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Nigel Farage – We Are Headed To A ‘One World Government’

from KingWorldNews:

In an incredibly powerful interview, today MEP (Member European Parliament) Nigel Farage told King World News, “They even want to get eurozone countries to change their constitutions, to write in their constitutions that they will obey all orders from Brussels.” Farage also warned “So it is very, very difficult to ignore those voices who have been telling me for 20 years that behind all of this there are a group of people that want to create a one world government … it’s beginning to stare us in the face.

Farage also discussed gold, but first, here is what he had to say about the ongoing crisis: “We’ve reached a point in this where, despite the massive economic the massive economic, political, and social problems that exist within the eurozone, and indeed an argument that the North and the South of Europe are diverging by the day, despite all of that, the political class have got so much the upper hand in Brussels, that, actually, they are moving to more and more extreme tactics.”

Nigel Farage continues @

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10 comments to Nigel Farage – We Are Headed To A ‘One World Government’

  • William

    We already have one world government, but they will need more money. So if you are already paying taxes on everything at least once (like me) nothing will change much. You might even feel good that your neighbour will pay tax too.

    Perhaps stacking will make a difference just feeling a better off slave……

  • Ed_B

    Heading towards One World Government? My goodness, we’ve been doing that at least since WWII ended, if not before. The creation of the US Federal Reserve System and the US Income Tax, both in 1913, are very likely pieces from this same puzzle. I am sure that even the most die-hard conspiracy buff would be absolutely shocked at just how long this has been going on and how pervasive it really is.

  • Upstart

    The United Kingdom (order brought out of the previous chaos of feuding landlords, minor kings, and nobel men) – The United States (from many one, ie order brought from the previous chaos) – The European Union (order again brought from chaos of WW2). These great blocks have been converging for a long time, and continue to converge (still a way to go before merger, but the convergence creeps visibly closer).

    English – The chosen language of the New World Order, the proposed ‘one world language’ and the language of the world wide web (Orwell tried to explain how English would eventually be used).

    NATO – the precursor of the eventual ‘one world army’ (again as Orwell warned us of).

    The United Nations – the prototype of the planned, and eventual, ‘one world government’.

    I could go on, but its more fun if you try to prove me wrong by your own research (bet you cant!)

    Most importantly for us is that we are rapidly approaching the next stage in this centuries old plan to restore the World Order (that is the ‘first’ world order as mentioned, and even described to a degree, in the Old Testament).

    The term ‘New World Order’ is a reference to the restoration of the ‘first’ or the ‘old’ world order as mentioned above. Much symbolism is used to link the old with the new, particularly in Europe where the symbols are not hidden as they are in the US and the UK. Check out the architecture of the European Union buildings (particularly a certain building paying direct homage to a certain building mentioned in the Old Testament which is by far the most obvious). Also check out the statues – and dont be fooled into thinking they are harmless references to the Greeks as it is often written – they predate the Greeks and their true significance, and what they mean, is again mentioned in the Old Testament.

    So whats the next step? Should be obvious by now to all – we in the West are moving towards an engineered financial crisis which will create the conditions for the next unifying stage which is a universal currency.

    As with every unifying step taken to date some form of ‘chaos’ is introduced so that the PTB can introduce their solution to restore order (the order out of chaos meme again). Is that going to be a deritives collapse, a collapse in the US Dollar, a collapse in all fiat currencies? Who knows, just that something will happen to introduce some chaos in order for the planned solution to be introduced.

    The push towards the New World Order has been, and continues to be multigenerational. The proponents persue it and push it with religious zeal, because it is in fact a religion.

    Most people have not a single clue as to the religion followed/practiced by those pushing the New World Order. It is an ancient religion. Can you guess what religion it is they follow?

    It is not difficult to find out – just dont be afraid to go where the truth takes you.

