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LABOR DAY 2012: WHO Do You Work For? 53% of your Tax dollars go to the War Machine

from tradgedyandhope:

Where is 53% of your Tax dollars going? It may shock you to find out. $1.6 Trillion per year for WAR and its related costs. It is extremely important people see this video, please share it. Tell your NeoCon and liberal friends, it’s time to WAKE up.

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  • MRH

    The numbers that get thrown around these days, like so many grains of sand, are just too large to even comprehend. The charts help, but when you are talking a number that is 1,600,000,000,000, how does one even relate? How can this possibly be real?

  • Hman

    All these wars in the ME are for the Zionist state Israel, all ME oil states exchanges oil for “I.O.U. nothing” notes called treasury bills, hence, no invasion or war are required. But you have to work for the apartheid Zionist state of Israel and pay in blood and 53% of your already illegal tax to fight their wars of dominance.

    Let alone all the other stuff including shipping the drugs, 9/11 … etc.

  • Karma Respect

    Add $1.5 trillion interest on the national in debt to the fiat paper issuing monster whores and all taxes just about cover the zionist war machine costs and the zionist ponzi usury extraction of our wealth leaving zero in taxes available for the peoples needs. Zionists win and win and keep on winning all our tax dollars and Americans are just a bunch of deadbeat losers that somehow love their oppressors enough to devote the complete IRS tax take to rewarding these bitches. I believe it is called the Stockholm syndrome, freeking unbelievable. End the FED, end the IRS and starve these money suckers and put $1.6 + $1.5 trillion back into American hands and watch the recovery.

  • freedom Fighter

    APEC Meeting 2012

    As USA declining Russia Growing …

  • Sandor

    Interesting read regarding the income tax and how to get all of your withholdings returned lawfully:

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