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The Death of the American Teenager

from Silver Vigilante:

When in 1994 Business Week exclaimed “They’re back!” about teenagers, the United States was a different place.  Their baby boomer parents could afford teenagers buying pizzas, going to concerts, purchasing clothes, cosmetics, CDs, cars and computer games like never before.  Today, the country is stricken by poverty, as 50% of the populations sits at or below the poverty line.  Since the market collapse in 2008, while pundits and “authorities” pushed dope-like propaganda about “Greenshoots” and the “Recovery” incomes fell more than ever in American History.

The teenager in 1994 was an advertiser’s wet dream – a consumer group with loads of free time and the disposable income of their parents to pursue a life leisure. In 2012, it had fallen to the wayside, a battered corpse of diminishing returns as the teenager went from worrying about social norms to lamenting public education and work as a teenager..

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