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Part 2; Transcript Exclusive Chris Hedges Interview; The Template for Harvesting America, Sacrifice Zones and Blood

This is part two of a two part transcript that’s over 5000 words.

By Rob Kall, Op Ed News:

Rob Kall: Okay, so there were definitely problems. How do you see the big picture evolving then, with resistance, with civil disobedience? What are the next steps?

Chris Hedges: Well, it’s the Ruling Class that determines the parameters of rebellion. And I’ve covered movements all over the world. I’ve covered the revolutions in Eastern Europe, I covered both of the Palestinian uprisings, the Intifadas, I covered the street demonstrations that brought down Slobodan Milosevic, I’ve of course covered the collapse of Yugoslavia itself. And when the ruling elite cannot respond rationally, i.e. institute mechanisms to mitigate the despair, and anger, and frustration that has been visited on the population, then there is always a backlash, but no one, not even the purported leaders of movements, have any idea, number one, what will set it off, and [two] what it will look like. But that “something” is coming, I have no doubt, especially having spent the last two years in the poorest pockets of the United States. And I just want to throw in, that the reason I did it with Joe Sacco, and fifty pages of the book are illustrated with drawings and comic panels that outlined people’s lives, give them a kind of filmic quality, is because these people are invisible, and these Sacrifice Zones are invisible, the Corporate Media, especially the airwaves, just virtually don’t cover it at all. You know, things are only getting worse. The fact that Congress refused to extend unemployment benefits means that hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to be thrust into destitution, and tens of thousands of those people are going to lose their homes.


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1 comment to Part 2; Transcript Exclusive Chris Hedges Interview; The Template for Harvesting America, Sacrifice Zones and Blood

  • Jon

    Funny, this article includes in the title ‘sacrifice zones’ but only mentions West Virginia! Presumably, that is for the common jew purpose of fearmongering.

    But the punchline of the article is this …’In Biblical terms, we “forgot our neighbor.” And now, what’s being done to them, is being done to us, as we watch as corporations reconfigure the global economy into a form of Neo-feudalism and workers around the world are told that they have to be “competitive’.

    This is what is forecast in the book of Revelation in the bible, and it also includes predictive programming of the big jew hope, that they could rule the world, ha ha, as if! And that makes this article, jew propaganda!

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