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Silver Zips Past $32. Next Stop $32.50, Beyond That, $35

Sorry Blythe, Silver just blasted through $32.

Once we break $32.50 the next stop is $35.00. If we can vault past $35.00 then it’s off to the races, putting us right back at $40.00 in short order. Keep stackin’.

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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15 comments to Silver Zips Past $32. Next Stop $32.50, Beyond That, $35

  • naga


  • tim

    Here we go people. Hold on……..really tight

  • stuart

    see the smack down at the end of european trading?

  • Tim

    I was reading some comments on the Silver Doctors blog earlier today. It seems that many of our fellow stackers are fearful that a smash down is coming. They think silver has gotten ahead of itself. I’ll guess we’ll see. I’m sure many here would welcome a pullback as a buying opportunity, but I’m ready for this train to keep on going. 🙂

  • stuart

    I dont want any pullback..still cheap today, far too cheap. Im still able to buy at prices I was paying 3 weeks ago. Let it go up.

  • uncviper23

    I see some wild swings coming. JPM won’t give up without violently thrashing another time or two.

    I believe Silver will destroy whats left of JPM and the CME. As Silver climbs death usually never comes with convulsions and that death rattle of respiration. The bastard’s have stolen from us long enough.

    I look for an attempt at a violent correction then a rocket shot! Hoping so. Get ready with your supplies as well. Silver is the canary and she doesn’t whistle without meaning it. Take heed.

  • uncviper23

    “never comes without”

  • Glitter1

    I’ve been watching the charts of Gold & Silver,along with the expert analysts everyday for 12 years. This market action on a weekend, yet alone a holiday weekend, is highly unusual and portends to a possible short squeeze of the decade, we will see very soon.If there is a successful raid, it will be short,violent, but not neccessarily deep.The pentup forces are signaling an erruption. I believe the action is signaling the smart money is rushing the entrances.

  • Mike

    Dont mean to be a pessimist but I dont think this is the big one. I would expect the Fed to come out with some statement or news that will kill this rally.I have only 2 years experience with Silver but during that time I have seen it rise and seen it fall on more than one occasion. I really hope I am wrong. It would be nice to be back in the Black on Silver and I know at some point It will be and beyond…I am Glad I bought 50 Year of the Snakes a few days ago for 38!!

    • Glitter1

      Mike, I’ve bought Silver a number of times only to have the price smacked down by 40-50%,like $22 down to $10 but it always comes back and moves higher.The fundamentals will ensure this bull continues for 5-10years. The case for silver will only improve due to scarcity and industrial demand. Just as Palladium was once $25oz not that long ago and is now $635oz, so Silver will be the same,probably higher.

  • J.A Brown

    Look at the market action now…. it has flatlined as for the Comex Close till now at 4:10. Is the Globex closed for Labour day? There is a small blip here and there which would lead me to speculate it is open.

  • 99

    Go ahead JP Dimon, ‘Make my Day’, ‘I’ll be back’ buying!

  • 99

    This IS it! No going back into the twenties! Infinity and beyond!

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