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Pentagon Robot Can Run Faster Than Usain Bolt

Robotics professor warns that DARPA droids will be used to “kill people”

by Steve Watson, Info Wars:

In its ongoing quest to develop a robot that can chase down human prey, The Department of Defense now has a robot that can run faster than the fastest human on the planet.

The quadruped robot, dubbed the CHEETAH, by developers Boston Dynamics Inc, recently set a new record as the fastest moving robot in the world by running at a speed of 28.3 miles per hour.

The robot smashed its own previous land speed record of 18 miles per hour, which was set only six months ago.

Although still tethered to a treadmill and working from an off board power supply, the CHEETAH now moves faster than record setting sprinter Usain Bolt, who reached a peak speed of 27.78 mph over a 20-meter stretch during a 100-meter sprint in 2009. The feat is still recognized as the world speed record for a human.

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3 comments to Pentagon Robot Can Run Faster Than Usain Bolt

  • Scott Sando

    Yeah, you haven’t seen the ones they’ve developed that run on zero point energy.

  • Travis

    I guess if a robot/drone does it, then it doesn’t count as murder… We are moving into an age where the world will be swarming with all types of surveillance and war-bots. Very scary stuff when you think about the written works of science fiction of last century are coming to fruition.

  • stuart

    I would think anything like this would not mix well with water? or flammable liquid and a zippo?

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