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QE∞, False Flags, Bank Runs, Price Controls & Martial Law in America – Greg Mannarino

Author & Blogger Greg Mannarino joins us to talk about the END GAME. Greg warns that “we are literally at the financial, global, economic end game.” And the result will likely be world government and the permanent end of our Liberty. Our situation could not be more dire, although you’ve heard others sound the alarm about the “end of America” – listen to this gripping interview and consider it very carefully. This is a red alert warning.

Part 1:
QE∞, False Flags & the END OF THE LINE
Part 2:
Bank Runs, Price Controls & Martial Law in America
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42 comments to QE∞, False Flags, Bank Runs, Price Controls & Martial Law in America – Greg Mannarino

  • Bud

    Great interview. Thank you.

  • Kim

    Great and sobering interview Sean. You are doing amazing work and should realize you are making a great difference. Greg Mannarino and yourself should start a political party called the: Constitutional Keepers.
    Your website is world class and I can’t thank you enough.

    • SGT

      Thanks SO much Kim, I really appreciate that feedback. I’ve been hoping to find time to get back to making some micro-docs again soon, but I’m really glad to know folks are still getting something out of these interviews.

  • Lone Wolf

    Are you going to let yourselves be enslaved by the Global Mafia? Folks get a backbone because this is what we are up against. it is time to pay close attention and use your brains.

    Yes, I know, I know…this is a David Duke Video. I pulled it off of the Veterans Today website. You would be surprised what information can be found there ( This is the most incriminating evidence I have seen against Israel far beyond anything to date. The discussion is around a U.S. Embassy cable from Jerusalem titled Israel – A Promised Land for Organized Crime. Give it a chance, I expect you will find the information shatters all your perceptions, even with everythging you know already about Israel, it did mine. Is (Isis) ra (Amun Ra) El (El) all evil gods of the under world in this world with Rothschilds as the financiers.

    • Tony

      Lone Wolf……Amazing video!, thanks for sharing……I will say the message of truth is finally getting out slowly but surely.

    • DaveL

      Surprise, David Duke makes more sense than all of the lame-stream-media combined. I am being sarcastic, not only is “Duke” well researched and DEAD-ON, but is trampling the MSM “ZIONIST MOB” without any apparent fear of retribution. ZIONISM is THE PROBLEM. Such a small, deviant, illegally established state (Israel) responsible for so much suffering in OUR world. Nuke Dimona and open a smoldering gate-to-hell, which ALL Likudnuts/Zionist may jump/fall into. See you at VT Wolf…if you get my drift.

      • Tony

        DaveL….sorry to cut in on your dialogue but i agree with everything you said. Can you elaborate on VT? sounds very clandestine & peaked my interest.

  • Lone Wolf


    Agree, great effort to raise awareness. I appreciate all the information presented on your site. I have migrated more toward SGTReport for information and away from other sites as your site is information rich and with many sources on many topics. Quite a depth of information and breadth of topics.

  • Tony

    Great interview, Greg is very knowledgeable & comes across as very sincere & honest, his passion for getting the message of truth out there is quite honorable as is SGT’s.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    What SGT, Mike Maloney and so many others have taught me is that when something doesn’t make sense, invert it and ask yourself ‘does it make sense now?’

  • ib12541

    thanks for bringing greg on. he seems like a genuine stand up guy who wants to spread the word.

  • johns

    Interesting, unemployment drops and oil drops. One would think all these newly employed people would have to drive to their new job? Or could they all have been “home office” types?

    Up is down, down is up. Black is white, white is black.
    The truth will prevail.

    Thanks for another great interview Sean. I’ve been following Gregory for a while and agree with his thoughts.

  • john murphy

    what happened to the 1st video? about 2/3s of the way thru the screen goes black with message ‘vedio no longer available’ or some such?????

  • john

    sorry spelling — video

  • YankeeDoodle

    Greg is right on the money (no pun intended). But it is going to take more than an army of people armed with knowledge to fix this mess, it’s going to take an army of people armed with knowledge and guns to stand up to this fascist takeover of our country.

  • Karma Respect

    Much of the world has now been made to rely on socialism. However, like wars Socialism are funded by Capitalism with the sole objective of transferring all wealth and power to the providers of capital. This was the core fact behind the jewish controlled Bolshevik socialist revolution, it was not a peoples revolution it was against the people – read the horrific facts about 66 million deaths and transfer of Russian power and wealth.

    Look now at what is happening worldwide, the issuers of fiat are deliberately withholding their debt form of finance and this means the end of socialism and also the end of all civilized society. This is why Ron Paul calls for the introduction of a competing currency as otherwise we the people do not have the tools with which to survive their current deliberate takedown of all world economies. Jim Sinclair has stated that the present horrific western induced inflationary collapse of Iran is going to suddenly happen here thanks to quantitative easing. Greece is destroyed, Spain is destroyed, Portugal is destroyed, the Middle East is destroyed, France appears hot in line with its socialist agenda.

