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Rob Gray: WHAT IS MONEY and Where Do We Go From Here?

Rob Gray of The American Open Currency Standard joins me to talk about what solutions we the PEOPLE have to combat the FED’s criminal printing press. Ron Paul correctly argues that COMPETING CURRENCIES are the answer to the monetary mischief of the powers that be. And some communities are doing just that – embracing alternative currencies to compete with the FED’s fiat Dollars. Rob is one of the minds behind the beautiful Lakota rounds and the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield rounds, which are available here. Rob & I also talk about the risks of returning to a gold standard when the world’s wealthiest families own most of the gold!

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22 comments to Rob Gray: WHAT IS MONEY and Where Do We Go From Here?

  • John

    Great interview, and my concerns were voiced as well, thanks.

    We keep on hearing that they will decide what to use, but who gives these traitors the right to choose? oh yeah, most Americans are in the twilight zone… They need Government (God) to decide what is good for them…

    Keep stacking!!!


    Thanks Rob,Chris,SGT,and David. Let’s not forget David (Rob’s brother) he is a good and honest man! Call him at the mint, 1-888-299-4399 he can answer all your questions.
    Keep Stakin’!

  • Ivan

    It’s funny how cash for gold is sucking up middle class dry. And 99% don’t even realize it. Thanks sgt for you hard work.

  • Travis

    Rob mentioned how he did not really trust American Silver Eagles. Many of the blanks come from the Perth Mint and are stamped at the US Mint.
    I think that a gold standard will be introduced but it will be digital and still built on a lie.

  • Karma Respect

    Clearly there is an urgent need for another “Re formation” of what should be acceptable to a civilized society. The kernel of the monetary debate from the Master of the last Reformation: “With their accursed usury they hold us and our property captive”

    On the Jews and their Lies by DR MARTIN LUTHER date de publication: 7 décembre 2011
    In fact, they hold us Christians captive in our own country. They let us work in the sweat of our brow to earn money and property while they sit behind the stove, idle away the time, fart, and roast pears. They stuff themselves, guzzle, and live in luxury and ease from our hard-earned goods. With their accursed usury they hold us and our property captive. Martin Luther (1483 -1546) was a German priest, professor of theology and father of the Protestant Reformation. On the Jews and Their Lies was written in 1543. In the first ten sections, Luther compares Jews and Judaism to Christians and Christianity, and in the remainder of the book, advises that unless Jews give up Judaism and become Christians, they should be expelled from all Christian lands. He called for the burning of synagogues, the destruction of their religious writings, the execution of rabbis, for the abolition of usury and for Jews to be made to do manual labour.

  • DK

    4 months of reading about monetary mechanics sure changes your life and perspective on a wide range of subjects like politics, history and economics. Thank you for a great site which gives so much information.

    Here’s a speech given in the European Parliament by a UKIP member.

  • ib12541

    Seems there’s some discrepancies flying around this interview. On the one hand you rail against the local system in New York not functioning in California then later on you support local markets determining what money is.

    If you want competing currencies then you’re not for a gold standard. Currency is paper. We’ve never had a true gold standard in this country. Even during the heyday of bi-metalism we had paper currency floating around.

    The constitution calls for congress to coin money. We must hold their feet to the fire and eliminate fiat substitutes, along with the Fed.

    We’re getting a few folks pushing their rounds lately, which is perfectly fine, but don’t dilute the debate regarding constitutional money and fiat. Local points, medallions, rounds, hours, bitcoins, etc., will never be a viable substitute for constitutional money.

    Just my opinion.

    • Lowell

      “viable substitute for constitutional money”…Right.

      In addition to all this jibberish, i.e. trading with merchants….what merchants? ALL the mom and pop stores are gone. Hardware stores, furniture ect.

      WHO is left? WALMART. You THINK they are going to “f” around with your silly Berkshares/bitcoin/wampum beads or whatever else you THINK is “money”? That goes for silver/gold coins as well.

      You got cashiers that have to call a manager if you hand them a $100! What is God’s name do you think they would do if you handed them a 24K Gold Buff!

      GEEEZ ….people wake up.

      • BladeMcCool

        so use a debitcard that is funded with gold, silver, bitcoins or wampun if you want to shop at WALMART. (These things exist, well save for the wampum lol).

        • Lowell

          LOL Blade – I LIKE Wampum. But doesn’t the DEBITCARD thingie violate the “if you don’t hold it” rule. Not to mention “electronic transfers” in case of EMP/solar flares or JPM pulling the plug causing all electronic data entries to disappear?

