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JAMES TURK: This Always Ends the Same Way, HYPERINFLATION — $400 Silver & $8,000 Gold Between 2013 – 2015

James Turk, Founder of GoldMoney calls in from Spain to explain how the FED’s latest actions spell doom for the Dollar. James reminds us that what is happening in the United States RIGHT NOW, thanks to the privately owned Central Bank, always ends the same way: In a disaster for the currency. We’ve seen it before: Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Serbia… and we’ll soon see it in America. James also revisits his decade long prediction of $400 silver and $8,000 gold by 2014 – 2016. And he corrects me, explaining that he sees it happening as early as 2013-2015, along with hyperinflation. The fuse has been lit and time is running out.

  Part 1: ‘This Always ENDS the Same Way: Zimbabwe, Argentina… America’

  Part 2: ‘WARNING: Currency Cliff Ahead = $400 Silver, $8,000 Gold’
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59 comments to JAMES TURK: This Always Ends the Same Way, HYPERINFLATION — $400 Silver & $8,000 Gold Between 2013 – 2015

  • Upstart

    Another excellent interview SGT. Thank you.

  • john

    We have many talking about constitutional money, Gold and Silver, but yet we have others like Bill still wanting government controlled paper money, not through debt. Jim Rickards thinks the currency wars could go on for years. I think we’re ready to collapse, maybe a year.. opinions are just that, opinions.

    Sean great interview as usual.

    I was thinking of maybe try getting Bill Still on as a guest. We’re all real money bugs here, but the planners are doing their best to hold onto this current system. Bill states that they have all the Gold, but hey, anyone can go the a coin shop and buy precious metals to preserve their wealth.. G Edward Griffen disputes that claim, of them having all the Gold, and is a precious metals money guy, who’s being dishonest with us? Money Masters was a great movie, but the Creature from Jekyll Island is a must read..

    Keep on stacking!!!! Paper has never worked, and if governments can be bought now, why couldn’t it under Stills plan..

    • SGT

      Thanks Upstart & john, appreciate the feedback.

      john, I spoke with Bill Still in July 2011, and in many ways I agree with him. Harley Schlanger of LaRouche would argue similarly as Bill. However as G. Edward Griffin points out, we can’t trust our government to DO the right thing with a credit based paper currency in THEIR control, because there is no such thing as an honorable government.

      CREATURE From Jekyll Island – G Edward Griffin: a SGT doc-style interview

      It’s such a complex issue – more and more I fear we will be enslaved by a gold backed currency when the Dollar collapses and we then learn that all of the U.S. held gold reserves have been leased out and/or stolen – and that the world’s wealthiest criminals, the ones who ruined everything, hold all of the gold. Regardless, we continue stacking physical silver (and gold) in order to try to maintain our level of wealth in whatever the next system is. Those with no physical precious metals may well find themselves and their progeny to be SERFS, for generations.

      “A Gold Backed World is a Terrible Mistake” : Bill Still – Part 1 of 2

      Debt-Free Government Issued Money = Sovereignty : Bill Still – Part 2 of 2

      • john

        Thanks, I must have missed that Bill still Interview, I’ve been coming to this sight for a very long time.. Bill makes so much sense, at least Silver has value to it because of it’s industrial use, and so on and so forth..

  • Steve_D

    It’s simple, if the crooks hold all the Gold then just go with a Silver/Copper standard.

    Silver and Copper have always been the money of the people, while Gold has always been the money of Kings/ Corrupt class/enslavers/enemies of humanity.

    Refuse to trade in gold, refuse to acknowlage any fraudulent creature calling themselves King/ el Presidente / Prime Minister / President etc….

    Return money to the people, use Silver and Copper.

    • john

      Steve, I tend to agree, a free market economy, is a barter system, and I would prefer holding onto something of value, Bill make a lot of sense, but can you trust government? Government always wants to get bigger and goes corrupt. This is where Doug Casey makes a lot of sense. We now have a nanny state in operation, Rob Peter to pay Paul, because Paul thinks he’s entitled to it, heck Paul’s mother was entitled to someone else s labor for her food and shelter. Where does this crap end?

      This paradigm will end, but the slaves will likely be begging the banksters for food and shelter, the media propaganda box will tell people that a gold standard is good for them, and the slaves will eat it up like there is no tomorrow.. Heck, I’m having problems on deciding what’s right, and I have Gold and Silver, and I’m listening to Ron Paul.

