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[Ed. Note: Thanks to SGTreport reader Joe for this link. Walter Burien is the man who shed light on the “second set of books” that hide the trillions in real wealth of local and state governments; Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.]

by Walter Burien, CAFR1:

People seem to forget that the dollar’s barter exchange value has been circulated for decades and hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of products and commodities have changed hands through the use of dollars every decade. The fact that the dollar is “just” an exchange barter tool since 1963 (the date when they pulled the coinage in circulation taking the silver and gold out of the public’s hands) has not changed.

Does anyone think the massive expansion of the economy would have taken place using gold as the barter tool over the same time period?

Individual’s assets in 1955 were rather sparse and bare compared to the individual’s assets today. Inflation has taken root over the last 20 years due to the spiral of run-away growth and the effect of greed and unethical oppertunity applied from and due to the boom periods where cash flowed as king and as time went by he who could cheat the other guy first walked with the kingdom of the booty. (within government expansion the before mentioned was done quite well)

The ethical and honest were pushed to the shadows to be ignored and the greedy opportunists walked with the booty and became the power base who now called the shots.

Per gold, what we are seeing at this time is the culmination of the “50 year plan” .

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  • Neil

    Hey Sean @ SGT, thanks for posting this. And thanks for the reader informing us about this supposed plan. I thought I had it all figured out, but now I’m more stressed than ever, wtf!!!! lol. Seriously though, we must all look into this deeper and stay alert. This makes ALOT of sense, and it seems VERY plausible – especially knowing who the PTB are! Also, I knew there was something up when the wicked and corrupted MSM (main stream media) were talking about a “gold standard”. Now it all makes sense! PLEASE Sean, use your excellent skills and delve into this much deeper. The last thing we need, is to be duped again! For sure in this stage of the game, if we are on the wrong side of the next dupe, we are doomed! There will be No recovery, no return! They will win… Period!
    Can you please work your magic and get an INTERVIEW with that man, Walter Burien? So many unanswered questions! What are his thoughts on a supposed total collapse of the (dollar deniminated) monetary system? Will it happen or no? What are the approximate peaks for gold and silver, so we know when to sell out? Around which time/year will this happen? In the interim, before the elitist sell-off occurs, is it still a good idea to accumulate physical? Is it also a good idea to buy into the miners (shares)? Lastly, if/when a collapse of the PM occurs, do we rebuy them?
    Sean, as you see SO MANY unanswered questions. Please get this guy in your sights and interview him. You have tremendous talent. You can get him. Ask him all these questions and then some! We are in the fight of our lives here, we need all the ammo we can get. Thank you sir, God bless.

  • Eric

    They’re all criminals! Arrest them ALL!

  • john

    Sean, in an earlier post I had asked for a possible interview with Bill Still, and you gave me a link to one from last year, and in actuality I did get it when you first posted in, but because it went against my way of thinking, I ignored it, because I’m stacking something he’s against. I went to this site and found this interesting.., from an interview with James corbett.

    Now as for Walter Burien, I did watch a few videos on this 50 year plan, whereby you want to dump your Silver at $115.00 in the year 2014, for a new fiat, probably the Amero, before they crash Silver and Gold..

    This whole damn system is a scam, and why would I want to go under a new paper paradigm? I’m so damn confused, Are guys like Sinclair insiders, knowing that $3500 Gold is the top, and to get out… Arghhhhhh Let’s get rid of the banksters, the digitalcoin above requires no banks, and our Silver is currently way undervalued regardless..

    • SGT

      Hey John, I hear ya. I didn’t want to accept what Bill Still was saying either, but as time has passed, I think he is probably right. This isn’t going to end well for the common man, particularly those with NO metals at all.

      • Glitter1

        Sean, is the story of the 50 year plan based on some insider information or just conjecture?I’m not sure I can buy into it totally.What would the Elite hold of value if they dump all of their gold wealth onto the market? What wouild they trade/exchange it for? Also,any collapse in Gold Value would be a paper value the way I see it. There are just too many people around the World with gold to dilute it, MPO.

        • Joe

          Info on Walter Burien: Walter Burien – CAFR1
          EX Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) or 14 years (1978 – 1992) and commodity futures trader of 33 years.

          he is basing his theory on his many years in the field. He is an interesting and informative guy. Just do a YouTube search on the man and you will get many videos of his conferences and reports.

          I tried posting more info on the man and the CAFR issue in the last 24 hors but none went through. Maybe it had to do with my links. I don’t know.

  • Bri 3D

    I don’t want a gold “backed” currency, I want gold & silver MONEY to circulate amongst the people. Bank notes should also be free to circulate but vendors should not be FORCED to accept them and if that bank fails then the people holding those notes should take the loss, NOT get bailed out with other people’s money. ( I call my radical idea Capitalism, I’m hoping it catches on )

    I’ve heard the claims about the rich hoarding gold and being able to control the system under a gold standard. So What? How is that any different than them being able to just print themselves a $100 trillion bill?
    Again, I don’t want my money to be a piece of paper that claims to be backed by gold. If I can’t walk into a bank and trade my gold backed paper for an ACTUAL gold coin then I don’t have a gold backed dollar. I have another paper lie.

