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Will September 12th Mark the COLLAPSE of the EuroZone? PLUS, There IS a Developing Shortage of Physical Silver & Gold – Alasdair Macleod

Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research for joins me to discuss the critical German Constitutional Court decision due on September 12th which may mark the END of Germany’s ability to fund the endless Euro Zone bailouts, which now total more than $2 TRILLION for Germany alone! If Germany bails on the bailouts… the EuroZone will fall and all hell will break loose globally. In Part TWO we talk about the developing shortage of physical gold and silver, and the total DENIAL of the average American that there is any problem whatsoever.

Part 1:
September 12th German Court Decision = COLLAPSE of the Euro Zone?
Part 2:
A Shortage of PHYSICAL Gold & Silver IS Devleoping
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23 comments to Will September 12th Mark the COLLAPSE of the EuroZone? PLUS, There IS a Developing Shortage of Physical Silver & Gold – Alasdair Macleod

  • Tom G.

    They’re carrying out the silver shorts in body bags this week. Looks to be some horizontal resistance at 31.00. It was nice to see it blow through 30 with no problems but I’m sure we will go back and test 30 sometime. When 30 holds, we’ll be in business. 30.42 now 2am EDT. Thanks for the interview Sean.

    • Mouse

      “Will September 12th Mark the COLLAPSE of the EuroZone?”

      The answer is: NO. Why? Because the new Greek president has shown his total incompetency by promising to “pay all debt back”. We know, it is impossible with fractional reserve banking and debt based money to do that. So the Germans have an idiot in Greece who will serve them all the infrastructure on a silver plate by means of privatizations. In return they will give Greece further bailouts.

      So here the predictions for the rest of the year: Amidst more euro money printing the Euro will counter-intuitively strengthen short term, the dollar will weaken, and this will give Bernanke some room to delay QE. Gold and silver will first rise, and then flatten out, go neutral. For the metals to continue their uptrend we need to see QE3 implemented. But so far the fact is that QE3 is not out yet.

  • Uncle Muscles


  • daveinspain

    Wow this guy sounds exactly like Lord Monkton..Brilliant interview Sean..keep stacking whilst you can ..

  • Vinny

    Good interview , enjoyed it thanks

  • Travis

    Great interview Sean, glad to see that you are interviewing new guests.

  • DT

    Just for kicks, don’t know if I got this link from SGT or not, but there is some “creepy Illuminati clock” out there on the internet counting down to September 9th, 2012:

  • johns

    Excellent interview. Took 7oz. gold and 100 Libertads off the market yesterday. Physical. Delivered.

    • SGT

      Thanks for the feedback guys – I had some dry powder to buy at $27 and intended to but didn’t get around to it in time. Despite Bill Murphay’s ample warning for us, I’m a bit surprised by the scope and speed of this move up – straight up!

      • Daniel

        Went to buy some last week but the guy wanted a buck over spot so I walked ๐Ÿ™ My regular guy was out of town, he sells it to me for spot all day long.

        Spoke to Bill yesterday, I mentioned your interview, he said this move is just the beginning.

        Dan (aka: VisionVictory)

    • johns

      FedEx delivered this morning :).

  • Navin Johnson

    Wow… that guy is a class act, great interview. Thanks, Sean.

  • GoodOleBoy

    I like Alasdair but I think he might have underestimated the “system’s” planned response. We have to remember the financial hardship that brought us the third riech and learn from those mistakes. As a little inside info, a colonel told me a while back that the military has aggrements in place whereby, in the event of a collapse, all of the can goods and non perishable food items at all Walmart stores and warehouses become property of the US government. The system has become its own separate entity, not under they control of any one group or person. The elites believe they have control but it has become so complex and independent that they have lost control. The system fight to the death to defend itself. The only logical conclusion to this is a complete reset of the entire system and the only people left standing will be those with hard assets.

  • Bullant

    Sean I was the same as you, it had been going sideways so long I had my powder sitting to long! Ordered yesterday at $28aus so I’m still happy. Peace to you brother

  • D

    Ain’t sh** gonna collapse… yet! They’re gonna print to infinity. Let us not forget that it’s ALL about a one world order!!! Do people really think that “they” are just gonna stop now and risk own millennia old plan, and perhaps their very lives? They will take this to the absolute breaking point and then…. WW3, or maybe they’ll be nice to us and give us a pandemic. To HELL with them all!!!

  • Hman

    As always, great interview Sean.

    As for me I used 50% of my dry powder at 27.50, with the remaining powder to be used if it drooped to 22.00. My time frame is 7 years from today during which price should recover nicely.

  • Hannon

    The German court will rule in favor of the Euro less they start falling off buildings, and don’t forget this is the same “constitutional” court that let the German version of the bill of rights get swept away after all the so called terror attacks were admitted to be fake, along with all the fake nazi groups. It’s going to look just as retarded as everyone waiting on the Obama care ruling. Rember if these courts weren’t corupt things would have never gotten to this point and waiting for them to stop the monster they set loose and feed off of is kind of nieve. But let’s hope I’m wrong.

  • sb

    Are there any lawyers out there? Can you tell me if this would work?

    1. Put on a suit.
    2. Go into a Federal Reserve Bank with $1 Silver Dollar and $500 Federal Reserve notes.
    3. Demand that the Federal Reserve exchange the notes (their liabilities/credit) for 500 real Silver dollars.
    4. If they refuse, ask if their Federal Reserve notes are still valid.
    5. Explain that โ€œnoteโ€ means promissory note, debt, credit, or liability.
    6. If they refuse ask them if the notes are no longer valid or counterfeit.
    7. Explain that the Constitution defines the US Dollar as .715 ounces of Silver.
    8. If they still refuse follow up with a certified letter documenting what happened and demanding that they exchange the Federal Reserve Notes for US Silver dollars.
    9. If they still refuse, take them to small claims court and argue your case, and explain to the judge that the Federal Reserve is a private bank that has been debasing the dollar since 1913.

    Maybe the Federal Reserve will just pay you $5,000 to go away

  • Ed Hunter

    Anyone who thinks the German court won’t fold like a cheap lawn chair to the banksters just isn’t paying attention. They’re every bit as whored out as our SCOTUS, and to the same group of sick pimps.

    No matter: silver and gold are going where they’re going. Don’t get distracted, just keep stacking, month in and month out. The rest will take care of itself.

  • Jazimar

    Paper money is just paper. Gold and silver are really money and have proven themselves for over five thousand year. I am encouraging people to buy precious metals. One site I recommend is Check it out for yourself. Thank you for an informative post.

  • 8Ball

    More nonsense to keep the general public treading water while the PTB put the control grid-police state in place.

    When the SHTF, you will be the first to know…

  • Dav0

    Obama has also warned Europe to bailout Greece (lest he has to bail out US banks that will be required to pay out CDS on the Greece soverign debt). Sept 12th is also the period of the new moon which is Bibi’s last chance before the Israeli elections (which he will loose) to attack Iran. USS Stennis SCG has also sailed this week and will be in the Persian gulf region by Sept 12th also. Seems like we are at the dawn of the Straits of Hormuz being closed for some time.

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