  • Glitter1

    A spiritial Truth tied to Physical Reality: Money/Currency (Paper) based soley on debt, represents a Lie/Illusion/Bondage and is underwritten by Lucifer(aka Satan). Money/Currency (Gold & Silver) hard tangible assets, represents Truth/Reality/Liberty and is undereritten by The Living God JEHOVAH(aka Jesus Christ).

  • john


    I store my own precious metals and have also been buying through Apmex using their Citadel/Brinks storage which stores inside the US.

    I have a real estate investment property I sold that closes this week. I’m going to put all the profits into silver and have it stored outside of the US. Miles Franklin’s storage in Canada looks good. I’m also thinking of using GoldMoney’s and storing in either Switz., Hong Kong, Germany, etc. Does anyone have a preference which country you prefer to have your metals stored? Anyone prefer a storage facility outside of Apmex, Miles Franklin, or Gold Money? I was looking at Merit, but they don’t offer allocated storage, only ‘comingled’. No thanks.

    I really got SCREWED on this real estate sale. I was expecting to close with my buyer in August when silver was $27 and then their financing fell through the day before closing. I quickly took a backup offer, but had to wait another 30 days to close…and silver is now almost $35. Great for my past purchases…bad for these new purchases!!

    • Tom G.

      John I have an account with Gold Money. If you are really rich then store the metal in various locations with GM. Faber said the Swiss are wimps and they will open their books to the US if the heat is put on. That’s something to keep in mind. I don’t think there is storage in Germany with GM but I haven’t looked at it in awhile. The Miles Franklin in Canada sounds good too.

      I think we should prepare as if the collapse will happen soon. Nevertheless, as I have said numerous times now, I think this collapse is still a bare minimum of 2-3 years off. How will this paradigm collapse as long a banks, govts, people, etc., all continue to accept each other’s paper. Do you really envision paper not being accepted in the next few years?

      You have to stop thinking in terms of currency collapse. In my opinion you have to start thinking in terms of fraud and dishonesty. The paper ponzi scheme is merely a tool to enact the fraud that is necessary for these bozos around the world whether they be technocrats, politicians, etc to retain POWER. POWER is what this is all about not money. Money (fake money in this instance) is a MEANS to retain that power. You are all underestimating the power retention aspect of this and how badly these do-nothings want to stay in power and get paid for merely opening their mouths. They probably won’t let it get to the point of hyperinflation before they pull another ridiculous/useless/ nefarious scheme out of their hats. But truly, I think we’ve got quite a few years to go (at least 3) before collapse unless someone can refute the notion that paper will not be accepted in the short term. Just my opinion. (and Richard Duncan’s, who seems to be the only other person in my camp.)

      Thanks Sean, for the interview, as always.

      • john

        Yeah…I was watching a presentation from Addison Wiggin from Agora and I believe he had a report out about not trusting Hong Kong, Switzerland, etc.

        It really is no telling the day this will all come down. It’s like having a tree in your yard that has a branch that was broken in a storm and just barely hangs there. You don’t know the day it will fall…

        or that magic trick where the magician keeps pulling handkerchiefs out of his fist. You never know which will be the last one, but as each one comes out…you know he’s getting closer to the end of the trick.

      • Glitter1

        Tom G., Your theory is well articulated and I agree to most of it, however with the BRICS having formed/completed their own agreement on currency use, which is to bypass the Petro-Dollar and clear trade outside the Dollar, This will cause the Dollar to dump/devalue. This process has all indications of already commencing.If TPTB’s intensions is to crash and destroy the Dollar, then the process has begun.If it is to just devalue the Dollar, but string along it’s role as Reverve Curreny as long as possible,the Fed will hyperinflate and drag it out until it’s time to pull the trigger on the Derivitives and destroy all Fiat Currencies for the establishment of a New World Reserve(Basket)Curreny.I think it all comes down to their management of their time line.In any event Devaluation/Hyperinflation has commenced,lower purchasing power is ramping up.

        • Tom G.

