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Your Guns Protect You… But How Are You Protecting Your Guns?

This piece has been contributed exclusively for reader’s of SGTreport by our friend Mark (pseudonym below), a firearms industry executive & part-time police officer. If you missed my in-depth interview with Mark in which we talk about the Second Amendment, Liberty and the UN gun ban treaty, please give it a listen, here. ~ SGT

Steps Every Gun Owner Should Take To Help Protect Their Guns & Gun Rights:

by Mark S. Mann,

Theft of legally owned firearms from gun owners is on the increase every year. The NRA, the Media or Law Enforcement never fully covers the severity and depth of this issue. Many of the guns used in crimes are those that our stolen out of the residences of legal gun owners. By taking a few easy and practical steps, you help prevent being a victim of gun theft, and help limit access to criminals that would use your firearms in the commission of a crime. By doing this, over the long term, it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on statistics of crime and gun violence, which are used to attack private gun ownership.

Don’t make it easy for Criminals, Gun Grabbing Police & Federal Agents, or UN Troops to just walk away with your firearms. What good was it having your firearms if they are stolen or easily confiscated when you need them most? If you lose your guns how can they protect you? You also need protect your guns.

This all starts with covering the following steps:

1.) Physical Security

A.) Make Sure Your Weapons Are Stored Securely:

It’s not wise to keep your expensive battery of firearms in a closet, or on a wall gun rack, or in a wooden & glass gun cabinet.

If possible, purchase a high quality gun safe. For the price of a 1 oz. gold coin or less, you can purchase a high quality safe that will also offer fire protection. For those that cannot afford to that type of money, entry level, light weight, safes can be purchased at big box retail storesfor around $200-$300. There are many levels of protection available from $200-$2000.

If you also a physical precious metals holder, you will also have secure storage in your home for those items too! You can stack a lot of precious metals in the extra spaces in your gun safe.

The point is that you need some type of secure storage for your weapons. Not just for physical security against theft, but also against civil or criminal liability in the event your stolen firearms are used in a crime and the victims take legal action against you. Example: Being sued by a potential victim of a crime involving your stolen weapon where you are sued for criminal negligence, or reckless endangerment due to improper, or unsecured storage of a weapon. In many of the mass shootings or active shooter incidents of the last 15 years, the shooters have used weapons taken from family members such as parents, grandparents, or immediate family members. Proper, secure storage may not have stopped the incident from happening, but it could have limited potential civil or criminal liability of those people connected to the shooter.

Besides the financial loss and exposure to legal liability, someday, we may get to the point where you may not be able to replace a firearm at any cost due to changing laws and regulations, and if you can replace it, you may have to settle for a less than perfect replacement at a much higher cost:

2.) Keep a Low Profile:

Remember the old WWII Wartime Saying “Loose lips sinks ships”

A.) Don’t talk to your neighbors or anyone else you are not sure you can trust about what types, and what quantities of weapons and ammo that you own. That goes for prepping items as well. The fewer people that know what you have, the smaller a target you become.

B.) If you have anything that screams “I am a gun owner” or “Hunter” like NRA stickers or “Insured by Smith & Wesson” bumper stickers visible on your car or house, get rid of it. These are signs that say I have guns in my house, follow me home, and rob me when I am not there to stop you. Don’t make yourself an easy target.

C.) Don’t dress like you’re a gun owner! Be careful about the attention firearms related clothing might attract if you ware it at the wrong time and place.

D.) If you are getting Firearms, Ammo, Accessory Items, or prepping gear of any type shipped/ delivered to your home or place of residence, be as discrete as possible. If possible, ask the sources you are purchasing from how they package and label the items you will be receiving. Imagine how boxes of items left at your front door by Fed Ex or UPS labeled ““Explosive / Ammunition 5.56mm” or “Emergency Food Supplies” would look to your neighbors or anyone else that noticed.

3.) Get Some Quality Professional Training:

Just because you have a gun, does not mean that you are trained how to fight with it. I have a good friend that has a saying “Just because you have Tang in your refrigerator that does not make you an astronaut.”

