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Do You Think There’s More to the 9/11 Story Than You’ve Been Told? Wanna Have Your Mind BLOWN? Listen to THIS:

from Red Ice Creations:

Richard Grove is the founder of the Tragedy and Hope website, which enables individuals to research and form groups of independent thinkers to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Prior to T&H, Richard worked as an account executive in NYC, selling enterprise software and services to the world’s largest Financial Services companies. After discovering that his corporation was selling software with a “back-door” which allowed illicit transactions to take place beyond oversight- he blew the whistle, which led him into court from 2003-2007. In the first hour, Richard shares his Wall Street whistleblowing experience and connects 9/11, insider trading and conspiracy. He tells his story and shares his witness account of what happened on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 as he had a meeting that day on the 96th floor of the WTC North Tower when it was struck. In the second hour, we cover enslavement through technology, psych warfare, voluntary servitude and removal from the elite control system.

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9 comments to Do You Think There’s More to the 9/11 Story Than You’ve Been Told? Wanna Have Your Mind BLOWN? Listen to THIS:

  • Tony

    I enjoyed the interview……Richard is taking “waking up” to a whole new level. great website

  • jeff

    If you listen to this interview, you will know that the whole “Glass-Steagal will fix it” arguement is bullshit. The regulators mandate the very software that allows the fraud!!

    If you are thinking about listening to this interview but haven’t – do it.

  • General Ben Partin

    This was good. Highly recommended.

  • Excellent!!! Well worth the “time investment” for anyone interested in 9/11 Truth. The AIG connection is astounding.

  • Yoyo

    great interview, listened to it today in the car.
    the part about the guy whose body was supposedly found on the 33rd flr of the world trade center, but not really.
    not that i know about these things, but that stuck out to me…33rd flr: is that perhaps a freemason message to others who would speak out? like, a threat or something…
    and if someone had told me to meet them in the WTC on 9/11 at 9:15am and I knew who that person was…well…

  • Anon

    Did you ever hear the story about Philip Marshall, author of _The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror_. Apparently, Alex Jones did a segment on this guy (google it), who died, along with his two children, and their dog. Everyone who knew the guy said that he was NOT depressed or acting strangely, and so, when the deaths were ruled a “murder-suicide”, it caught everyone who knew him off-guard. This guy was a 40-year (veteran) major airline pilot, and using OFFICIAL documents (such as from the NTSB, FAA) he uses his experience to show what he says REALLY HAPPENED, on 9/11. Ultimately, he came to the conclusion, that there were three people involved with 9/11, in the Bush Administration: G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. He said the other half of the operation was the Saudi Royals. Keep in mind, the Bush Family and the Bin Laden Family go way back. They have a mutual interest in OIL. Also, there was a meeting on Sept. 11, 2001, between a member of the Bush Family, and the Bin Laden Family. Also, of interest, is the fact that all members of the Saudi Royal Family (in the U.S., on 9/11) were allowed to leave the U.S., on 9/11, when all other air traffic was grounded.

    There is also evidence that Israelis (Mossad?) were involved in “prepping” the buildings, in the months & weeks before 9/11. It looks like the U.S., according to Phillip Marshall, “stood-down”, and allowed the attacks, which they (obviously) knew were coming, judging by the documented insider-trading, that took place right before the attacks. Of course, Larry SILVERSTEIN got a nice big fat paycheck from Insurance, on the 3 buildings that went down that day: Tower 1, Tower 2, and Building 7.

  • Anon

    JFK and 9/11 were both INSIDE JOBS

    You only have to look into the BUSH FAMILY, to see it.

    Who, exactly, were the Texas Oil Men? H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Syd Richardson, D.H. Byrd, and G.H.W. Bush of ZAPATA OFFSHORE (OIL) AND THE CIA!