          Note: I have my tinfoil hat firmly in place while sitting on my case of MRE’s…lol

          • BladeMcCool

            No, it doesnt violate the ‘if you dont hold it rule’, except for whatever amount you actually decide to hand over to load onto a card. You proposed the scenario of having real money (gold/silver/etc) and wanting to spend it at WALMART, and I was telling you how thats possible today. Of course if you handed all your PMs over to a card company to do this, you’d be unwise. I would never suggest that. I would only load onto the card what I wanted to spend in the very near term, like a couple hundred bux worth of gold/silver/bitcoins whatever.

            The point is that these kind of card offerings exist today so that you dont have to keep hardly anything in USD if you dont want to and just reload a card from time to time with some chumpchange amount of silver/gold and use that to buy things at WALMART. (and keep the rest of your holdings buried in bedrock).

  • Cleburne61

    I enjoy listening to Rob Gray, because he’s a visionary, like Chris Duane, like you, Sean.

    They’re hard core, and I must admit…I’m not as gung ho about a government-controlled gold standard as I once was. Of course, the constitution doesn’t say gold standard, it says “Gold and silver”. So at the least, if you want to handcuff the banksters, we must always insist on Bimetallism.

    But…why can’t the market just achieve that itself? If government can’t provide any other services or products effectively, why should they be trusted with production of the most important product imaginable? Money.

    There’s a book called “Good Money”, I believe, that deals with the history of the British people who used private mints to make excellent private money….before the dark times….before the Rothschilds….

  • Tom G.

    Never heard of this guy before. Fantastic. It’s good to see another guy taking the ball forward. I totally agree that going back to some strict gold standard is not the solution.

    Looks like the Cartel is capping the price of silver and gold once again. What’s new? I’m hoping for 37-40 by year’s end. I think we trade sideways for a few weeks here. But I don’t think we go much below 34. This market “wants” to go higher.

  • rich

    Rush to turn European gold paper into real metal vaulted in Singapore

    Starting Monday, the Southeast Asian city-state is scrapping a 7% tax on gold and silver in an effort to turn the city into a precious-metals trading hub to rival London and Zurich, where value-added taxes don’t apply to the investment-grade gold trade.
    Investors have flocked to gold and silver in recent years as the world economy sputtered. The most nervous among them shunned the futures and funds often used to invest in gold and instead bought bars, ingots and coins to stash their wealth.
    “There has been a dramatic increase in customers wanting to move out of paper, that is over-the-counter gold, and into physical,” said Cedric Chanu, director, Asia precious-metals trading at Deutsche Bank. “We’re seeing customers wanting to move their gold from Europe into Singapore.”

    Following the tax exemption, Singapore is aiming for a 10%-15% share of global gold demand within five to 10 years, up from around 2% now, government agency IE Singapore said at the time the exemption was announced early this year.

  • Jeff

    Thank you Sean for your tireless hard work. Your interviews are the best.

  • Ed_B

    Actually, the idea of gold on deposit at a location like Gold Money is a GREAT idea. Part of the reason is that it is not a government operation but a private one. These cards would look and work like any other plastic credit or debit card except that they would be backed by gold or perhaps by silver as well. Adds new meaning to the term “gold card”, eh? Anyway, we all know how valuable gold and silver really are. Many of the purchases we make on a daily basis are too small for an oz. of gold or silver. If this could be paid out in 1/1000ths of an oz., milli-grams, 1/10ths of a grain or other very small unit, we could use PMs for even the smallest of purchases.

    As to “not trusting the government” being a reason for not buying ASEs, I would argue that not trusting the government is precisely why I buy silver eagles, maples, and other government produced silver rounds. Yes, they are known and trusted to consist of what and how much they are supposed to contain. Knowing the gold and silver buying crowd as we do, can anyone possibly imagine the hysterical out-cry if anyone ever found a US Mint product that was not what it was supposed to be, for actual metal content, purity, or weight? Can we all imagine how difficult it would be for any mint to ever sell another coin with a black mark on them like that? Yes, I believe that we can. Buying silver and gold is THE way to get out of fiat paper and other forms of paper wealth. All of the US Mint’s PM products are recognized the world over as genuine gold and silver articles… the real deal… and are therefore EASILY bought, sold, and traded. All that would end instantly if any sign of fraud of any kind were to be proved. No mint out there can afford for that to happen, so they are VERY careful in regards the quality of their products… and it is right that they should be. The US Mint can be trusted to produce excellent and viable precious metal products simply because they cannot afford not to be.

    One final thought. The US government has a lot of corruption going on under its auspices. Because of this, many of us do not trust them. In spite of this, however, it is only fair to recognize that while much of it is corrupt, not all of it is. The parts of it that are into control are most certainly corrupt. Just realize that not every single part of it is into control or is corrupt.

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