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SBSS Coin Update: Paypal Messed With The Wrong Guys – Part 1

[Ed. Note: The SBSS coin is still available through November 25th, here. (But don’t use Paypal to buy it!)]

from TruthNeverTold :

We go into the latest problems we had with PayPal as the held up almost a quarter million dollars of orders for the Silver Bullet Shield Shield Round and how we flipped the board on them instead of begging them. We also talk about the latest on the production of the medallion.

Part 2

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8 comments to SBSS Coin Update: Paypal Messed With The Wrong Guys – Part 1

  • mike

    They better watchout..The TPTB might just “Tucker” them…Which will suck cause I ordered 20 of them!

  • karate kid

    hey guys
    ok a few years ago thier was i guy i met on ebay i bought gold from him
    he said he sold and bought flipped gold coins on margins on ebay e bucks
    then they held like 50 grand of his money
    and wouldnt let it go for 6 months sound familer
    after he sent the coins

    he wass so pissed off this is what he did after argueing with them for a couple of weeks

    listen either on freeze my money or im going to all my credit cards in 6 months
    and fileing fraud claims with paypal on my purcahses.

    and they paypal unfreezed his funds

    this is before federal reaporting over 20000 dollars
    pay pal s good but like everyone eles will fook you in a heart beat

  • karate kid

    would like to hear more about paypal from people
    has this happened to them and did they get thier money in 6 months

    maybe some videos from you guys

  • Upstart

    I detect something nasty hiding under the surface here. From part 1 (I’ll do part 2 later), it appears that Paypal are playing several power games.

    Dont forget that Paypal is a very powerful and highly controlled international NWO organisation, not a cuddly and cute local credit union or similar. Dont forget also that Paypal gifts almost any government and their agents the ability to monitor and track purchases and sales.

    Many people know what paypal actually is and have learnt to use the Paypal system without leaving heavy footprints. They understand that paypal is the facebook of the banking system, ie set up to gather personal financial information and buying/selling habbits – whilst subversively getting people used to an international electronic money system. Paypal is in fact one of the main tools used by the banking and NWO elite to make ‘electronic money’ and a cashless society easy and attractive for the masses.

    I dont really need to point out that every electronic transaction leaves a substantial audit trail, so Paypal dont really need to ask for tracking numbers (which = name and address of buyers dont forget). Asking for more and more info is just part of the control grid. Paypal will already have access to this information via bank/credit card and merchant sales data, its all about control and getting people to be submissive towards them. The holding and blocking of funds is control and ball squeezing at its most obvious – wash, rinse, repeat until you jump through more and more hoops, until you eventually learn to jump through them without having to be told, or encouraged.

    I do not wish to discourage buyers of the Silver bullet coin, its a great item, but all involved – sellers, buyers alike, need to be mindful that they will be watched and their silver tracked.

    Why is it such a big deal? Well:

    People who buy this coin are most likely to be ‘awake’ people.
    Awake people are also likely to be preppers.
    Preppers are likely to have much more precious metals and weapons/ammo than the average sheeple.
    Preppers with even modest precious metals stacks and modest weapons and ammo stores are likely to be a threat to authority.
    People who are a threat to authority could become ‘domestic terrorists’ and even inspire others to become ‘preppers’ and therefore domestic terrorists.
    People who may be domestic terrorists can have their homes raided, AND have ALL of their assets confiscated, AND be locked up without trial.

    As I say, I really dont want to discourage sales, I just want people to be mindful that as we approach the end game the old rules will be changed or be thrown out of the window, especially if we continue the use the systems which have been designed to condition us and which will ultimately trap us.

    It is actually ironic that people are using a system designed to trap them to buy metals which will free them.

    Just be careful out there………

  • Nate

    This is a great reason why I didn’t buy any of these medallions. Besides not liking the front design and the premium price, I want to buy something that’s guaranteed. Chris is always talking about third party risk and then goes and does just that, risking all these people’s money with his silver medallion scheme. To be honest, I personally think it’s just a way to make money off of the masses who follow the silver story.
    Why buy something that’s not readily recognized or exchangeable? No. 1 in investing in silver is don’t buy numismatics or collectibles, this is pretty much by definition the “Silver Bullet Silver Shield” medallion. In my humble opinion, they should not have tried such a scheme without owning the silver outright. They were playing into the paper silver game just like they told people not to do. Had they simply ordered the physical in large bars, then melted it, then produced the coins for sale, they wouldn’t have the problems with quality control, the price fluctuations, or fulfilling orders.

  • harman kardon

    This story reminds me of what happened to Gerald Celente. Chris, you have been saying for some time to “get your money out of the system”. Then you put your money into the belly of the beast and wonder why something went wrong. I have a lot of respect for you and the work you have done. I have ordered–trading–10 ounces of silver for 10 ounces of SBSS Medallions. I am not part of the this mess. You should have known to NEVER get involved with criminals. Paypal is just another criminal organization set up to take your money. I am glad you and Rob worked everything and took their gambling money away from them, but I am sad to hear that the whole thing happened. I am disappointed that you and Rob had not worked out an alternative payment method instead of using the organized crime syndicate that you continually expose. Please, do not do this again as your credibility will be completely shot if you do.

    • Nate

      I have to agree with you. Gerald Celente and Chris did exactly the opposite of what they preached. Real shame. But, great lesson and example for everyone out their to learn from their mistakes.

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