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This is the question I get the most from people who have done very little research of their own. They can’t believe that the “Elite” would want to destroy society. And yet, these folks generally know very little about the history of the elite, or the definition of eugenics. They do not understnd the dark forces behind the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the BIS. They are ignorant about the Hegelian dialectic and government sponsored false flag terrorism. And that’s exactly why this is one of the first videos I ever made for my You Tube Channel.

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  • Bullant

    Woh Sean, I’m sitting here in oz around 5am( my Sgt time) and I’m actually frightened. I am preparing to move my family and business to a rural location but not until after Christmas, I’m worried I won’t have enough time my friend? I only have around 20 oz of gold and about 550 oz of silver and I still think that’s to little. With your permission I will be posting this out to as many sheeple as I can brother. It’s time to wake up, stand up and fight together as one voice and one fist to crush this insignificant few to dust. Like all tyrannical bullies they are only pussy cats when brought down and held accountable. May God be with us all!!

    • SGT

      absolutely, spread it, and good luck – all will end well, somehow. As far as metals go, I’d say you’ve get a very nice stack going. The 20 oz of gold is certainly nothing to scoff at!

  • Curt

    Alex is correct, they want complete control. However, notice their emphasis in recent years has changed from focusing on eugenics to insuring their own survival. Why? There is something coming that even they are afraid of. They want to survive it, but they don’t want to tell us about it. It comes to earth every 3600 years. It is called the destroyer or Planet X. That is why –

    Denver airport bunker readied
    Russian troops massed close by at Fort Hood to defend elite
    Svalbard global seed vault operational
    Reckless government spending continues unabated
    Food industry sources say gov stockpiling survival food 2011
    Obama in a rush signs 132 Executive orders
    Massive police state rollout with TSA and HSD after 9/11 false flag event
    Hundreds of FEMA camps recently constructed to deal with survivors
    Rapid escalation in the use of domestic drones
    Disinformation continues re: ET’s despite escalation of sightings 
    Google Sky blacks out Nibiru in 2007 photo 5h 53m 27s, -6 10′ 56
    San Onofre shut down indefinitely
    Flight to bunkers by banking elite using mass arrests as cover
    Rapidly escalating global weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanic activity
    China’s ghost cities in the country’s interior prepare for post Nibiru
    Carbon based global warming used as a ruse to explain weather changes
    Significantly increased solar activity 
    Earth as well as all planets in the solar system heating up
    Massive amounts plastic coffins being created and stockpiled 
    CIA moves headquarters from Virginia to Denver in 2005
    NASA ends its 30 yr shuttle program in 2011
    NASA issues emergency preparedness plan warning to NASA employees 
    Increased comet activity
    Strange sounds heard all over the world due to plates shifting
    Military bases along coastal areas being evacuated

    Do your own research and prepare.

  • Bullant

    Hey Sean, thanks for the reassurance man, always a buzz to receive a personal message from you. Yeah the gold has taken me a while, especially when you have to forget about holidays and buying things that you really don’t need. I only wished id stumbled on your site when iit was $200oz and didnt have to pay $1750 spot to enter in. Funnily enough I have seen a lot of my friends now approach me for info on the metals as they are seeing the obvious changes with not only the world but how corrupt our own government is, and are finally seeing through the lies of the leaders and MSM. I worry about US troops now setting up over here. I believe they will only be for use as martial law troops when the time is right. We are already feeling the harsh realty of the carbon tax, my friends business for now 3 years has paid around $1700 a month for electricity, this month with carbon tax-$2550! Get ready people, you won’t even be able to afford to use your electric toothbrush soon.

    • SGT

      Don’t feel too bad B, I didn’t buy my first ounce of gold until it was around $900 or so. Got a lot of silver in the $9 – $14 range though, those were the days!

  • A

    epic, just watching it for the third time in a row…..SGT you ever been on the Alex Jones show?

    why would they want to stop making money off of us? they print the stinking money! epic line from aj

    • SGT

      A, they were kind enough to invite me on the evening show about 5-6 months ago, but since I didn’t want to appear in person via Skype, it was bit of a deal breaker. But they were very nice about it.

  • matt

    Americans destroyed America through their own arrogance and ignorance..oh..don’t forget greed!

    I had a conversation with a bunch of yanks on a forum back in the early 80s and they all verbally bashed me when I said that they have become too arrogant and fallen asleep at the wheel..Of course the big gun wielding talk came out..U cannot escape Karma..It’s the law of the universe!

  • matt

    That should read EARLY 90s



  • Bobby

    Another MUST watch – Freedom to Fascism out on youtube

  • john

    What I don’t get,is,why wait to be taken out.Why not be pro-active and take them out first.They all congregate once or twice a year,maybe not all of them,but most.

  • Johnny

    This is the kind of fiction that should be left to Alex Jones, because he is a great entertainer.

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