and genuine.

                • Charlie

                  Thanks for your input prestodo.

                  In this particular instance, the expression “The first step is to realize one has a problem…” becomes very fitting…lol

                  I’ve made SGT report my homepage (at home) and immensely grateful to Sean for such a noble effort to keep the world informed.

                  Have a nice weekend everyone!

                • harley hooch


  • Tom G.

    Thanks Sean- Well done again. Flowed nicely. In an amazing coincidence- I just wrote a couple of days ago about Sir Julian Huxley, who was the brother of Aldous Huxley (who you referenced), and grandson of T.H. Huxley who was known as “Darwin’s Bulldog.” Julian Huxley coined the term “transhumanism” and was a big promoter of having evolution taught in public schools. He was also a eugenicist. When one connects all of these dots it does not end well.

    Thanks again Sean for all of your hard work. T.G.

  • V.

    I hate the bad guys too.


  • PitBull Pappa

    Get out of the way… get out of the way… IT’S MIIIIINE!!!!

    Sorry… had to get that out of my system… lol

    Seriously though, it was diary of a lost society 1 that got me really into this website and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Sadly it’s only a matter of time until you make a diary of a lost society micro-doc of these same mindless masses trampling each other for food & water. The true meaning of christmas is dead… now it’s all about buy… buy… buy and I’m sure 99% of the masses have “bought” on credit. I’m only buying for my parents this year from online and minimal at that. The things I intend to purchase will be with cash/debit card not credit(no credit cards for me since 2008)and gifts that I know they will truely appreciate and enjoy. For my brothers I’m making gifts from the heart about preperation & food storage. For co-workers and friends… home baked goods made with a labor of love.

    Once again… thanks for all you do Sean. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season…:)

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • fayz

    dude carry on like this and you’ll have ridley scott head hunting you!

    excellent micro-doc, simply put; you hit the nail on the head like only you can do!

    My Best

  • Kim

    Brilliant work Sean as alway’s! Your work will be chronicled in future times.
    I thank my savior Jesus for giving me the eyes to see and ears to hear these events which will lead many to despair. Peace to all and Godspeed to you Sean.

    • SGT

      My sincere thanks to all of you guys (and gals) for your kind comments & feedback – it means a lot to me that people are watching, sharing and then communicating with each other (here and elsewhere) about these frightening issues.

  • Izzy

    When I gave my heart to Jesus as a young man and being born again it was thrilling to learn our story,our beginning and the way it was going to end was in the bible.I became a missionary and spent my life trying to allow God to use me in His service.We knew perilous times were coming and believed that this” gospel of the kingdom must be preached first to the whole world,then after God having warned everyone,He could allow the end to start.”So it thrills me see this message continue to reach millions bi passing MSM propaganda through alternative media,where good and honest folks can speak the truth to continue to reach those who want to be reached.From what I’m learning about the elite,they really have swallowed Satan’s big lie”ye shall be as gods.” They actually want to live forever in the flesh hooked up to electrodes and computer chips etc. There is a world prepared for us and it is Heaven and the devil’s counterfeit is a nightmarish substitute.Only one life will soon be past,only what’s done for Christ will last.

  • harman kardon

    Yet another excellent piece of work. Over the past two years watching your work grow, not only in volume, but more importantly quality, this one hits a high note. Thanks, Sean, for all you do for us. It is frightening to see people acting like animals over slave labor trinkets; imagine how they will act when it really counts. Water, food, lead, gas and solar are the order of the day; silver and gold after preps are made.

  • HS

    Great video Sean…..I posted on my facebook page.

  • Buzz

    Thank you for another great MicroDoc, SGT.

    Like Pitbull Papa, it was parts 1 and 2 of ‘the madness of a lost society’ that brought me to your site about 2 years ago and I’ve been a regular ever since.

    Keep up the good work! God bless.

  • Sandor Bors

    Just for a reminder:

    We are NOT separate from anything – be it the alleged banksters, the alleged sheeple, etc.

    WE ARE ONE. Separation is the cause of all suffering. This blip in history is no different than any other galactic change antiquity has experienced. WE ARE ONE, ALL IS ONE.

    Fear is separation. Love is wholeness. Change your vibration, show gratitude for ALL things, and you will change everything that surrounds you.



    • Charlie

      Agreed with you 100% Sandors Bors!

    • Tom G.

      Why would you need to change anything if all is as it should be? If we should show gratitude for “ALL things” as you suggest, then should we show gratitude for all the evil in the world? Pantheistic monism is not an existentially viable belief system. The God of the Bible who is a living, active, spirit, created everything ex nihilo and thus all is NOT one. God is separate from His creation. Christianity is NOT about religion. It is about RELATIONSHIP. Your relationship with the Creator of the universe Jesus Christ. You and I are not one with the ONE. The triune God existed before anything and then created the universe.

      • Sandor Bors

        Tom G,
        You are right! The universe is about contrast or it wouldn’t exist. Thank you for your part. You are the salt with my pepper. Together we make a unique flavor.


  • steelerdude

    Another great one Sean!

    I would like to interview those workers loading those bundles of money onto the ‘
    conveyor belt….they must see the increase in printing….I know if I worked
    there and saw I had to put bundles on that belt, I would start getting sick to
    my stomach because I would know what is coming….

  • darin

    This is a godless society. Read the good book this has all happened before, there is nothing new under the sun.