          Glitter1 Always appreciate your responses. I pretty much agree with what you said. I would just differentiate between inflation (which the Fed induces through money printing itself) and hyperinflation (which the Fed has no control of). Hyperinflation is a psychological response by the people, not the Fed, to all the money printing that has been done. It’s when the velocity of money really kicks in (which it hasn’t yet) and then the price of everything gets out of control.

          As I posted below, even Jim Sinclair has changed his mind apparently and thinks we have a way to go now. I remember last June or so 2011 when he said the collapse could occur at any moment.

          I am not married to any of my economic ideas, except the precious metals thing. Even there, I would like to see more forward-looking thinking in our camp in general like John who realizes like I do that confiscation is the real concern now, not obtaining precious metals. (Yes, I realize that a lot of folks haven’t even woke up enough to have bought any PM’s yet.)

          • Glitter1

            Tom, The one Wild Card that I’ve got one Eye & Ear fixed on is Lindsey William’s original call of the Dollar Death by the end of 2012. His latest update says that his Elite Contact says their time table is up to six months behind schedule because of Syria.I think that card was to vault oil to $150-$200 barrel and that event could have a set back. Oil at that level would definately rev up price inflation on commodities.It would also blowout the IRS’s per Jim Willie, and precipitate a Derivitive implosion, which corrosponds to LW’scall for the Death of the Dollar.It doesn’t mean it(Dollar) will disappear, just be less relavant/needed/used.All of these events could unfold very quickly, probably faster than most can imagine. As for Jim Sinclair & Turks time line on the Dollar Decline, I covet both of their expertise and wisdom, but I’m not sure they are aligned with the LW Elite side of the story. However,either way it goes the storm clouds are gathering on the horizon. Appreciate your comments!

    • Glitter1

      John, silver at or anywhere near $35 is still buy of a lifetime, especially when you consider it is going to three digits short term and many multiples of that longer term.There may be a shallow pullback setting up here, next week or two,back to around $32. As far as storage, I wouldn’t trust storing my gold or silver anywhere accept on my property where I can put my hands on it, period. That’s just MPO. At 64lb per 1Koz’s, silver is a little bulky, but one can be very imaginative along the lines of hiding places.Above all, silence is golden,tell no one you even have it/where it is, except a spouse or close loved one.

      • john

        I hear ya Glitter…

        I just have this vision of these storm troopers invading my home with that thermal xray technology that sees 10 feet underground, through walls, etc. There’s only but so much I want in my possession.

        Or how about the guy who was robbed at gunpoint. He was forced to open his safe and they got away with over 700K in gold.

        • Glitter1

          John, First things first, If our society degrades to that level, there is going to be alot more to worry about then the value of our stash. Burry it in the ground somewhere,you still can put your hands on it.MPO is that having it stored anywhere is leving it vulnerable to a hostile government confiscation, even Gold Money’s vaults.They know where the vaults(quantities) are and will make a bee line there first.

          • john

            yeah..I have little kids, so definitely trying to think 4 or 5 steps ahead. We’re starting to scout out locations to live in Central and South America.

            • Glitter1

              Now that’s serious thinking and commitment!I recently read an article that GW Bush bought a 2500acre ranch in Brazil positioned over a large water aquifer. Is that a random idea or what does he know?

    • Ed_B

      John… “Does anyone have a preference which country you prefer to have your metals stored?”

      I’ve been thinking about this as well. Canada, Australia, and Singapore all look good to me. These countries look good because they are relatively stable and have economies and currencies that are sound in spite of being fiat paper currencies. They are backed by those nations’ abilities to export commodities that other countries want and will pay dearly to get. Norway also falls into this category but no one is offering a Norwegian storage facility that I know of.

      I do not trust any of the European countries not to loot and pillage all of the wealth that is stored there when the euro collapses… even Switzerland since they jumped into bed with the euro.

      I also do not trust the commies who run China, so Hong Kong is out as well.

      Storing PMs in the US is an option and I would suggest that for part of your hoard. My reason for this is that if we have a world-wide economic / currency collapse, travel to recover your metals may be restricted or forbidden. Getting them shipped to you may be next to impossible as well. It does no good to put your wealth into metals if you cannot get to them.

      One final thought… it could be a good plan to put some of our money into the strongest foreign currencies we can find. These would be the currencies of the raw materials exporting countries, such as Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Norway. Even if the dollar were to collapse, it is likely that these currencies would not and could serve as a way to preserve some of our wealth. Geographically, Canada is close by so could be a handy option for some of these things. It is also a place where English is spoken, so making ourselves understood is easier.

