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Where Should I Hide My Precious Metals?

by AGXIIK, Silver Doctors:

Where Should I Hide My Precious Metals?

Hiding PM’s is a tough decisions and there is no one perfect answer.

I personally believe having your metals at your home is the best idea. A fire rated safe can contain a huge amount of physical metal Use a dial type safe, not electronic. The E type can be hacked. In case of fire, E types are hard to open.

Mount it on a cement or very solid floor since it can weigh 1,000 lbs. Memorize the safe number.
Make sure you have a copy of the safe number with a trusted attorney with a large reputable law firm. Don’t discuss the existence of this safe. If you can, keep it in a store room or closet. Thrown a blanket over it to keep prying eyes off the safe

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1 comment to Where Should I Hide My Precious Metals?

  • cal

    If your gonna keep your metals at home keep them in various places.I had 36 ounces stolen from me last month.I usually keep in a bag then stash them when I get to a hundred ounces.If you keep them all in a safe a gun to the head will get them all taken.You can find all kind of nifty places.Place in a bag then cover with hamberger meat then freeze.Thats not my place but you get the idea.O ya the police said they will probally come back.

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