    Interesting to note that the Russian Government in 1917 was disproportionally controlled by the jew from Eastern Europe, the US Government now is without doubt compromised and is working for another agency other than for its citizens and the good of normal decent mankind. I agree that this is a battle for the control of the world, perhaps gold and silver are the personal antidote to the Luciferian worshippers otherwise if you want to survive until the tide falls then build an ark as other personal solution is evident.

  • john

    Watching today’s raid has me thinking… The taxpayers will be paying for all the short positions that JPM is taking and will not cover, why would they care, Uncle Sam will open up his wallet and say, here you go…… This system is a total farce, people wake up, they are robbing us blind………………..

    Excellent work!! Thanks Sean…

    • john

      Gerald Celente in a recent interview said that if Gold closes above 1780 for the week, the Bull run is back, I guess we can’t have that yet.. *LOL*

      All valued in fake fiat crap, that people still accept…

      Keep stacking…

  • truther

    Brilliant …

    i feel sorry to see people’s well been slaughtered …

  • SweetHomeChicago

    Excellent interview. I’ll be sending this interview out to my list. The word is spreading throughout the nation and world. Great work and keep it up!

  • Kim

    You should know Sean that in my world, your website is my number one source! Your contribution mankind is immence, don’t you forget that and from now on continue your work without a shadow of doubt.

  • Karma Respect

    Jim Sinclair today talks about the end game with certainty. For those who really want to know listen to one or two tapes from the Irish priest by scrolling down the web page to his 8 tapes entitled BUILD YOURSELF AN ARK

    2012 version is to have the population of humanity rely on your fiat debt then as in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Iran etc withdraw that funding and given no alternative currency they are like the frog boiled alive. As Sinclair says there is no way of escape from the master plan to a one Jew World Order.

  • john

    The American Dream – Part 2


    DO any of you realize what your saying,this was a great video,but the one thing you did not talk about was HOW DO YOU THINK THE BANKERS who have MURDERED their way to everyones wallet are going to react to the fact they will be on trial for all the crimes they have commited while looting everyone? DO you think they will just say “OK” you got me and go along peacefuly with being HANGED OR SHOT for their crimes????NO THEY WON’T,what your talking about is a sneak attack on the USA(we’er armed to the teeth)they have to take the USA down and they got to do it before their lead away in handcuffs,I know it,you know it,AND SO DO THEY,AMERICA IS IN SERIOUS DANGER OF WAR RIGHT HERE AT HOME AND ALL THE BELLS ARE RINGING,OPEN YOUR EYES,before we have RUSSIAN and CHINESE rockets landing on our head,THERE HERE AND IT AIN’T FOR A PARTY, the LORD SAYS OCT.15th is D-DAY FOR AMERICA,he never speaks IDLE WORDS,you been WARNED…………

    • Tony

      @ ARIZONA……..Exactly what I have been saying on many posts & forums. I am not nor are you spreading fear only facts & Awareness. Jim Sinclair is leaving the country for a reason, he knows the end game. I disagree on the Date, My research has taken me to speculate on March 22nd,(322) 2013. We must all come to a state of higher consciousness & not participate in their matrix,We will prevail, many will die, that’s the reality.

      • Jon

        Tony, can you explain how you got to that date, please? It sounds about right to me. I was going to buy a house from a guy who was of a certain race, and who I believe knows ALOT, and his position on this deal led me to believe it was either Feb or Mar.

    • Jon

      Arizona, all this about justice is just BS, I am afraid. The criminals never get punished. We all should accept this, and that when the debt/dollar bubble bursts, vast numbers will die, and a police state will be instituted in the USA by the race of people who controls the central banks, suppresses gold/silver prices, runs the Fed, controls Hollywood and most of the developed world.

      Ben Fulford, Wilcock, Alex Jones, and many more, are all cointelpro, which means they are misinformation. We must accept what has been done so we can at least know our enemies, and get ready for the trial that lies ahead. Don’t put your faith in those (the govt) who have totally betrayed you. It’s game over everyone, prepare now while there’s time.

  • john

    America, Version 1.0, 1.2 & 1.3; Shows 42 & 43 Dollars and Sense

  • Jon

    Ever wonder about the race of those who suppress gold and silver?
    Ever wonder about the race of the chair of the CFTC Silver Investigation, Gary Gensler, who steers the decision on legality of silver short position limits?
    Ever wonder about the race of those who facilitated (silverstein, Lauder, etc) and headed the investigation of 9/11 (9/11 commission) (Zelikow, Marcus, Falzenberg)?
    Ever wonder which race will bring forth and enforce the ‘mark of the beast’ (this will be a further development of the Kosher seal on foods and products)?
    Ever wonder which race has developed the RFID chip for human tracking and total control?
    To which race do all Fed board members belong (Bernanke, Yellen, Duke, Tarullo, Raskin, Stein, Powell)?

    Did you know that this race doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ??!
    Before America is on its knees, we should at least be able to recognise our enemy, otherwise all efforts to achieve liberty will fail.

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