Target shooting is different than gun fighting. If you think you know how to fight with a gun because you can go to your local range and put a nice group on paper at a known distance, with no movement, no stress factors, no time limits, and perfect lighting, you are sadly mistaken. All you are going is making a pile of once fired brass. Seek out quality firearms training in your area and go do it. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and go to any of the big name training facilities. Having training will enable you to be more effective with your weapons, which will allow you to get the best performance out of them when you really need them!

4.) Make sure that you are well rounded in terms of your preparations:

The “I have guns, so I will get food if I need it” is ridiculous. By acting in this manor, not only will you criminalize yourself, but you will become part of the problem. If things do go bad and you follow this practice, how long do you think you will last? You will not be the only one out there with a gun, and you are not Seal Team 6. Eventually your luck will run out if you get chance a fight every time you need a basic necessity. For those of you that preparedness means guns, guns, and more guns, think again. You need to be well rounded and have at least a 90 day supply of food, water, and basic necessities + whatever personal items you can’t live without. 90 days buys you a lot of time.

With our proper hydration & nutrition, you will not be able to properly and effectively use your weapon. Anyone who disagrees with this needs to do some research on the mental & physical effects of hunger and malnutrition. The US Army studied this extensively during WWII. The data is out there, read it.

5.) Suggestions for personal procurement:

A.) Now is the time to buy! As we approach the elections and after they are over, products will be difficult to find and costs will rise.

B.) No more buying toys or fantasy items: Get Practical! Get the items you really need for the most practical scenarios.

D.) Consolidate you gear: Calibers, Guns, Mags, Gear.

E.) Build Redundancy into your most important capabilities and necessities : “2 is 1, and 1 is None!”

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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24 comments to Your Guns Protect You… But How Are You Protecting Your Guns?

  • Tom G.

    Thank you Sean. Thank you Mark. I really appreciate your no-nonsense no-drama approach to helping us out. I just bought my first shotgun a few weeks ago. In fact, in my unopened Amazon box that I got today in the mail is a book about when to use a gun, etc., etc. which is meant for the beginner like me.

    Two quick questions/

    How long will ammo still work if stored in a cool, dry place. I don’t want to stock up too much and then find the ammo is no good.

    I have to sign up for a pistol permit which will cost about $200 but I will not be approved for 6-8 months. Is it still worth shelling out that money in light of the fact that they are doing everything to to take our guns away?

    • SGT

      Hey Tom, please check back. Mark will answer your question at some point, I’ve e-mailed him asking him to log in and reply to you when he has a minute. thanks.

      • Tom G.

        Thanks Sean: On behalf of all of us in this camp, thank you for all the interviews and hard work lately. I really enjoyed the Krieger interview (man- he is down to earth like you) and I also enjoyed the informative interview with Mark. Again, thanks!
        And thanks for all the stuff you post which makes this site one-stop-shopping.

        • SGT

          It’s my pleasure, so thank YOU for stopping by to comment, support, etc. I love this community of like-minded, liberty-minded people we have here. 🙂

      • SGT

        Tom, just got Mark’s reply to your questions. here ya go:


        Ammo will last for several decades if stored properly. As another poster
        pointed out, there is still plenty of good WWII ammo out there. My advice
        is to keep the ammo stored in a cool dry place.
        If you basement or storage area is prone to flooding, keep the ammo up high
        as you can. One thing I really like to do is to use military surplus metal
        ammo cans to store bulk ammo. Personally, I like the .30 caliber and .50
        caliber cans best, as they are small enough to easily move around. 12 gauge
        ammo is a little more bulky so you will be better off with .50 cal cans.
        These are getting more expensive by the day, but are usually easy to find
        at Army Navy stores or surplus dealers on line.


        Go for it. I dont think anything will change in this area any time soon.
        Having the ability to legally pack a pistol is well worth $200. Most States
        are running 4-6 months or even longer to process an application. It is
        expensive, but you have to realize that you spend so much time out of the
        house, and that is probably the most dangerous and most probable time that
        you may need to defend yourself.

    • SilverShark

      Just to let you know, in my 303 Enfield, I am still shooting ammo from 1943.
      Keep it dry and do not expose to extreme temperatures and it will last for years.