      • john 2


        I buy the Canadian dollar against the USD through I fund my account with a credit card and am always selling the USD. Works like a charm.

        • Ed_B

          Sounds like a good plan, john 2. I will have to look into that. So far, I have only bought foreign currency ETFs for a small part of my IRA. This is working well, so far, but no one really knows how stable these funds would be in an economic collapse situation.

          There is a bank in Florida, called EverBank, that offers CDs denominated in foreign currencies. That might be another possibility for some of my non-IRA funds.

    • pat

      I have been with GM for nearly a decade now. It was recommended to me by people I’ve had time to check on their ability to anticipate events over all that time. To invest in PMs is the thing to do all the more now but that you know !
      Recently it has been advised by several analyst/bloggers and not the least, that it would be best to “hoard” outside US, Europe and the banking system all together, that’s how bad it is.
      GM in anticipation has open (2/3 years ago !)vaults in Hongkong with their excellent online electronic trading window. That’s as good as can be!! Now The Turk himself in a recent article, advised to diversify, you cannot be more honest now can you.
      You can of course go to these Asian or other vaults yourself and deal directly a
      storing space, GM does not make a secret of it either. What else do you want…BLOOD !


  • Tom G.

    Update: After scrolling down through Sean’s blog posts today I see that even Jim Sinclair has now seen that the collapse may be as far off as 2015-2017 which I stated above and in previous posts. I think that prediction (of Sinclair’s) is more in tune with the slow motion train wreck that is occurring. We’ve got a way to go folks, but if this is true, then we have more time to prepare.

    • Ed_B

      “We’ve got a way to go folks, but if this is true, then we have more time to prepare.”

      Well, I sure hope that is the case, Tom. Time is THE most precious commodity out there. No more of it is being made, so what we get is ALL we get of it.

      I sure could use more time to implement my plans. Most of us could as these things always take longer than we would like. My plan is to withdraw money from my IRA in stages so that the taxes on that money is not horrendous. I will then use that money to buy gold and perhaps some silver. By using the tax tables it should be possible to limit my “income” from my IRA such that maximum use is made of the lower tax brackets. If I only withdraw enough to get close to the next higher tax bracket, that would be good. Problem is, my IRA is substantial, so this could take several years to complete. Guess that I will start out with the idea of withdrawing 10% per year and if it looks as if the train is going off the tracks, ramp that up later on. Man, I NEED a crystal ball to figure all this crap out!

      • Tom G.

        Hi Ed- I got my money out of my Roth (which unlike yours was not substantial) so I got that done already. I think my biggest concern is to try to be settled in somewhere safe before this all goes down. I live in a suburb of Buffalo which is ranked most years as the safest town in the US. But it’s only about 4 miles from the town line of Buffalo proper and we’re right off the main st. which I don’t like at all.

        This whole mess is just a tiresome daily concern isn’t it? And yet 95% of the sheeple have no idea what is going to happen. Take care Ed.

        • Ed_B

          Hello, Tom. Congrats on retrieving your Roth money. My wife and I have a couple of small Roths that we have set aside as college money for our two grand kids, ages 12 and 10. If the collapse takes longer than any of us thinks, this is our family’s Plan B.

          I would be concerned about living in Buffalo. It gets mighty cold there in the winter. When I evaluate a place to hole up, I always consider whether or not the place is viable WITHOUT electricity. We might or might not have that in a post collapse world, at least for some time. If we don’t, I don’t want to live in a freezing cold or blistering hot location or somewhere, like in the desert SW, where life only exists because there is electricity available to pump water and run air conditioning systems.

          Yes, it can be tiresome at times and I agree that the vast majority of folks here in the US do not have a clue. My wife half gets it, my son gets it, but my daughter is a total sheeple on it. The men-folk in our family have been taking care of the women-folk for a long time now, so there is no reason to stop doing that now. It makes for some extra planning and prepping but what else are we here for, if not to help our families get through this?

          We have a temperate marine climate here in the Pacific NW, so we don’t get scorching summers or frozen winters, unless one goes east of the mountains or to some high altitude part of this area. For the most part, it is mild here, has a good growing season, and plenty of free water falls from the sky. Could use a little more sun but if it was perfect we would be awash in people.

