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Outrage: Obama Admin. Says Texans Can’t Arrest UN Observers Even if They Violate Texas Law

by Heath Stillwell, Political Pie Hole:

The Texas Attorney General threatens UN with arrest and the Obama Administration comes out and tries to trump that and offer the UN immunity from arrest? Unacceptable. Texas needs to double down and stand it’s ground. The arrests need to be made, made publicly. Show the UN and the Obama Administration that Texas will not be pushed around.

As we publicized earlier this week, “United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling places around the U.S. looking for voter suppression activities by conservative groups.” [Click on this “Limited Election Observation Mission to the United States of America” list to see where the international observers will be deploying in your state.]

Unlike Alaska’s current passivity, Texas confronted this offensive intrusion by international observers with a warning from its Attorney General’s office: “[G]roups and individuals from outside the United States do not have jurisdiction to interfere with Texas elections.”

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6 comments to Outrage: Obama Admin. Says Texans Can’t Arrest UN Observers Even if They Violate Texas Law

  • UN observation or enforcement of anything in the U.S.A. is clearly unconstitutional, thus a violation of federal and state sovereignty, as are the treasonous and illegitimate “laws” that our presidents and representatives have passed and instituted through the decades that have made the UN the so-called law of the land. As such, it is by no means to far a stretch to consider UN interference in our affairs to be an act of war.

    • reflector

      this is a sloppy and untrue thing you have said, lumping together “observation” and “enforcement”.

      the discussion was about UN observing only, you dishonestly threw in “enforcement” in order to try to muddy the issue.

      observation just means looking, i have no objection to anyone observing the election, whether they are US citizens, UN, or, hell, even iranian.

      please explain how someone observing an election is “unconstitutional”, as you put it.
      please cite what part of the constitution limits who can observe an election?
      i know of know such statute, i suspect you’re making it up.

  • Jon

    This is programming / fear mongering. Remember the MSM is owned by the jews who want to break down nation states into a one world government, and the same jews run the UN, which is a precursor for OWG. And, so a title like this one makes afraid people believe that they are close to that goal. But they are not. Most of the articles on this site, are total BS programming.

    • reflector

      oh, yes, the jooooooooooooooos!
      won’t someone save us from the evil joooooos!

      it’s not out fault our country has turned to shit, not our doing, obviously it’s SOMEONE ELSE’s fault, let’s blame the joos, lol.

      • Phez

        sickening how so many idiots use the word “jew” so loosely. Let’s not take a look in the mirror, oh hell no, that would be devastating to see that ugly image… many followers it’s a damn shame and no wonder our country is going to shit!

  • R_J

    Ha Ha Ha…and how many countries “sovereignty” does the U.S. interfere with? 192 +

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