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With Gold & Silver, Why Does the General Population Consistently Get the “Buy Low, Sell High” Mantra Backwards?

from The Underground Investor:

To successfully keep your head above water during this economic crisis, it is not an option, but a necessity to convert your fiat digital currency into something tangible and real like physical gold and physical silver. To be successful in this game, one must understand the paradigm in which these two precious metals operate. The reasons why interest is so incredibly low in buying gold and silver among the general masses when they are screaming bargains, and why the general populace’s interest in PMs only perk up after prices have moved much higher, or worse yet, never at all, is a testament to the disinformation campaign waged by the bankers against the people. Many among the general populace still fail to understand that when banksters create fraudulent futures markets backed by a woefully small percent of physical metals to control paper prices of gold and silver, the dynamics of this fake market vastly differ from the dynamics of the tangible real physical gold and silver market. Furthermore, and more importantly, the general masses fail to realize that the negative perception of gold and silver prices the banksters create through their false paper markets will ultimately fail when confronted by the reality of tighter and tighter physical supplies of gold and silver. People often make critical mistakes when buying gold and silver because they do not take the time to learn the bankster-manipulated paradigm in which both of these PM operate. Thus they enter the game blindly, merely following the advice of talking head puppets on television, engaging in the absolute worst form of decision-making possible.

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