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Targeting Civilians: Israel’s Specialty

by Stephen Lendman,

Bullies choose easy adversaries to pummel. Equal fights are shunned. It’s the same in schoolyards or battlefields.

America and Israel operate this way. They avoid foes able to give as much as they take. Rogue governments never say they’re sorry.

During Cast Lead in January 2009, Professor Jeremy Salt wrote “A Message to the brave Israeli Airmen.” His comments apply to what’s now ongoing.

What’s it like firing missiles at people you can’t see, he asked?

Does it help being unable to see who you’re killing?

Is your conscience eased by inflicting disproportionate force on people unable to fight back and civilian infrastructure?

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5 comments to Targeting Civilians: Israel’s Specialty

  • Izzy

    It’s difficult to argue with Stephen’s analogy of the bully.Who’s side was God on when it came to the bully Goliath and little David?Maybe the Jews should have a little more fear of God that they’re on His side today with their program of eliminating the Palestinian people which kind of aligns them to the parallel thinking of the eugenicist NWO control freaks whom want to eliminate 6 billion more, which I know most peace loving Israelis wouldn’t want to be associated with.Bullies want it all their way.You can be charged for resisting arrest in the USA for simply raising your arms,a natural pre programed self protection technique given us by our creator, to shield our selves from their batons.Is there no limit to the justification of their evil?God’s answer is Job 9:20″if I justify myself mine own mouth shall condemn me,if I say I am perfect it shall also prove me perverse.”

    • Hman

      Izzy, you do not have to refer to any religion to notice evil. God programmed normal humans to have a sense of justice but it’s severely lacking in Zionists DNA.

  • Izzy

    I’m interested in giving solutions as well as pointing out the problems.The book of Job is@ 1500 BC and the wisdom of that verse speaks for its self.It’s part of the message God gave to the Jewish people that how many generations of Gentiles recognize?There is a difference between the Zionists,which as you know have their own religion,and the normal Jewish people who want peace and a solution to the suffering on both sides.

  • Choo Hader

    You mean like they did on 911?

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