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Austerity Sledgehammer: At Least Half a Million College Students On Waiting Lists as Loans Dry Up; Colleges Face Mass Layoffs

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Austerity measures, though unpopular and not discussed by government officials and media pundits, are in full effect across a broad spectrum of services and industries.

In many parts of the country local governments are being forced to layoff or cut the salaries of thousands of emergency personnel. Education spending cuts across debt behemoths like California, Illionois and Michigan are forcing elementary and high school classrooms to capacities exceeding thirty or forty students at a time and removing subjects like art, music and physical education from school schedules.  Towns and cities all over America are declaring bankruptcy on an almost weekly basis. Government sponsored health care systems are feeling the pressure with major cuts in access to key prescription medications quickly becoming the norm.

Just two years ago the idea that austerity cuts would hit America like an 8-pound sledgehammer was inconceivable.

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5 comments to Austerity Sledgehammer: At Least Half a Million College Students On Waiting Lists as Loans Dry Up; Colleges Face Mass Layoffs

  • Glitter1

    This is truely the results of thirty years of deflationary pressures coming to fruition.The only reason it is manifesting it’s self now is that since the early 1980’s when industry started shutting down in the US, it then relocated overseas.As the tax base shrank and wages depressed/cut/disappeared, Governments, i.e. State,Federal began to barrow more & More money to makeup the short falls in tax collections with the borrowing accelerating since that time.Now, the borrowing has dried up since the tax base is shrinking and wages are dropping and Gov can not go to the well anymore, the jig is up. People nor the Gov can maintain their standard of living off of a credit card indefinately.So now they are forced to do what they should have been doing all along, cut costs instead of living off of borrowed money.

  • Lowell

    GOOD! You underwater basketweavers got a big lesson coming. You dumb ass sum bitches who can not understand normal thinking will learn this….Reading, Writing, and Arithemic. Spelling TOO!

    No more baffetball, balley ball…bullshit….straighten the F out!

    This goes with your highschool budgets as well. You want your kids to play athealics…YOU PAY FOR IT!

    Beat and Tweet too!

    Bunch of commie bastards with this liberal arts shit. HARD SCIENCE! HARD WORK!

    Too many horn blowing, finger painting liberal f-heads took over this shit. Time to wake up people.

    F-your kid who can throw a football…what are the chances of him making it to the NFL? How long can he survive? 40? Neck injuries, scout ? Please get a grip.

  • Lowell

    Oh and everytime you “Master degree” mf’ers hear from some gubmit agency you need a PHD, think about this…you stupid sheep…education ruins a good mind. Keep spending your money. You tell me “i’m working “smart”, I will slap your head off your shoulders. Your an IDIOT.

    When you tell me your working “smart” tells me your a smart ass having some else do your work.

    YOUR the PROBLEM! Get off someone else’s back and start toting your own!

    I have had enough of this foolishness!

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