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Real Reason for Classified Documents

from The Daily Bell:

Petraeus mistress had substantial classified data on computer: sources … What was found on Paula Broadwell’s home computer Classified material kept by the woman who conducted an affair with former CIA Director David Petraeus predates their liaison and does not come from the spy agency, sources briefed on the investigation told Reuters on Thursday. The finding appears to bolster assertions by both Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell, that their affair did not put national security secrets at risk – a central question hovering over the scandal that brought down one of the United States’ most respected public figures last week. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: This rash incident jeopardized US national security.

Free-Market Analysis: While it is a bit difficult to figure out exactly where Washington’s latest scandal begins and ends, the seriousness of what is occurring has been exacerbated by accusations that one of the central figures had “classified material” on a home computer.

The necessity for “classified material” is one of the longest-running dominant social themes. There are, of course, many levels of classified material and a subdominant social theme would have to do with the importance of keeping government secrets out of the public sphere.

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1 comment to Real Reason for Classified Documents

  • NoLongerOfUse

    Petraeus was framed it is clear. He was ready to testify against Obama about Benghazi. He would not play along with the official story so he had to go away. They had something on him. They always had his mistress to use against him when needed. He needs to testify before Congress, but will he get that chance?

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