  • john

    Many are talking about possession of their precious metals. My question is, if the gubernment needs your metal, and there is a $100,000.00 fine if you do not turn it in, what do you do? They know it’s in the vaults, somewhere in Canada, Brazil,or wherever, everything is recorded, unless you make weekly stops at the local coin shop, and use their fiat paper.

    Just sayin….

    • Tom G.

      John- (I replied to your post above also BTW) I really like your thinking. I am glad you are looking to the future and trying to figure out how we are going to avoid TPTB trying to steal our stack through confiscation or taxation. I am so glad other people like yourself are realizing that this is going to be a real problem in the future. By bringing it out in the open we can share ideas and hopefully learn something about what we should do. I even asked Sean last week if he could get a round-table discussion together of different folks (pro and con) to discuss confiscation. If you have seen any of my posts over the weeks, then what I am hoping for is that some states might push back and exercise their rights and honor PMs and gun ownership etc. This may be a way out of the problem you foresee. I want you to know that you are not the only one trying to foresee the future and agonizing over what to do to avoid more stealing by TPTB.

      • john 2

        too many Johns around here 🙂

        Probably the best anti-confiscation metals are platinum and palladium. Silver just seems to give the most bang for the fiat buck.

      • Ed_B

        “I even asked Sean last week if he could get a round-table discussion together of different folks (pro and con) to discuss confiscation.”

        Bravo! Excellent idea! I am all for this.

        Considering all that we now know about banksters and the criminals in our own government, there is no doubt in my mind as to how depraved these people will be in a last ditch effort to preserve the current fiat paradigm. If this requires confiscation (read theft) of everyone’s last dollar, they will do it without hesitation. Fact is, I don’t know why we are even discussing the possibility that they might not do this. That would be completely out of character for these people.

        • Tom G.

          You’re right. Bad idea on my part (ha ha). I also asked Sean if he could get some folks in the round table who were not in the business of selling metals, thus removing some bias. If anyone can get a panel together it’s Sean. Thanks Ed.

          • Ed_B

            “If anyone can get a panel together it’s Sean. Thanks Ed.”

            You’re more than welcome, Tom. I agree, Sean is an outstanding interviewer and I have really enjoyed everything that he has produced. I don’t always agree with him but, hey, that’s life, right? Still, 98% agreement is pretty rare with anyone so is pretty special. Good point about getting some people who do not sell PMs, although they also seem to be THE people who really know what they are talking about. The guys who are not into PMs either don’t care or just don’t seem to know a whole lot about them. I dunno… maybe there is a Catch-22 going on here. Those who believe that there will be an economic / dollar collapse LOVE PMs while those who do not just see them like any other asset in which to invest.

            • Tom G.

              Ed_B Hope you had a good weekend. You’re right about the PMs and the dealers. Maloney, Morgan, Andy Hoffman, etc. all think PMs won’t be confiscated. Those guys know what they are talking about. However, Faber, who isn’t a dealer does think they will be confiscated, at least gold. It’s hard not to see some correlation here.

              Hope you have a good week.

  • Alohajim

    Even if it is true that ‘they’ hold all the gold it does not matter because in a gold backed monetary system everybody gets paid in gold. So the transfer of wealth would reverse. All the powers that be that own the corporations, real estate, and control governments would be forced to pay every working man and woman in gold (or silver).

    The most important thing that must happen is to take away the ‘right’ of bankers to create money from nothing on every level, from it’s initial creation from nothing at the Fed, to the ongoing creation by banks through fractional reserve banking. This would destroy the incestuous relationship between banks and governments and end the current practice of governments borrowing unlimited amounts of money from central banks and collecting ‘income’ tax from citizens to pay the ‘interest’ due.

  • Ed_B

    We also need to consider that if the US government were to return to a gold, silver, or bi-metal currency system, they will absolutely try to grab ALL of the metals they can before doing that. Back in 1933, Roosevelt did that and then raised the price of gold to $35 an oz. from $20.67 an oz. Actually, it would be more precise to say that he devalued the US dollar by about 70% and that was reflected in the higher gold price. Bottom line was that all who turned in their gold got a 70% haircut and those who did not turn in their gold did not get the haircut. They DID have to be VERY careful, though, because the confiscation law had some nasty teeth in it with up to a 10 year prison sentence, a $10,000 fine, or both.