    • joe

      Upstart-Can you elaborate on your statements? I am not denying what you are stating but you kept leaving out info. I understand it was an attempt to get folks to do some more research but I wanted to see if you could go ahead and post the above in full as I find it difficult to delve into things as much as I would like. Please post your info in full so I can look into your statements. I am not being sarcastic at all and usually look to the comments section on many of the sites I visit to get a push in the right direction of things I have missed in my reading. Thanks!

      • Upstart


        Totally appreciate what you are asking, but it took me over a year to put many of the pieces together and involved going well and truely into ‘tin foil hat’ territory.

        Therefore, if I were to sign-post you or elaborate on my statements some of the information would either have you dismiss it ‘out of hand’ as conspiracy theory, or it would scare the living daylights out of you.

        Much of the information is now almost mainstream since Bush senior went public and announced the New World Order a good few ago ( ).

        The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and a few other European leaders went public a year or two later ( ). The recent London Olympics had much of this as its theme too.

        These guys sell it as a logical and natural progression, and that globalisation and general global ‘unity’ is only positive. This stuff can get quite heavy very quickly, and the learning curve is steep.

        Try this site out first (Vigilent Citizen) to ‘break you in’ and also have a read of some of his other articles:

        This is a path you will have to walk alone, and at a pace you are comfortable with. However be reasured that you have already taken several big steps in the right direction and that many will help to guide you on your journey – they just wont be able to walk with you.

        • joe

          Upstart-feel free to share anything you can. I am not one to dismiss anything, especially in regards to our current world and circumstances. I woke up about two years ago and appreciate any info offered to me. I do not dismiss things out of hand as conspiracy theory and do not fear based on facts. Please share as much as you can and rest assured that I will not be one to think critically of you or your viewpoints. I am on your side of the fence and just crave more knowledge. I am usually the one who gets the funny looks and people avoid. I would be happy to share my email address if that is easier but would rather not post it online for fear of people spamming nonsense. Let me know.

    • The old Mystery Religion (Babylonianism)is coming out of the closet.Most recently renamed Theosophy by Helen Blavatsky(The Secret Doctrine).Headed by the Solar Logos,aka Lucifer(the god of this world), it was first revealed to man in Bible Schripture:2Co 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. What is being witnessed in world events past and present is merely the mechanical manifestation of End Times Prophecy coming to pass just as it was recorded in Daniel,Mathew24,Revelations.Lucifer currently has his Headquarters at the UN under the Lucis Trust:

  • chris

    Nigel Farage, meet the United Nations…

  • Ed_B

    “Is that going to be a deritives collapse, a collapse in the US Dollar, a collapse in all fiat currencies? Who knows, just that something will happen to introduce some chaos in order for the planned solution to be introduced.”

    Agreed. But I suggest that it will be the collapse of the derivatives market because that would be the cleanest and best method of pushing their agenda. The derivatives market alone is more than of sufficient size that its failure can collapse every currency, every market, and every government on Earth. Rather than using multiple cogs in a large, complicated, and therefore fragile collapse mechanism, derivatives are definitely simpler, powerful, and more robust.

    Timing is another question, of course. I’m sure that we all have our opinions on this. Mine is for sometime in the 2014-15 time frame. There is no evidence to support or deny this. I’m strictly going on gut instinct and market “feel” here but have developed that over 36+ years of successful investing experience.

    • Upstart

      Ed B,

      Yes, my instinct too tells me a failure, if not a complete collapse, of the derivitives market will start the dominos toppling.

      I too have no real evidence to predict the timing of this. I stuck my neck out last December and warned family and friends we would see at least some sort of major financial crisis, perhaps even a bank holiday over the Christmas and New Year period. I was dead wrong, and worse, my prediction has devalued what I still hold to be good practice – getting paper assets out of the system and moved into hard assets. As a result I dont make firm(ish) time scale predictions anymore. This thing could indeed go on for another year or two, or even longer (but just between you, me, and the internet, I would be more inclined to believe we will be presented with a crisis sooner rather than later – a sort of confluence of Steins law and Murpheys law).

      Max Keisers time line of (at least the start of) the crisis as soon as Q2 next year could fit if we have a black swan (or two) desend upon us.

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