    Who, exactly, were neighbors in Washington, D.C. (District of Criminals) for 19 years, in the 1940′s, through the 1950′s? Lyndon Baines Johnson (Senator, then Vice President, in 1960), and J. Edgar Hoover (Director, FBI) – who, it turns out, were both “plugged in” to the TX OIL SOCIAL CIRCUIT, personally, “professionally”, and as investors in TX Oil Corps. belonging to one of the following: H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Syd Richardson, D.H. Byrd, or G.H.W. Bush (ZAPATA OFFSHORE). What did Prescott Bush do? (He was G.H.W. Bush’s Father, & G.W. Bush’s Grandfather). He was a BANKER, that FINANCED HITLER, before, and during WWII. Who, exactly, did LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover select, to head up the Warren Omission, to “investigate” the JFK Assassination? They selected ALLEN DULLES – the guy JFK FIRED FROM HIS POST, AS DIRECTOR OF THE CIA, AFTER THE FAILED “BAY OF PIGS” attempt to invade Cuba, and overthrow Fidel Castro. What exactly was the CIA codename, for the “Bay of Pigs” invasion? The CIA codename was “Operation ZAPATA” !!! What, exactly, were two ships in “Operation Zapata” (repainted, and re-) named? 1) BARBARA, and 2) HOUSTON. G.H.W. Bush’s wife’s name is BARBARA, and they lived in HOUSTON (I couldn’t make THIS up if I tried!), at the time of the JFK Assassination. You see, once you investigate ALL of the available data, on the JFK Assassination, it becomes AS CLEAR AS A BELL, THAT CFR/CIA ELEMENTS WITHIN OUR OWN GOVERNMENT KILLED JFK. SAME IS TRUE FOR 9/11. Who, exactly was President, on 9/11/2001? Oh, that’s right, little Georgy W. (“Dubya”) Bush. If you’ve kept previous information that you’ve read on the JFK Assassination, in mind, and committed it to memory – eventually all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Think of what we call “networking”. Elements within our own government “networked” to take out JFK. It was a Coup d’Etat. Similarly, elements within our own government “stood down” on 9/11, while either the House of Saud, or Mossad, conducted the “event”. There was no “operation” launched from a cave in Afghanistan, that caught U.S. Intelligence (and the NSA global-surveillance-grid! and all the other Western Intelligence Agencies, like MI6, MI5, Mossad) “off-guard”. Of course, we could go into the entire history of “Al-CIAda” (“Al-Qaeda”, which means “The List” of Mujahideen, or Afghan Rebels, financed by the CIA, to fight the former Soviet Union, in the 1980′s, who received visits from guys like Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR). The Bush’s and the Bin Ladens have a common or shared interest in OIL, that spans many decades. Anyway, the NSA would’ve known about it (any “operation” launched from a CAVE! in Afghanistan), well in advance. (Just as the OFFICIAL version of the JFK Assassination is FULL OF HOLES – so, too, is the OFFICIAL version of 9/11).

    LBJ may have been a psychopath, but he wasn’t stupid. He told his long-time Mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, that it was “Texas Oil and Renegade Intelligence (Operatives)” that killed JFK. What he didn’t tell her, was that HE (LBJ) was the “man-in-the-middle” with the most to gain or lose, from the success or failure of the JFK Assassination, and that the CIA “contracted” the work out to the Mafia (Johnny Roselli), and shooters Charles “Chuck” Nicoletti, and James Files?, and that he (LBJ), J. Edgar Hoover, and Allen Dulles were instrumental – critical, in fact, in covering up the Assassination, with the Warren Omission.

    The “Big Event” (as E. Howard Hunt called it, in his deathbed confession (2007) to his son, St. John Hunt) on November, 22, 1963, was attended by more than a few colorful characters. E. Howard Hunt was there. So was G.H.W. Bush. (So, too, it would appear, was David Atlee Phillips. David Atlee Phillips was supposedly, according to James Files, the CIA man who was the “handler” of Johnny Roselli’s shooters: Charles “Chuck” Nicoletti and James Files. David Atlee Phillips also went by the name “Maurice Bishop” (pronounced “Morris” Bishop), and was also positively identified (by at least one former CIA co-worker) in photographs taken in the Ambassador Hotel, in Los Angeles, the night RFK was assassinated).

    Regardless what one thinks of the James Files’ testimony, the photographs taken at the Ambassador Hotel on the night of the RFK Assassination, and David Atlee Phillips (in italics, above) – the evidence for a “networked” Assassination of JFK is OVERWHELMINGLY IN THE AFFIRMATIVE. It is also clear, that 9/11 was a “networked” event – a networked FALSE FLAG.

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