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Fact check: Texas has both the legal and moral right to secede from a corrupt union

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The reaction to my recent article on why Texas is uniquely positioned to secede from the union and run itself as an independent nation state reveals that very few people on the internet have any real knowledge of history. (Gee, is anyone surprised that people on Facebook have no clue what they’re talking about?)

For the purpose of educating those who simply don’t know these facts, I’m publishing selections from the Texas state constitution that make it perfectly clear: Texas voluntarily joined the union but did not surrender power to the union. It reserves the eternal right to run its own affairs.

From the Texas Constitution, article 1, section 1:

“Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States…”

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5 comments to Fact check: Texas has both the legal and moral right to secede from a corrupt union

  • reflector

    buh-bye, texas!

    don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!


    Texas ain’t going no where! Perry (Bilderberg Attendee) and his Lt. gov.? Remember the TSA??? TEXAS IS “OF THE SYSTEM”!!
    “Don’t let the door hit you ,where the good Lord split you!”

  • Social Animal

    America was founded on secession. The right to secede is not debateable. Your rights as an individual are yours take them. Who are these godless men to think they can revoke your rights? These men are not god and should not be playing god. This government no longer operates with legitimacy but rather with coercive force. Our representatives represent the government to us rather than represent us to it. People who do not know what they stand for, will stand for anything. It is a world where the politicians have gone mad and they think anything goes. The financial institutions hold the politicians hostage and threaten to crash the system if they do not get what they want. The result is the politicians hold us hostage and take our wealth and transfer it to the bankers. Will not be long now till implosion.

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