    Lets even assume that the bankers do have all the gold, if gold was money then when they wanted us to build multi-million dollar aircraft carriers & go fight wars for them they would have to give us that gold in exchange. When they bought politicians they would have to give up some gold. Eventually the gold would end up in the people’s hands which is where our founding fathers wanted it anyway. They would eventually run out of gold, they will NEVER run out of zeroes on their printing press though.

    “But Bri, they could just hoard the gold & there would be no money in the economy.”

    That’s why you don’t make legal tender laws. Don’t say everyone HAS to use gold. Let the people barter freely. If they want to trade corn flakes, that’s fine. When you have an actual free market, the people will figure out what works best for them. History just shows that gold and silver are what the people usually choose.
    I actually love Max Keisers idea of circulating silver coins that are just stamped by weight instead of a denomination. Don’t just stamp $5 on a coin and say that’s its value. It’s value should be free to fluctuate just like every other commodity. My 1 ounce silver coin should be worth 1 ounce of silver not just some arbitrary number that is stamped on it.

    By the way, Sean, I love your website. It takes me hours to go thru everything on here, I can’t imagine how you find enough time in the day to put this stuff all together.

    • SGT

      Thanks Bri. I have two contributors who help me and between the three of us we do a lot of damage every day. To support what we’re doing day in and day out, please support our advertisers on occasion by visiting their websites. Thanks for your insightful comment on this one.

  • Eric

    I will NEVER sell my Gold and Silver! NEVER! Only if I have to in order to survive. Who would ever trade something with real tangible value for paper crap? Gold is the money of Kings. Silver is the money of gentlemen. Barter is the money of peasants. Debt is the money of slaves. I don’t suspect that after 6000 years that will change just because a few thousand criminals are losing their power and trying to control the masses.

  • nick

    I’m no scholar or expert, but on the face of it this 50 year plan doesn’t add up. Most Americans don’t have enough money anymore to buy vast amounts of silver and gold — only to later be tricked into it being devalued to 5 dollars or 10 dollars an ounce.

    Also, the elite understand the inherent value of precious metals, even if it is hard to put a dollar number on it from day to day. We know the elite want us to be their slaves, so now they are going to encourage the masses to acquire precious metals?! Come on, that doesn’t make sense. They’d probably like to see us work for half a bowl of rice a day, if we’re even that lucky!

    The Iranians and Chinese are already doing deals in gold for oil. Are they really going to give gold up at an incredible loss to use an “Amero” or some cheezy global dollar? Well maybe there could be a global dollar, but god help it if it’s value is tied to the U.S. dollar. Oh wait the US dollar will now be backed by gold pretty soon, it’s a shame gold will devalued so low. How much gold at five or ten dollars an ounce will it take to cover the quadrillion dollar derivatives disaster when that finally breaks?!

    Now I think it makes some sense for the US to talk about returning to a gold standard in public view, but I wouldn’t put much weight in it happening willingly. However the United States may be dragged onto a gold standard because the rest of the world is already going in that direction and dumping the petrodollar.

    I love all the past info on the CAFR scandal, but this latest chapter precious metals sounds like a devious psychological operation.

    What do you all think?

  • john

    Reflections on the effects of War as compared to the effects of Fiat Money

  • Lowell


    Read this again.

    Can’t get there yet? Well, why such the hub bub when you use a $50 or $100 bill in a store?

    Think DIGITAL/swipe cards…ect.

  • Joe

    You’re welcome Sean.

    Related to the CAFR scam that Burien brought out, recently a women has filed criminal and civil charges against the state of Washington for using this CARF scam to defraud its citizens. She also includes the media in the charges for colluding with the state to hide it from the people. Charges also include treason.

    Charges Filed Against Washington state

  • Joe

    You’re welcome Sean.

    In the last 24 hours, I attempted to post more info regarding the CAFR scam which includes a women who has recently filed criminal and civil charged against the state of Washington based on the CAFR scam but for whatever reason my comments wont post.

  • Neil

    Hey Joe, and everyone else, Walter Burien thinks $ 115 silver is a sell point. I never heard him discuss a gold top. Do you know? Also, he doesn’t see this happening in 2013, right? Thank you. This “plan” seems very plausible. I hope if this occurs, we all pull out at the right time! Or else we all doomed!!!
    Btw, would love to hear Walter Burien interview with “Bill Still”. And throw a Bob Chapman type in the mix. Then we would definitely have a solid plan and execute wisely. GLTA!

    • Joe

      Neil, I would say that the $115 amount being thrown around is Burien’s best guess at what the price will be when he sees his theory play out. The country would have to be ramping up and securing a new “gold standard”. The cabal would have unloaded their gold hoards ect.

      A few months ago, I emailed Walter in regards to silver. I will post an edited amount of my initial email to him along with his response.

      me: Good day Mr. Burien. I was wondering what your thoughts are on buying silver today.

      Walter Burien: Per silver, if you see $115 / oz in the end of 2014 beginning of 2015, sell.

      Walter was super easy to contact and he replied within a few days. Sean should seriously consider interviewing him as you requested.

  • Glitter1

    I don’t buy it on Silver, the driver of the price is it’s scarcity/consumption, not hoarding by anyone.

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