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Crash the New World Order! Buy Silver!

from Silver Vigilante:

There are myriad reasons to buy physical silver. Sure, we’ve all heard how great of an investment it is, but, truth be told, there is also a moral and political argument to be made for the metal.

Historically, in this country, silver was considered money by the banking establishment and government until 1873 – that is when the Crime of 1873 was executed by the bankers and their cronies in the U.S. Government.

Many argue that the crime of 1873, the demonetization of silver, was a plot conceived by the Rothschild clan or those close, and indeed represents a policy that literally bankrupted thousands, if not millions, of Americans overnight.

So, already by the end of the nineteenth century, we see gross manipulation of silver. This gives us just one clue amidst a sea of intrigue and corruption pointing towards silver as a weapon against the banking oligarchs and their tyrannical world order.

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