    • Tom G.

      This is where my unfounded theory of states exercising their rights and pushing back comes into play. Because if some of these states like Wyoming or Montana or Utah honored gold and silver and gun ownership I would move there in a heartbeat. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about confiscation.

    • Glitter1

      My theory is that they may go to a bimetal backed currency, but nothing says they will not institute a digital curency system at the same time. David Rockafeller et al have been releasing trial ballons lately about instituting a cashless system by 2016.They can say that it would be backed by gold and/or silver to dupe the sheeple to accept a digital system, but once cash is removed from day-to-day transactions, there will be no personal freedom or liberty, only serfdom and slavery.

      • Tom G.

        I totally agree that a cashless society will come about sooner or later. You’ll probably need to be chipped in order to buy or sell (as I’m sure you know). That will be the ultimate endgame of the Lawless One who will be running the show then.

        Hopefully we will be able to trust some folks to obtain food for us. TPTB will not want to leave us alone though. It has crossed my mind that we might be able to supply some trustworthy non-believing friends with real money(silver), if they, on the other hand will provide us with food. Our life today is a walk in the park compared to what is in store for some of us if this starts to really play out in our lifetime.

        • Glitter1

          Tom, I’m not planning to be around when the mandatory chip implant is forced on the unwitting masses. That will be part of the seven year tribulation scheduled to commence right after believers are taken out.

          • Tom G.

            Glitter1 I knew you were going to say that. I was brought up on the pre-trib position too but it is wrong. It is impossible for the Day of the Lord to be placed at the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week. The Day of the Lord is the key to the whole timeframe for our “ejection” or “catching up” if you will.

            You are correct that we will not be here when God’s wrath is poured out on the planet, but that occurs AFTER the Day of the Lord occurs (II Thes. 2:2-3). The whole point of Paul writing the second letter to the Thessalonians is because they though they missed the rapture. He tells them point blank that the Day of the Lord has to come first. And this is precisely where the problem with the pre-trib position comes in. The pre-trib position has to have the Day of the Lord come at the very beginning of the 7 year period. But it can’t. Paul says the Day of the Lord comes AFTER the abomination of Desolation (II Thes. 2:3-4). And the Abomination of Desolation comes in the middle of that 7-year period (Dan. 9:27). Thus, if the Day of the Lord can’t occur until after the abomination of Desolation, and the abomination of Desolation doesn’t occur until the middle of the “week”,(Dan(9:27) then the rapture which occurs with the Day of the Lord I Thess 4:16 can’t take place until after the abomination of Desolation, or in other words until at least half way through the 7-year period.

            Seriously, our evangelical camp is asleep at the wheel on this. It’s not that difficult if you just look at the 4 passages I provided. The reason Jesus said the Great Tribulation (which we WILL be in) is “cut short” is precisely because our persecution by the Antichrist (where they will want us to get chipped) will be cut short.

            The Day of the Lord (Joel 2, I Thess 4 and II Thess 2) can’t occur until after the abomination of Desolation which can’t occur until the middle of the week (Dan 9:27). We WILL be around for the first half of the “week” (Antichrist’s wrath in the Great Trib) but we will not be around for God’s wrath which occurs right after the abomination of Desolation when the Day of the Lord begins.

            The pre-trib (which is a misnomer in the first place- there is nowhere in Scripture where that 7 year period is called the tribulation, it is properly called Daniel’s 70th week) is faulty. Look at any book or chart that a pre-tribber puts out. They never have the Day of the Lord in the chart. Why? Because it would ruin their whole position. It’s shameful. This faulty position has the evangelical camp asleep just like the sheeple out there. If you want to further discuss this offline somehow let me know.

            Like I said, I was brought up on the pre-trib position. When I was working on my Masters Degree (96 credits, not the usual 30) we were told to do a study on the rapture and I was sure I would come out pre-trib. But I could see after a few days that pre-trib waa wrong simply by looking at Scripture and nothing else. I am the “pre-wrath” camp. I agree that we will not be around for God’s wrath I Thess 5:9, but we will be around for Antichrist’s wrath which will occur during the first half of Daniel’s week.

            It’s not that difficult, just look at the timeframe from the verses I provided.