    Thanks Sean, May god be within you

  • Alvin

    I think that there is a lot more to this picture. Pole shift, sink holes, earth quakes, rising sea floors.

    Great stuff SGT. Keep em coming.

  • Petedivine

    I remember telling everyone that I knew in(2006) we were in a housing bubble. People would role their eyes and gossip behind my back. Even my wife questioned my sanity as our friends and relatives placed seeds of doubt in her mind. Needless to say, those people lost a lot of money. Now I see the future of the Dollar and this country, and it will start collapsing at an accelerated pace. Its obvious. Once the collapse happens other pent up energies will seek escape. I’m thinking of red state vs. blue state, racial tensions, gangland violence, violence from poverty and desperation, and I’m sure there will be more. I am not sure there will be a United States in its current form after the collapse. During the revolutionary and civil wars we were independent and a sparsely populated country, pulled together by a belief in God,tight localized communities, and individualist spirit that does not exist anymore. Today we have tensions in a pressure cooker.

    Thank you Sean for a wonderful video. Its a great tool that I will attempt to share with the people I care for. I hope they prepare, but we are in the 11th hour. INMHO 2013-2014 the decline of the U.S. will accelerate, its obvious.

  • Bobby

    Thanks sgt. It’s just too bad that those who really need to see and understand this vid will not be watching this. Prep up folks…

  • Another Masterpiece, what a great video to share with your friends and family.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    A pantheon of humanitarian whistleblowers – god bless them one and all.

  • clint

    Great work Sean! Love the links to the sites from each interview. Good for those who might be new to the idea of preparing. James Rawles one of my favorites.

  • johns

    Great work Sean. The clock ticks, then the clock strikes.

  • stackers

    The staff in the Media Production Dept at the global head quarters of SGTReport did a good job on this one. 😉

    Keep up the good work

  • Eric

    Sean great video. I get asked the same things by my kids. “Dad why are there bad people” and “why do bad things happen to good people” It breaks my heart to answer the same way “I don’t know” Thank you for waking me up a couple years ago. This summer we moved from the city and now have some land, food, water, generator, silver, gune ammo and a reloading bench, garden. My family and I are better off because of you. I have never felt more at peace. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!!

    • SGT

      Thank YOU too E, and all you awesome folks. You’ve all made a difference in my life! I think that when the chips are down (it’s easy to get depressed about some of these issues), it makes all the difference to know there are like-minded, good people out there. it really will be up to “us” to rebuild.

  • Troy

    I was in town, now I live in the country, bought a new place 2 months ago. I live in a area that has 2 rivers,good soil, many animals, woods, good neighbors. We all have guns, lots of ammo and knowledge of growing food, hunting, and living off the grid. I live in Minnesota, and its cold, but thats a good thing…Zombies don’t like the cold. If a SHTF situation occurs, I don’t thing the brainless masses will head north. Minnesota has the best soil on earth for growing food, we have 10,000 lakes, rivers, and wildlife galore…our state raises chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep. We have wild deer, coyote, bear, wolf, moose,hundreds of billions of fish, pheasants, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, coyote, coons, wild turkey, beaver, fox, geese, mink, grouse…get the picture. What I’m saying is that if you do believe that a SHTF situation may occure…you need to be in the correct location.

  • DK

    Why are there bad guys? Psychopaths and sociopaths they should more precisely should be called. They flock to gain power setting up a society again promoting psychopathic behavior which so called normal people accept either due to the need to make money or stupidity.

  • Julian

    Fantastic as always Sean. Thank you. I am trying to pass on the link to enlighten other family and friends. I hope it works.
    You can but try.

  • Cleburne61

    As always, top notch work Sean. I haven’t posted in awhile, but I still come here all the time sir. Keep it up. Days like today after the BS beatdown at the Comex open just gave people like us more opportunity(which I took advantage of) to add to the stack. Ounce by ounce, we will dismantle their business model of slavery once and for all.

  • Julian

    You’re now on zero hedge. Well deserved Sean.

  • Jeff

    Sean I was putting this off until I needed it. Turns out, while on ZH there it was! The time was right and wow. Well done sir. Thank you so much for your enduring hard work and for keeping this community stitched together.

  • Michael B

    I also just saw your documentary posted on ZH and had to come say congrats, Sean. Well done!

  • Rex

    Great work, Sean.
    Less focus on credits, they will understand. You are very giving. Best to you, your son and your family.
    – Rex

  • Babs42

    Peru Bans GMO food and ingredients for 10 yrs minimum


  • ArvUK

    Hot on the heels of the US Mint recalling all pennies and nickels from circulation, the UK Royal Mint will begin “a programme to recover cupronickel five pence and ten pence coins from circulation.”

    Start hoarding!

  • dana2

    Another great video – How much longer we have an internet to share them is another matter.

  • Joe

    Apmex update:

    The 2012 Kookaburra dragon privy mintage of 80K is back in stock, they have less than 2000 of them on hand this go-around too. This came a week or so back as a good buy by Sean and I have to agree with him (for once ;). The premium is also lower than the regular kookaburra too. This is a great buy from apmex, which I normally would not say. So if ANY of you guys or gals were going to stack any one ounce coins this one you can’t pass up. Think about it, seriously, it is only about a single dollar more than if you were to buy an ASE for a very small batch of a Perth product.

  • Jajah

    Dear SGT,

    Is there a way of contacting you in private?

  • JW

    SGT posting links to this on my site if you don’t care! Great stuff and perhaps a wakeup for some.

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