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Please Watch – We Were Cheated, Again: RNC/GOP Corruption 2012

[Ed. Note: This is why so many of us will not vote for Romney even if it means Obama will get another 4 years. Blatant fraud and criminality is the line in the sand and the RNC and GOP crossed it. Repeatedly.]

from messengersforliberty:

While we were in Tampa, Florida on August 26, 2012 we ran across several Ron Paul delegates who offered to share their experience with the GOP corruption that has been ongoing this year.

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7 comments to Please Watch – We Were Cheated, Again: RNC/GOP Corruption 2012

  • Lowell

    Ron flushed the bird….He went in there and done his thang. The “bird” has been flushed.

    For you folks that have never hunted with a dog….he went in the hen house and flushed out the fox.

    The rest is up to you.

  • Figures

    There is no honor among thieves. We played by the rules, and won.
    So they changed them.
    Can’t play their game anymore, period.
    Best start our own.

    • Lowell

      Nope, count me out.

      The “rules” have been prostitued. I will polish (the shit or shine) them off. They gleam, just got to get down to the “metal”.

      Don’t be stupid my brother. Good leather comes back with a little spit and polish.

  • PR

    I have found a trend by chance. I told my sister that I was going to write in RON PAUL
    for president. To my surprise she told me she and my dad had just talked about it and
    they are both going to do the same. Then my sis and I went to visit a friend and she out of the blue stated she was going to write in Ron Paul! Romney and Obama are both so
    corrupt it feels dirty and frankly un-American to vote for either of them. Hows that for
    a very small straw poll?

  • Skybird

    But …. we knew and expected this to happen. Wake up America.

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