            • Glitter1

              I’ve been daily looking for signs of his coming for over forty years. I’ve read both sides of the argument for the timing of the Rapture.Frankly,It’s still a bit fuzzy to me as to where it actually fits into end times chronology.I am familiar with Daniel,Mathew 24,Thes.1&2,Revelations, et al.We can not know the day and hour, but we can know the season.I’m more concerned with living faithfully until it does happen then trying to pinpoint the event.I’m sure it’s going to happen, when it does I’ll be there, regardless of when it occurs. It’s my opinion the prophecies leading up to the end are happening(happened)before our eyes. I feel the wise thing to do is to verify your comments and sources. I appreciate your feedback on this subject. We are told to prove all things. We are in agreement on the event, perhaps differ on the time line for now.I’m attaching a link to a website that spells out exactly how close we are, even at the door.

              • Tom G.

                I’m so glad you got back to me. You’re right. The most important thing is to be ready. That’s why I’m trying to wake up fellow Christians to the truth that we’re not in for a cake-walk once the Lawless One signs that pact with Israel. We will still be here for the first 3&1/2 years and we had better BE READY for some persecution. Unfortunately, most think we will be out of here and they will not be mentally or spiritually prepared. I will look at your videos you posted.

                You are right, no man knows the day or hour. But the disciples asked Jesus for a sign(s) of His coming (which BTW blows away the “imminence” of Christ’s return that pre-tribbers like to point to) because if “signs” are going to occur first then, like you said, we can at least narrow things down. What will trigger the 7 year period is when the Lawless One signs that pact with Israel. That will be the first HUGE sign. Thanks Glitter

      • Ed_B

        Guys like David and Jay Rockefeller set my teeth on edge. It is clear from watching these guys and listening to them that they are a couple of elitist SOBs who want to control EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Jay was the guy who, when told several years ago that most Americans did not want Hillary Care, said, “We don’t care what the American people want. What they are getting is health care!”. Oh, the hubris and arrogance!

  • Lowell

    James Turk is smoking socks dipped in GAS!

    I just have questions for yah, at this point.

    Where are we in the Gold Bull Market?

    Check your ratios lately? Seems like a dumb quesiton, but check them!

    I like the metals just like ya’ll, but even a natural born “a-hole” like me can see this coming like a FRIGATE, I mean a FREIGHT train.

    • Ed_B

      “James Turk is smoking socks dipped in GAS!”

      LOL! Now there’s an image. But tell me… fresh clean socks or old gnarly gym socks that haven’t been washed in so long they can stand up by themselves? 😀

  • Troy

    Don’t be afraid to challenge the gov. They can be sued just like everyone else. I plan on suing the government for all the chemtrail spraying they are doing. I have 2 lawyers that have been working on the lawsuit.

  • reflector

    great interview sgt.
    james turk is brilliant as always.

    • SGT

      thx reflector, James Turk is a very down to earth guy who truly cares about PEOPLE. I can’t say enough good things about him.

      • Lowell

        I feel so unloved…now. NOT!

        Sean, you do great work. But I won’t SPAR without showing a few moves. That makes ME a FRIEND.

        James IS A GOOD DUDE. Ok? But I ain’t buying all of it.

        Step into the ring. Let me show you “FAR AND AWAY” moves. Unconventional, purly unthought of.

        You don’t “get good” with guys trying to knock you out…you get good by getting hurt and never forgetting it.

  • Uncle Muscles

    Will things ever be the same again?


    • Ed_B

      “Will things ever be the same again?”

      Nope, but then, that’s pretty much how life works. It’s not ever the same again! But that’s OK because that’s what keeps it interesting. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it will be the same and you’ll never be disappointed.

  • Jeff

    Great interview SGT.

  • Troy

    My home might be worth a million dollars in a few years!

  • Jim

    Sean, another masterful interview, i always look forward to them. Here’s a question.. have you ever tried to get an interview with Mike Maloney? That’s one i would love to hear, especially if you could discuss his wealth cycles principle.

  • Paula Tuttle

    I trusted James Turk until the moment (in this interview with Sean), he stated ‘I don’t believe it’s with malice’ (the take-down of the financial system via money-printing).James Turk absolutely knows this is by design and with malice, and having instead attributed this to economic “stupidity”, he’s either a liar or too naive to trust for financial advice.

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