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Ron Paul As Gary Johnson’s VP?

from matlarson10:

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6 comments to Ron Paul As Gary Johnson’s VP?

  • JBH

    As much as I like Ron Paul, my views are actually more aligned with Gary Johnson. So, I don’t view this vote as a compromise at all. Besides, Johnson/Paul is infinitely better than Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden. So, why all of struggle or inner debate? This is a no brainer decision, if Johnson/Paul becomes a ticket.

  • Silver Shield

    Poor Mat won’t have anything to talk about when Ron hits the speaking circuit.

  • Travis

    Someone forgot to tell Mat that the votes are being counted in Spain.

  • Brad Stein

    I understand the loyalty to Ron Paul. His revolution invoked a change in the political process that is still developing. However, Judge Jim Gray is the Libertarian nominee for vice president. Check out this video.

    Ron Paul speaks positively about Gary Johnson. It may make it easier for intransigent Ron Paul supporter to accept Gary Johnson

  • Kaitlyn

    Ron Paul was asked about his views on Governor Gary Johnson at the RNC. You can see the footage here

  • Jason86

    Gary Johnson and the Johnson campaign have never asked Ron Paul for his endorsement but Ron Paul has spoken very highly of Gov. Johnson. Johnson is continuing the Ron Paul Revolution.

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