  • Steve

    Tom G,

    I’m an Army veteran and I can help you a little. You can store ammo for decades under the right conditions. Basically you just keep it dry. I use ammo cans and dessicant packs in combination and it works great. Old Army surplus ammo cans aren’t that expensive, and you’ll find boatloads of them at most any gun show. As for the dessicant packs, I just save them from other things I buy that are packaged with them. I’m sure you could find a place to buy them without too much trouble.

    Personally, I would go for that pistol permit if the $200 is no big deal. I’m sure Mark will have some good insights for you on that one.

    Hope this helps.

    • Tom G.

      Steve: It helps a lot. Thank you. My Dad was a Marine but we lost him 7 years ago so this gun stuff is all new to me and now he is no longer around to help. Thanks so much. I hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks again.

      • Phez

        Hi Tom, Steve gave you some good advice for storing your ammo and I just wanted to add that along with storing them in the old metal ammo boxes, you can add a dehumidifier pack to each container for a little additional insurance. This will work good for most center-fire shells with the exception of shotgun shells, it’s a “roll the dice” situation with them sometimes. Other than that, a cool, dry dark place will help. I have reloads from 6 years ago that worked fine yesterday target shooting. Good luck!

        • Tom G.

          Phez: Thank you for that advice. I appreciate your help. I hope your weekend is going well. Have a good end of the weekend. Thank You.

  • SilverFox

    Thank you Mark, hopefully your article will get more people on the right track.

    In the criminal situation of troops whether U.N., Traitorous American’s or otherwise illegally breaking into a home to steal weapons. If they found a safe what would happen?

    Would these criminals only take your weapons if you open your safe or would they also steal your gold?

    I agree about the election. I think it is the end game. After November it will be no holds bared in the world.

  • CMA

    Funny you mentioned quality professional training as that is one thing that has been on my mind. Question is… where does one begin to find QUALITY professional training?…check at shooting ranges? Thanks for all the great info.

  • Frank Zak

    I have been a gun collector 30 years.

    My best choice of weapon is the bow and arrow.

    Get one for $100 at Big 5 Sporting Goods.

    I like single string.

    2nd choice is a .50 cal air rifle.

    No liscenses needed for either.

    Any gun made 1898 and before, no liscence
    needed either in USA.

    If that doesn’t work you can baffle them
    with bullshit from Paul Krugman. But, don’t use
    this deadly force until last resort. Your victim
    will not survive it.

  • Ed_B

    Excellent article! The point about target shooting is NOT combat shooting is something that should be repeated over and over. My father was a US Army small arms and hand to hand combat instructor. He taught me to shoot targets. Then he taught me combat shooting. When I could regularly hit a running rabbit with my .22 at 50-60 yards was when he said, “Now you are a shooter”. I asked him about combat and he said that I knew the basics but that “it is only when you are getting shot at that you know your butt from 3rd base about it”. He had the medals to prove that he did.

  • Troy

    My favorite gun is my Smith & Wesson M&P .22 handgun. Its a full size gun that is a blast to shoot. 12 round mag, cheap to shoot, looks like a .40 or a .45. Out of my 13 guns, its my favorite!

  • Troy

    My M&P .22 is for fun…my Springfield XD .45 ACP is for SHTF.

  • Chuck

    For professional Training check out Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

    • Joe


      You comment here much or just saw a chance to throw in the country club approach to shooting? People need to check around and get some background on all training they may decide to do. Go to there class and leave buying a house on their “compound”.

  • Darren

    I am concerned about confiscation of firearms. I live in Australia and all guns must be registered, so the police can easily round them all up and leave you defenceless.

  • Bobby

    Thanks Sean! Help defend our most important amendment! Slaves don’t own guns!!!

  • defcon1

    breaking news: shooting in wisconsin- interestingly only being covred by cnn. another false flag?

  • Bob A

    Another gun massacre! Damn. They will be turning up the heat on the 2nd amendment right. Simply outrageous. The killings. The timing. The propaganda that will be spewed. So senseless!

  • Uncle Zip

    Buy your ammo using cash. All electronic transactions are monitored anymore, and most for content. If you buy a boatload of ammo with a credit or debit card, you just advertized.

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