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Silver Update 9/3/12 $500 Silver

from BrotherJohnf:

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2 comments to Silver Update 9/3/12 $500 Silver

  • Lowell

    I would back the Lakota Nation before I would back the US government. With that said, I find it interesting that Peter Schiff has a gold/silver backed debit card/checking account but it is NOT AVAILABLE in the US. DUH

    Brother John and I have gone at logger heads before. I would not talk about the Lakota Nation and mafia in the same breath. It is slanderous. I don’t like it.

    However, I would approach the Lakota Bank with caution. I still might “throw” them 600 usd just to test it. What I don’t get is, “banks” according the the 7th District can legally “use” customer funds. That to me tells the tale. Not mafia, not soverign nations…MF Global, PST Best…clearance houses in general.

    Let’s get very clear here. Brother John unlike myself thinks the “Indians” are going the way of the mafia. Negative! Brother John is an idiot. With his stupid T/A charts with a manipulated market. Just stupid.

    Brother John couldn’t find his way out of the men’s room without a GPS. Take alook…nobody comments on this guy’s stuff anymore.

    Hey, Brother John….HOKEY HEY!

  • curly


    Must you denigrate to get your point across? If you don’t like Brother John, then “vote with your mouse” and just don’t watch him. Leave the name calling to the Yahoo Finance message boards.

    As for myself, I enjoy his stuff and don’t consider myself an “idiot” because of this. Like many in the blogosphere, Brother John is willing to stick his neck out and consequently expose himself to ridicule from people of your ilk.

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