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Federal investigators lying through their teeth in the Petraeus probe

from No More Fake News:

The punchline of this story is an unconstitutional US imperial war machine, dedicated to empire, contributing to a Globalist planet by destabilizing and causing massive chaos in the Middle East and Africa.

In this criminal effort, one American soldier has stood out above the rest. He has been made into a heroic myth. He represents the best of the best.

Seeing his character, his honor, millions of Americans have concluded that whatever our Armed Forces are doing, it must be right and good.

If David Petraeus is our fearless leader, we’re on the side of the angels. If he succumbed to a moment of misguided passion, we can forgive him. His grand portrait must continue to hang on the wall. Petraeus gives legitimacy to war, destruction, empire-building.

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1 comment to Federal investigators lying through their teeth in the Petraeus probe

  • monica

    great article…
    and where do we go from here? people are clueless, worn down and tuned out. they are either conveniently allowing the deception because it feeds their needs or they actually recognize the lies they are fed and yet are silent so as not to disturb their friends, family or co workers with politically incorrect statements of fact.
    i am not silent, but i’ve had my fill of blank looks, glazed over eyes or stupid liberal arguments that are half thought out but spew media headline news points. i consider myself a moderate with liberal leanings but these past four years watching the complete denial of the liberal press to call into accountability ANYTHING done by this administration has made me literally sick and disgusted. i realize my champions during the bush administration – keith oberman, lawrence odonnell, so vocal and outspoken are suddenly silent and “uneducated” journalist. lawrence odonnell stating he knew NOTHING about the NDAA…but ask him about Medicare – “that’s my area or expertise”…seriously??? as a journalist, that’s one lying or lazy bastard in my book…calling out Ron Paul as a “liar” during his compaign…disgusting how larry showed NO shame in revealing what a bought out scum he really is. and Oberman?? where’s the infamous tirades against tyranny??? lol…nothing…at least rachel will push a little…but knowing they are part of the manipulation machine…none of it is worth my time…my resource for this world is prayer, there is not much more or much greater work i can do at this point than that for the people of this planet.

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