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Why you always want to order an extra plate of French fries

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man :

Whenever you eat at a street side cafe in a developing country, it’s always best to order an extra plate of French fries.That way, as people come around asking you for money, you’ll have plenty of finger food to give away. No more wondering whether the chap is actually hungry or just shilling. People who are truly down on their luck will take food over spare change, happily. And everybody loves French fries.

At lunch today in Windhoek’s surprisingly chic city center, I did just that– ordered an extra plate of fries. So when two young men walked up and asked me ‘for a minute of my time’, I slid the plate forward and gestured for them to help themselves.

Puzzled, they said, “Um, we’re reporters. We’re asking people around town about their opinions for a story we’re working on…”“Oh.” I was a little embarrassed, not exactly sure what to do with the French fries at this point. “What’s the story?”

“As you’re probably aware, next week is World Democracy Day, and we’re asking people their opinions about how democracy has improved the world.”

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