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Is Apple Fascist? Apple Granted Patent To DISABLE Cameras According To Location

Recording, communicating during protests, political events could be restricted

by Steve Watson, Info Wars:

Apple was granted a patent last week that will enable it to wirelessly disable the camera on iphones in certain locations, sparking fears that such techniques could be used to prevent citizens from communicating with each other or taking video during protests or events such as political conventions and gatherings.

The camera phone has revolutionized the flow of information in the digital age. Any time a major event takes place, news networks and video websites are immediately inundated with footage and photographs from the scene.

That could all change in the future however, with a flick of a switch, according to U.S. Patent No. 8,254,902, published on Tuesday, titled, “Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device.”

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6 comments to Is Apple Fascist? Apple Granted Patent To DISABLE Cameras According To Location

  • Travis

    This will obviously be expanded upon. TPTB will mandate all companies use this tech. The police will carry around devices that will kill all recording if you are within 300 ft, etc.

  • Cytronus

    If Apple does this, I will lose my iPhone until such a feature is revoked.

  • stuart

    All you have to do is (with android phones at least) select “prevent phone from sending or recieving data) no data can then be sent or recieved by the phone over the internet connection. Calls and sms still work.

  • stuart

    Or simply disable location tracking by both gps and cell towers.

  • How?

    Horrifying assault on our freedoms to expose state brutality. How do I disable tracking on a Nokia mobile? Also, can they block standard camcorders (digital)? Clearly old tape camcorders cannot be blocked but they are hard to find, unfortundately now. Will professinal recorders used by news crews be affected?

  • sensible politics

    Apple’s ifascism is really not on.
    I don’t want to be told what I can and cant do with my property in my own home.
    Their Paranoid neurosis and contrle freek mentality is avery bit as bad as living in Communist China of Sadams Iraq.
    I want a tool not a life style where I have no control. If I dont want to put personal details into my computor that is MY CHOICE, not Apples.
    If I want to brows anonymously, that again is my choice.
    I am an adult and I can make up my own mind, I dont want to be told what I can and cant do by Anyone especially a private company.

    There was a time when Apple was the obvious choice but now I cant wait to buy something else

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