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Near Death Experiences & The End of the Banksters

from Silver Vigilante:

The near death experience gets plenty of public attention:

Frequently recurring features include feelings of peace and joy; a sense of being out of one’s body and watching events going on around one’s body and, occasionally, at some distant physical location; a cessation of pain; seeing a dark tunnel or void; seeing an unusually bright light, sometimes experienced as a “Being of Light” that radiates love and may speak or otherwise communicate with the person; encountering other beings, often deceased persons whom the experiencer recognizes; experiencing a revival of memories or even a full life review, sometimes accompanied by feelings of judgment; seeing some “other realm,” often of great beauty; sensing a barrier or border beyond which the person cannot go; and returning to the body, often reluctantly.

~(E.F. Kelly et al., Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century. New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 2007, p. 372)

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1 comment to Near Death Experiences & The End of the Banksters

  • Izzy

    Glimpses of the reality of the real world,the everlasting spirit world that operates in other dimensions around this temporary one.Some are given entrance through NDE.And once there they want to join their loved ones or they’re sent back with instructions.Others have temporally entered with drugs.That could be scary if they’re not protected from the Devil’s forces.I entered through Jesus,the Door.He said”God is Love and a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth(John4:24)1john4:8.

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