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Democrats: Let’s Ban Profits!

from SchiffReport:

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7 comments to Democrats: Let’s Ban Profits!

  • Travis

    What these Dimocrats are supporting is very dangerous but I must admit is was still funny. I thought Peter was great how he stayed in character.

  • Ivan

    He is awesome, and I know there is Schiff haters on this site. But man this guy can put a smile on my face. And he is the only one that can do that. Every one else is just all doom and run for cover.

  • Jeff

    I agree with you Ivan. I’m not a hater but I don’t think he get’s everything “right”. He sure does know how to have fun with this crazy lunatic crowd though.


    I’m all for corporations making profits providing its done under a true fair capitalist market…I am, however, against corporations using tax payer funded bailouts to make profits. This is the system in which we operate, we’re companies receive billions in bailouts then privatize the profits & socialize the losses & pass them onto the taxpayer. This is what Peter Schiff fails to point out here.

    • Joe

      Well it’s the Government who gives the Corporations all the money and it’s the American people who keeps voting for the same people in Congress time and time again. So, you can’t honestly blame the corporations for taking free money from the Government, they’d be foolish not to take it…blame the Government and the fools who vote for them.

  • Julie

    This makes me think so much of Atlas Shrugged, it’s about to make me cry! If any of you have NOT read that book, you need to make sure you have a copy from an educational standpoint if the SHTF. Hopefully it can help wake people up.

    I can’t believe the woman who said “whatever my President wants to do, I’ll support him”. What if he wanted to make your daughter a government-sponsored prostitute to “service” the Secret Service? She’d be given health care but she would have to sleep with all of the agents as their entertainment. Would you support THAT, crazy lady?!?! Better be careful when you use blanket statements like “anything” or “everything” or “whatever”!!!!

  • Glitter1

    It’s really a shame, we saw Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Educated and useful idiots of all stripes that are absolutely CLUELESS and ignorant of how the Federal Government Functions,how it funds all of the Social Programs, any Programs for that matter.People have degraded exponentially in their ability to discern Truth, Integrity, and Virtue.I’m afraid that when the SHTF the massess are going to get exactly what is deserved.

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